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I spy ^ o? peDDks, slippers, ^dJ ^ p:)i%-p^^tch@Gf oat?K 
Qr^^D J White Spirit -the "^Illerlc^ Id Ji^DS sh^f e 
the school spirit o? the Cbss of 2008 is so f^fd 

The Class of 2008 got ready for 
their first formal dance at 
BMHS on March 31, 2006. 
Everyone took their time getting 
ready and posing for pictures, 
knowing they would not be late 
arriving at the location of the 
semi: The Billerica Elk's Club. 
The delicious food and the high ,|| 

energetic music made 
everyone dance all night long. ^ 

At the end of the night, 
everyone left the Elks looking 
forward to the next exciting | 

Junior ^rom 

The formal dance everybody was 

waiting for finally arrived on 
May 1 1 . 2007. We did not let the 
rain earlier in the day ruin our big 
night. The girls rushed to their hair 
appointments and made sure they 
left plenty of time to get ready. 
Everyone looked classy and 
elegant as they walked into the 
Cambridge Marriot Hotel. The 
dance floor was never empty and 
we danced the night away. It was 
truly a wonderful night that none of 
us will ever forget. 

Above: Lizz Brown and Deric 
Langlll on the dance floor. 

Top Left: Katie Gresta poses with 
her date. 

Top Right: Laura Blazej and Katie 
McGonagle show off their 

Middle Left: Lesley Proulx and 
date dance the night away. 

Middle Rigtit: Kevin McGowan 
and Bella Oleksy look picture 

Bottom Left: On the dance floor. 

Bottom Right: Girls looking 


Everyone knew Halloween was going to be a 
crazy day. Some bought their costumes and 
others put their creative minds to work and 
made their own interesting costumes. BMHS 

looked like a mad house with all of the 
unusual costumes roaming the hallways. On 

Halloween, the Class of 2008 let their 
personalities shine through and showed that 
they can have fun while in school. 

The Class of 2008 entered their last Spirit 
Week with one goal in mind: WIN. We had 

one last shot to claim the title of "Spirit 
Week Champions" and we were not going 
to let it slip away. We forgot about the past 
and united as one class. Class Color Day, 
Sports Day, Mix Match Day, Pajama Day - 

the seniors gave it their all. We showed 
everyone we were in it to win it during the 

Penny War Parade when we brought out 

our secret stash of pennies and left the 
underclassmen in awe. Our hardwork and 
dedication paid off when the seniors were 
announced the "Spirit Week Winners" and 

the Spirit Week trophy made its way into 
the Senior House. 


tom>EIl ^ OFF &ftKE 

The seniors were not 
going to settle for being 
just the "Spirit Week 
Champions." We went 
after another title: The 
Powder Puff Game 
Champions. The 
closeness, ability, and 
hardwork of the seniors 
let us grab this title 
easily. The juniors 
looked in awe when the 
seniors left the field as 
champions. It was the 
same look that the entire 
Junior class had after the 
Spirit Week 2007 
winners were 

First from Top: Let's celebrate. 

Second from Top: "Let's go Seniors." 

Middle Left: Mrs. Galdston lays out the 

Middle Right: Senior pride! 

Left: Jaime Jacobs and Rachel Herbert pose 
for a picture. 

Right: Complete Senior domination. 

The Class of 08 marched into the gym for the annual 
Thanksgiving game Pep Rally with one dream in mind: 
take the spirit week champions trophy. All the students 
showed their Billerica Indians pride by dressing in green 
and white, ready to wish good luck to the football players 

in the Thanksgiving Day game against archrival, 
Chelmsford. Each class had their moment to show their 

class pride as they got to the bleachers. The 
upperclassmen as well as the freshmen shouted cheers 
and stomped their feet as the cheerleaders escorted the 

fall sports captains into the gym. The student body 
applauded and some even gave standing ovations while 
the band and the color guard performed, and as the 
captains recapped their sport seasons. Soon, Coach 
Flynn took the mic and gave his infamous pep talk that 
gets the crowd pumped up for the Thanksgiving Day 
game. Finally, the moment that everyone was waiting for 
was here: Ms. Banfield was ready to announce the spirit 
week 2007 champions. Everyone became tense when 
the winner was narrowed down to either the seniors or 

the juniors. The Class of 2008 claimed the title of 
champions. As a united and proud class, the seniors got 
off the bleachers and ran towards the juniors to show 
them who really rules the school. 

Bottom Left: "Let's go Seniors!" 
Bottom Right: VP Joe Corey celebrates. 

Far Left: Senior Cheerleader Hillary Crone 
escorts Football Captain Kyle Higglns. 

Above Left: The Color Guard performs. 

Above Right: Coach Flynn gives his annual 
pep talk. 

Left: Jamie Davis, Leana Suarez, Kirsten 
Chihchetti, and Derth Fernandes give their 
speech filled with soccer memories. 

Below Left: Tim Morrison pumps up the 

Below Middle: The Boys Cross Country 
Captains give their speech. 

Below Right: Swimming and Diving 


The 2008 Thanksgiving Game 
featured the top two teams in the 
MVC League. Billerica and our 
traditional rival, Chelmsford, 
squared off at the Marshall Middle 
School field. As usual, the game 
was intense and full of amazing 
performances. Leading the 
Indians were captains Timmy 
Morrison. Kenny Mangle, Chris 
Muraca and Kyle Higgins. The 
game went back and forth 
between the two teams but ended 
in a 20-28 defeat. Though the 
game was lost, the 2008 Indians 
were ashamed of nothing 
because they played with 
everything they had. For the 
seniors, known as "The Brothers," 
the game will forever be 

I Spy Lisa, top of our class, and Tim who is l<nown for 
a great end zone pass. Then there's Kenny, a three- 
time New England wrestling champ, and Erica who 
led senior year better than we all planned 

^^Hle' ^^^^ 

I Spy Ivy, a star on our stage who would always 
shine, and Mrs. Galdston who kept us all in line. 
Through the years, long after we graduate, we will 
always be the members of the Class of 2008. 

Anthony C. Abramo 


10 Fourth Avenue 

Activities: Football 1-4: Indoor Track 
1-4: Spnng Track 1, 3-4: National 
Honor Society 3-4: DECA 3-4 
Memories: Crazy times in Comm 
Serv. The Brotherhood "This ain't the 
bloody Riviera ' DECA DipSticks 4 
life. Spnnters Wooo!! Badfellas=best 
movie ever. JCA<3. Seniors in Punta 
Cana baby! Got the pix sheets? 

Stephanie N. Ahearn Crystal M. Alex 


21 Simonds Farm Road 
Activities: Softball 1-4: Winter 
Track 1-4: Cross Country 1-2; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
IVIemories: Great times with my 
best friends! energy dnnks, movie 
nights, singles night, scavenger 
hunts, falling on paths, Italy 08! 
Love you guys. MB Crew- fun 
times! Softball girls- crazy bus 
rides, love you. Summers! kd<3: 
never forget the memories! 

Ibrahim M. Addam 


30 Governor Peabody Road 
Activities: Tennis 2: Football 2-^ 
IVIemories: Never forget the 
brothers! Football 07. Great 
memories in W\r. Tucceris A bik 
class. Tennis with Billy R! 
Remember, Water is good for yo 

Amy M. Alexander 


46 Marshall Street 
Activities: Mock Trial 1 
Memories: Having so much fun 
with my best friend Kristyna. Going 
to Germany twice. Art class & 
biology freshman year. Also: good 
times with Lora, Kara, and Ash. 
Good to have Joe back senior year. 

Trevor S. Allan 

Jeffrey J. Allen 

Jeffrey M. Amaral 


6 Callahan Street 
Activities: Hockey 1-4: DECA 2-4 
Memories: Good times wit the 
boys. Mullins. DECA 
States+Nafionals. Joey D Keepn em 
clean. The white Monte. Good Ol 
Betsy + all the good times. Tearin it 
up wit the hcky team 07-08. 
Infanger-i-Maggz class. 


latthewJ. Anastasi 


Oakwood Avenue 
emories: Thanks to my family 
id friends. Mom, Dad, IVlichael 
iroseph) & Stephanie, Mike, 
icey Marie, Shaun, Sarah, Josh 
. Golftee and his snacks. Cousins 
'eekend on Wacipi. Bailey the 
zsia, MB 1-4. 

Michelle C. Anderson Joshua J. Andreasen 


8 Silversmith Way 
Activities: Musical 1-3; Play 1-4; 
Drama Club 1-3; GSA 3-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Ensemble 2-4; 
AV Club 2-4 

Memories: Our "venting meetings," 
Cuddle Monsters, YA! Batman & 
Robin in NYC! Meeting the only girl 
on the football team and falling 
absolutely in love with her! 
Mikayla... Can't live without you! 

Kenneth J. Anderson 

94 Pollard St. 

Activities: Wrestling 1-4; Student 
Government 1 , 4 
IVlemories: Porchin' it, t.k.'s, 
winning state titles like Its my job, 
"hows them sox doing", my kitchen 
table of kings, r.u.g. Nick 
Capone:The Brotherhood! The 
Quarterback Center Bond! Hey Yo 
Caps! RoH'n w/ DanO. Douce My 
Co-Nun! Tracks! Martins History 
Class. Pre-Stretch dabs w/ Joe C! 
Championship w/ Nugget. F.w/ Mel. 
Do Work! Put Yo Belly on her. The 
Lineman Corner! Thanks Mom n 
Dad lyl 

^reston R. Angelucci 


Celtic Avenue 
.ctivities: Soccer 1-4 
Memories: Spac. All the friends I 
lade, all the bands I went through, 
II the good things I shared with my 
lends, and all the bad things they 
elped me through, I especially 
'ant to thank Nick, Kevin, and Jac 
)r always being there. 

Aleta G. Antonucci 


1 Handel Road 

Activities: Basketball, Manager 2; 
Softball 3; Yearbook Staff 4 
Memories: Dice taking over our 
whole freshman class. Jess's locker 
crew. Hockey Games. "I can't 
believe I ate the whole thing!." Ha. 
Nights In & all the other good things 
that happens in HS <3 "Today is 
the first day of the rest of your life." 

Arplne Aridjian 

1 1 Plnedale Avenue 
Memories: Alex, the good twin, bad 
twin, baldly clone, my hairy clone, 
alicias hairy clone, hairy clones hair 
clone, the hairy clones hair clones 
hair clone, moldybread, operation 
puffs, the secret asian man, secret 
missions with the agent, good times 
at lunch 

Kevin E. Arsenault 


5 Elizabeth Road 
Memories: This year was rough, 
new school senior year and all, but I 
made some loyal friends. I wish 
them all the best of luck! With my 
leave from high school, I leave some 
words of wisdom: Dream as if you'll 
live forever, plan as if you'll die next 
year, but live as if you'll die today. 

Amber L. Atteridge 

1 88 Baldwin Road 
Activities: Drama Crew 2-4: Mock 
Trial 1-4: AV Club 2-4: Amanuensis 
3-4: National Honor Society 3-4: 
GSA 3-4 

Memories: Colie. great times with 
Brady: being lost, then amazingly 
finding our way. Kerry, what can I 
say? 11 -t- yrs as buds. JJ. congrats 
you survived 4 yrs with me. Kev. to 
late night talks. Meag, forever my 
sister. And cheers to wild and crazy 
Saturday nights 

Lauren J. Avery 


6 Linnell Circle 

Activities: Peer Leader 2-4: SAD 
4: DECA4 

Memories: frsh yr w/ jEnN b - my 
fav, best yr. eva love you. Kelly G 
so many lyl. Jackie P thank you fc 
all the good times lyl. Thanks to 
everyone for all the memories, I'll 
never forget you!! Andy thanks for 

Kyle P. Aylward 

Edward M. Barrett 


12 Doe Drive 

Activities: Golf 1-4: Baseball 1-2: 
National Honor Society 3-4: Peer 
Leader 3-4 

Memories: I have so many good 
memories from the past four years. 
Hangin out w/ my boys, Tim M., 
Manny M. and the others. ODonnells 
class, golfing down at the BCC, 
Aruba with Bob, Bahamas, Italy 08, 
3206, prom, 9s. Dont worry about it. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, and Sis 

Gregory S. Bejian 


1 1 Keneson Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-4: Hockey 1-3; 

Lacrosse 1 -2 

Memories: Great season with the 
soccer boys, VICTORY! dinners at 
the 9's and the Olive Garden, 
Winter cookouts and gnllin' with the 
boys, Friday night shreddin' at 
Nashoba and Wawa, The ECS 
shred crew. Don't Be a Poser, Story 
telling with Bucks, Nicks, and 

Adam D. Benoit 

Levina P. Benson 

Alicia M. Belladue 

140 Boston Road ^ 
Activities: SADD: National Honorf 
Society 3-4. jj 
Memories: Alex, the good twin, thil' 
bad twin, the baldly clone, Arpine's^ 
hairy clone, my hairy clone, my 
hairy clone's hair clone, my hairy 
clone's hair clone's hair clone. 
Moldy bread. Our sister. Heart 
cakes. 1807 Steamboat, baby! 
banana coffee-Stoppers. 

amantha A. Bent 


J Wyman Road 

ctivities: Student Government 1- 
Student Leadership 2; Drama 
tub 2 

emories: Great Times at BMHS! 
lAPS sleepovers freshman year, 
rama in Quincy Sophomore year, 
reat group! Gym junior year, 
ithout it i never would have met 

Michael S Bertrand 

Samantha R. Bikofsky 


32 Treble Cove Road 
Activities: Track 1-2; Chorus 2; 
Vocal Ensemble 3 
Memories: Mr. Patterson's B 
Block. The Mary Poppins bag. 
Hanging out on weekends. "Sweet 
Home Alabama". Sophomore 
English. Singing "Kokomo" on 
Hawaiian Day. "Jimmies Got A 
Goil". Gagnon's Music Theater. 
Mr.Wooding's G Block. Ensemble at 
BATV. " Stickwitu" at Junior Prom 

Robert K. Berg 


1 Eastgate Road 

Activities: Tennis 4; Hockey 1; 

Drama 1-4 

Memories: Friday nights with the 
Superfans! You boys are the 
greatest Never gonna forget you 
guys. Aruba with my best friend. All 
my amazing friends in drama. All 
the guys and girls on the tennis 
teams. And definitely gonna miss all 
the awesome friends Ive made. 

ilizabeth M. Bittner 

activities: Mock Trial 3-4; Future 
eachers 2 

flemories: Crazy nights at Pauls 
i^it the Friday nighters. Hesha 
1URRR! Jackie crying over PUFFS 
t Ricks Cafe on half days. Best girl 
lights with Jackie and Jilly. My Lil 
izkimo Niki Matt and Kim. Geeking 
ut wit Paul and Krista to Whine 
Jp. Just all our crazy times never 
aring about the consequences, 
'aul in general. 

Laura J. Blazej 

127 Parlmont Park 
Activities: Cross Country 2-4; 
Indoor Track 1-4; Outdoor Track 1- 
4; National Honor Society 3-4; Peer 
Leader 3-4 

Memories: Code names and the 
Good Run with Katie M. and Paula 
G., "I think I just swallowed my pen 
cap," Barber Shop runs, Desmond's 
debate project until 4:30 a.m., 
Taboo!, videogames with Dave R., 
Lilah's giant Xs, and a baby giraffe! 

Jenna E. BIy 

5 Abanaki Street 

Activities: DECA 4 

Memories: Lots of great memories 

that I will always remember. Never 

a dull moment with Caitlyn and 

Alyssa, love you girls. Thank you to 

my family, I love you! 

Matthew V. Bossi 

Michaela A. Boudreau 

8 Governor Saltonstall Rd 
Activities: DECA 2-4: Homeroom 
Rep 1-4 

Memories: Sharing a locker with 
my best friend for 3 '2 years. Spring 
track freshman year. DECA 
nationals, our French class 
discussions, moving day. and that 3 
lap mile. I call Harry, chea. 

Leandra N. Boyle 


3 Ahern Circle 

Activities: Basketball 1-4; Softball 

Memories: Britt Mel Kel Erin Lizz 
Andrea Kt- Seniors 08 pep 
ralley/powderpuff "We Run This" 
Baskteball girls, good season "Hey 
Mel can i see your car? haha" What 
did you get attacked by a mountain 
lion? *Mom Dad Lau Ash* Thks.lLY 

Eric J. Bradanese 


16 Governor Doherty Road 
Activities: Basketball 1-4; Cross 
Country 3-4; Track 2-4; 
Amanuensis 2-4 

Memories: Beach Day Domination! 
Red Team Rewlz! OMG I heard the 
best thing today! Movie making. 
Love for the Track and XC team. 
Desmondisms! The infamous 23. 
SHUT UP JILL! Bad luck in Lowell. 
Don't pizza your layups! Premeet 
Chung King. All the best, I will 
never forget 

Danielle M. Bourgeoi 

315 Salem Road 
Activities: Spanish/Italian Club 1 
Future Teachers of America 2-4; 
Lacrosse 1-3: Winter Track 1-3 
Memories: Spanish/ Italian Club , 
field trips, Pep Rally, Jackie parkit.l 
my Car, Puerto Rico Trip, Wining 
spirit week, Friday 13th 2007, 
Micheala where am I going? Nose 
game in Mrs. Lishs F Block, 
internships, and London and Pari; 

\llison L. Brenner 


3 Carriage Road 
/lemories: One Love 

Elizabeth J. Brown 


lA Acre Road 

Activities: National Honor Society 3- 
1; Peer Mediation 3-4; Student 
jovernment 2-4; Homeroom Rep 1- 
\\ Lacrosse 1-2 

Vlemories:Andrea Kristen Kellie 
\l\e\s\e Lea Katie We Run This!) love 
/ou girls. Florida 07-ATHINA. Powder 
^uff.PS with Bully. Crazy car 
ides. proms. long talks&dunkins with 
fim.chem with Marisa.Melsie the cat 
;an I see your car?Thurs dinners. My 
family I love you so much. 

Thomas E. Broderick 

12 Bennett Circle 

Activities: Hockey 1-4; Lacrosse 2 
IVIemories: Pasta parties with the 
team. Wendy's runs. Great time at 
Murphy's house. 

Vanessa M. Brum 

16 Patten Road 

Daniel J. Brouillette 

Ivy Buena 


4 Mellon Road 

Activities: Student Government 1- 
4; National Honor Society 3-4; 
Drama Club 2-4; Special Vocal 
Ensemble 2-4 

IVIemories: Late night rehearsals. 
Local shows with O.C. SPAC! 
Gagnon's D Block class. London 
and Paris. Rock the wish concert. 
Weekends in Boston with the crew 

Neal E. Brewster 

32 Russet Road 

Activities: Soccer; Indoor Track; 
Outdoor Track; Lacrosse 
Memories: Senior night under the 
lights. Pasta parties with the soccer 
team. Trying to skip the long runs in 
track. Being in Germany for Mardi 
Gras. Kyles lakehouse on the forth 
of July. Hanging out with friends 
anytime there wasn't any school. 

Jeffrey T. Browning 

Alyssa M. Bunker 


29 Champa Road 
Activities: Varsity Hockey 2-4: 
Soccer 1-3: Lacrosse 1-4 
Memories: Pasta parties with the 
hockey team. Good times in Study 
with Kara. Joe and Arpine. 
Friendly's with Ash. Love all my 
peeps at Waste Basket. "There's 
nothing we can do about the things 
we have to do without. The only 
way to see again is let love in." 

Brianna R. Busa 

Alexandra B. Cabral Wayne C. Cabral 

Kevin M. Caira 

155 Baldwin Road 

Becaja M. Caldwell 


31 Irene Avenue ,1 
Activities: DECA 3-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Amanuensis 3- 
4; Peer Leader 3-4 
Memories: Mesha so many crazy 
times! You're the best Peanut 
Butter + Jelly -1- Fluff= Love. Is it 
cold in here or is it just me? Ice Ice 
Baby. Teena 3.456 neutrons. Aw 
and JJ Henrietta Polk- so cute! Car 
anyone say Puerto Rico? Oscar 
and Miguel? Haha oh the memorie5 

Ashlynn E. Gallery 

Eric B. Caples 


7 Vine Street 

Activities: Soccer 3-4; Tennis 3-4, 
Captain 4 

Memories: Here's to all of the good 
times I had with all of my friends, 
fun times with the soccer crew; 
were Fine, Ruckus Runs with the 
boys. Remember, life is what you 
make it, go out there and have fun 
and enjoy what you do, the rest will 
fall into place. 

Jicholas L. Capone 

Tiffany L. Carlson 

10 Dolan Road 

Activities: Lacrosse 1; Peer Leader 

Olivia A. Carpenito 


165 Pond Street 
Activities: Cross Country 1-2; 
Winter Track 1-2: Spring Track 1-2 
IVlemories: "Sometimes you gotta 
Stop and remember, you're not 
gonna live forever. Be young, think 
smart. Stay true, and just follow 
your tieart." - The Ataris 

Stephanie A. Capone 


3 Nile Street 

Activities: Peer Leader 3-4; SADD 

IVlemories: Good times w/ Mike. 
Bus ride home from D.C., midnight 
porch talks & Proms. Caldwells with 
Jess and Sousa. Good times Josh. 
Summer 07 w/ Britt. Katie my 
partner in crime. FLA here we 
come! Thanks mom and dad for the 
support. Austin, you da man! Love 

Ashling L. Carroll 

\2 Glenside Avenue 
(Activities: Spanish/Italian Club 1-2; 
-uture Teachers of America 3-4; 
^N Club 3-4 

Memories: Good times in Bio with 
<irbs and Amy. Pool moshing at 
Bunks. Ihop anyone? Mel's my 
aiffle! Dunkin's with Annie. Mr. 
i/Voodings G block class, 
oaperclips! Mr. Gagnons Ensemble. 
No more money bandit, Laura. Lion 
King buddies. Karas randomness. 
Wake up Matt! Homeroom. 

Nicole E. Celeste 


27A Pinewood Avenue 
Activities: Drama 1-4; AA/ Club 2- 
4; DECA 2-4; Mock Trial 3-4 
Memories: Saturday nights with the 
BTI gang. Late night rehearsals and 
Dramafest! MATZA, hey Jaci youre 
still alive! No more Wendys please. 
Rocky Horro, do I need to say 
more? So many fun times with 
amazing people. 

Jessica A. Chait 


1 1 High Street 

Memories; good times with my 
boys joey and sousa. Caldwell F 
block, mkay lynch seventh grade ' 
forever, summer roadtrips with 
nichole. kyle, amazing two years 
"calm down." hi champ! 
cheerleading for East Elite. 

Julienne Cedrone 

3 Warren Street 

Activities: Basketball 1-2; Softball 
1 ; Future Teachers of America 4; 
Homeroom Rep 3-4 
Memories: Fab 5. Jr. Prom 07! Italy 
08! Channy and Dj, love you! 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Geoff, Greg, 
Matt, Billy, Dan, Auntie Rita and 
Mike for helping me get through this 
year, love you guys! Everyone else, 
I'm going to miss you, good luck 
with everything! 

Jillian M. Champagne 


13 Andover Road 
Activities: Basketball 1-2 
Memories: Thanks to Pam for all 

the free food at the snack shack. 
Who broke the toilet? 08 Spirit 
Week and Powderpuff game. 
Thanks locker buddy for letting me 
move in the past 2 years, ly. 

Cora L. Chando 

15 Timbercreek Lane 
Activities: Gymnastics 3-4; 
Diving 4 

IVIemories: Bestfriends thx 4 
everything! Gymnasty ily gris. Hey 
Alyssa, YUP! Gummybears! 
Cantaloupe! Dunkin runs w Alyssa 
& Jenna. Ame exchanging heat! 
Hey Ted hows ur head feel? Acaps 
& the CAVE TRACKS! Class of 08 
Great times! nvr forget them! love 
yous!!! =) 

Ashley A. Changelian Teena T. Cherian 

158 Concord Road 
Activities: National Honor Society 
3-4; Winter Track 1 -2; Spring Track 
1-2; Peer Leader 3-4; Yearbook 4. 
Homeroom Rep 1-4 
Memories: "Hey did it just get 
COLD in here?"pbjf. Partners in 
crime- 1. ells and b. eps forever. 123 
locker shuts. JT and Tl all day 
everyday, right Bebe? Anatomy D 
block- good times. Yeah JJ. NIH & 
Summer '07. Bonfires. Prom. Spirit 
Weeks. Thank you to the most 
amazing family, especially Mummy. 
I love you. 

Kirsten M. Chirichetti 


21 Heritage Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Winter 
Track 2-4; Spnng Track1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Peer 
Leader 3-4 

Memories: bestfriends<3* 
sleepovers. carrots, Br its cold in 
here, car rides in Lowell, beef jerk, 
s-kitten, Drs, cake fights, cork 
yourself. MrCarey & Whitakers 
classes. Get MAD, Al, freshies and 
sophs. Jess take care of Ethel & 
thanks for everything 

Jacquelyn Chronowski 


15 Bankslde Drive 

Activities; National Honor Society 

Jenica Cincotta 


5 Thorndike Road 
Activities: Gymnastics 1-4; 
Swimming & Diving 1-4 
Memories: Pep rally nights with the 
girls. Beach days at Hampton. New 
Years 07. .too many doritos? Jolly 
Ranchers and Dunkins with Cora 
and Alyssa. Corn and Cantaloupe? 
Unforgettable Weekends, 
parties and nights in Providence. 
My girls and guys I love you all! 

Trevor J. Ciovacco 

Kara L. Colarusso 

Amanda K. Coleman 


206 High Street 

Memories: Lil Buggas: Breena. 

Ashley, Alex, Jackie D and Angle 

Good time; Its going down, apple 

bottom jeans and sledding In 

kmart,"are you guys alright" - M. 

Brum. Best friend Dan lee =) Dubz 

cheeses wit the bridez nelghbs bo\ 

and kate dizzle <3. 

Elissa Collins 

Christopher M. Conley 


6 Eric Drive 

Activities: Track and Field 1-4 
Memories: Fun times In Luz's 
class. Sick parties In March. K-Mart. 
Caldwell's class. Matarazzo's 
penguin. Pumped for Canada in 
April. See you boys there! 

William J. Connell 

Gordon Bombay 
4 Brittany Lane 

Caitlyn C. Connerty 


6 Ichabod Lane 
Activities: Softball 1; Outdoor 
Track 3-4; Indoor Track 4; Mock 
Trial 3-4 

Memories: Best friends, Italy, 
Gloucester, movie nights, we know 
they don't have any money! falling 
on paths/accidents, wanna skip? 
misery business & so jealous, 
breaking the tubing rope! mc, ' 
Paula's, Red Sox! sklttle/padiddle, 
snowbanks, kel love <3 

Joseph Corey 


13 Carline Drive 

Activities: Baseball 1-4; Football 1- 
2, 4; Community Service 4; Vice- 
President 4 

Memories: Oob with my boys. 
Baseball Team and Jokes, 
Munchklns, Spirit Week! Football 
daps wit Nicky C, Ignorance at Puck 
and Bball games. Hypnotist All sorts 
of Handshakes, Brotherhood, 
Summer Job, Playing at Leiacheur! 
Door! From worst to First! 

Lisa M. Corso 


58 Dyer Street 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Basketball 
1-2; Lacrosse 1-2; Indoor/Outdoor 
Track 3-4 

Memories: Spirit Week and winning 
senior year! Great times with the 
soccer girls, beating Andover! 
Andover Who?! Pasta parties and 
scavenger hunts! Track, not 
wanting to warm up. ..or cool down 
haha. Good times with friends! Love 
you guys! 

Cyle Crear 

Hillary E. Crone 


31 Meade Road 
Activities: Cheerleading 1-4 
Memories: 129 plaza nights! HR w/ 
Kirstin & Cruz. Mr.Bourget's soph 
Eng. Cheerleading "cyclone on that 
Witch!" Cheering on the football 
players! Rainy senior night '07. 
Awesome tms w/ Toggs! No more 
lunch tms for me & Jess w/ the 
guys. Best 4 yrs, friends forever! 

Mariesa A. Croteau 

629 Boston Road 
Activities: Cheerleading 1; 
Lacrosse 1-4 

Memories: So many good times w/ 
everyone. Thx to everyone who 
supported & believed in me. Lax 
seasons were fun, pasta parties at 
Krista's house w/food fights. Getting 
kicked out of at least 1 game every 
season. Good luck to my friends & 
boyfriend I love you & it wouldn't 
have been the same w/o you all 

Kaitlyn A. Cresta 


14 Rolling Hill Road 
Activities: Cheerleading 2-4, 

Captain 4 

Memories: The girls & Lang- love 
you all! 08 WE RUN THIS! drive 
by's with lizz. proms& spirit weeks., 
new years 06. cheerin grls& fri 
games, causin trouble with Erica. 
Mel-BJ's? Jay my #1 always. Mom, 
Dad, Mike, Linz, Riley- thanks for 

Patrick S. Crowley 


) Sesame Street 
Xctivities: Hockey 1-4; Golf 1-4 
i/lemories: The Crew, lone 3, TK's. 
>yiarshfield, partyin hard, wedding 
;rashing. "get out of the van". The 
Jade, Wendys. Crowley's corner, 
he robes, Tarzan boy, and living 
he dream 

Kristen M. Cruz 

John S. Cucchiara 


48 Meade Road 
Activities: Football 1-4; 
Indoor/Outdoor Track; Peer Leader 

Memories: Neva 4get the 
Brotherhood, #66. My theme song- 
written by Capone. Pasta parties/ 
Bramo, my financial advisor. 
Madden tourneys at Elmores. My 
St. Johns Prep game. Making the 
best movie ever- Badfella. Mr. 
Desmonds class. Seniors 08 Dont 

Jonathan J. Cuoco 

Amanda J. D'Entremont 


16 Sheffield Drive 

Activities: National Honor Society 


Memories: Everyday with Prento. 
so many horse shows, the beach 
day, the cake days and the number 
twenty-two. Thanks Mom and Dad 
for Prento and everything else. 

Steven N. Daloia 

Activities: Hockey 2-4; Football 1-3; 
Lacrosse 2 

IVIemories: Good times with the 
hockey team, emergency Wendys 
runs, Abramo's house and the ladder, 
Fusco's house, my excessive amount 
of injuries, my bad luck, and definitely 
the number 22. Thanks for everything 
mom and dad. 

Joseph B. Dangelo 


72 Buckingam Drive 
Activities: Football 1-4; Lacrosse 
1-4; National Honor Society 3-4 
IVIemories: The Crew. Parties at 
Pierces and Whalens. Marshfield. 
Wild Car Rides w/ Crowls. "The 
Slide". Parties at Abramos "The 
Ladder". Lowell. The Brothers. 
Munchkins #2, Me, Joe C, Ken M. 
Do I have SAT's Tomorrow? Lax 
Boys. Pasta Parties. Red Sox WS 

Alyssa D'Urso ^ 

1 Governor Peabody Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Gymnai- 

Memories: Amy, Erica. Cora. K 
Thx for everything! Gummy Be^ 
Physics w/Ame, Dunkin Runs v. 
& Cora, Soccer Girls: Forever a 
team, Gymnasty, ily! Trips to the 
Cape: Want some skittles? Hey 
Cora, yupp! Xtreme! Mom, Dad, 
Jen: thx for everything, i love you- 

Jamie M. Davis 


6 Mary Road 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; DECA 2-4 
Memories: Love my girls, my 
shows! Crazy times. "Holla Atcha 
Girl Slam Dunk!' Marlboro Lovin! 
Girls nights in. Spirit week. 
Dominating Powderpuff! Soccer 
Sister. 143! Kenny's House! 
Woburn Nights. Lui's. Thank You 
Family! Love my seniors forever! I 
an t mad! 

William S. Decareau 

Brian Deering 

49 Sheldon Street 
Memories: Kevin M getting himself 
stuck in his own locker. Banana and 
orange peels in the wall. Night 
school was awesome sophomore 
year. Study with M Lewis, Lobstah 
aka Tippa, Nate W, Seaman-Bob, 
and Jimbo in Mr. Lordan's Study. 
Spac '06 and '07. Above all, spirit 
week every year! 

Kirstin S. Delano 

3 Vincent Street 

Memories; HR with Hill and Cruz. 
Great times with Michaela, 
Michelle, Victoria, Jillian. C block 
with Kara, Mel, Arpine. F block with 
Kristyna. Chem. with Nicky. Good 
times with Alicia. Sarah, Jaci, Lunch 
table! E block French with Kaitlyn. 
Jackie it wont work!. Chea! 

Marisa L. Dellanno 

11 Wheeler Road 

Activities: Basketball 1-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4 
IVIemories: Girls always in my 
heart. BUCKET on my HEAD?! 
Soph Chem Class w/LizzyB. My 
bball chickas..ROCK THIS!! 
Momma, prob wouldnt have made it 
w/o ya! Thanks for absolutely 
everything ILY sis & dad. JR&SR 
Prom! SPIRIT week 08. Ppuff 

Marcela R. De Melo 


42 Wilson Street 
Activities: Volleyball 2 
IVIemories: Memory is a way of 
holding on to the things you love, 
the things you are, the things you 
never want to lose. -Kevin Arnold 

Kyle R. Delorge 

4 Shawnee Circle 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Hockey 1-3; 
Track 1 ; Lacrosse 2 
Memories: Pasta parties for soccer 
and hockey. Meeting Jessica 
sophomore year. Going out with 
Jess, Neal and Nichole. Weekends 
at the summer home. Jessica 
"Alright!" Fun over in Europe April 
vacation. Finally getting a car. 

Richard A. Dempsey 

31 Stag Drive 

Memories: Whitdawgs Chem, 
Meaghanq :) z, Si fanno i bambini in 
Italia, Macbeth movie, Beach day 
domination, O.Gs G-Block, 
CONTOUR, Bowling, Dobertallica, 

Caitlyn M. DePierro 

28 Tercentennial Drive 
Activities: Volleyball 1-4, Captain 
4; Basketball 1-3; Softball 1-2; 
DECA 3-4 

Memories: Good times with the 
Volleyball team! "Tic Tic Boom". I'll 
never forget spending every 
weekend with Jenna and Alyssa. 
There was never a dull moment 
with us three! 

Amy E. DeSantis 


22 Skyline Drive 

Activities: Gymnastics 1-4; SADD 
3; DECA 3 

Memories: Katie S, Alyss D, Erica 
S, Cora C, ily! Katie, best friends 
since 1 month, concert buddy :). 
Physics w Alyss, Enca, since 6th 
grade lovie. Cora, exchanging heat 
,). Gymnastics 

girls, GYMNASTY forever. Class of 
2008, love you<33333 


Evan A. DiPalma 


1 1 Suzannah Road 
Memories: G-code, Annas, 
superfan. Jamies house(s). G-Times 
with the boys: Dene. Jamie. Stevie. 
Matty, Dan. and the rest of em. 
Good memories Nik. Getting rowdy 
and rude at the hockey games. ECS 
crew. Hampton 07/08. Bottles 4 life. 

Michael E. DiCecca 

47 Mallard Street 
Memories: Great times with Sou 
Joe, Fiore, Devin, Dickey and Du 
Miss Greers G-block class. Miss 
Luz and Mr. Martins class freshm. 
year. Winning Spirit Week Senior: 
year. And, lastly Mr. Caldwells 

Joshua W. Dickey 


4 Neighborly Way 
Activities: Tennis 1-4 
Memories: Great times on Friday 
nights with the SUPERFANS! Study 
with Bobby O and B Connell, 
Pickup football and baseball 
games. Tennis matches in 
Lawerence. Great times with my 
best friend Steph C. Late night 
drives to the beach. Jellybeans for 
my sister Monique G. 

Alexa J. DiFrancesco 


15 Edison Lane 

Activities: Homeroom Rep 1-4; 
DECA 2-4; Student Government 3; 
Yearbook Staff 4 
Memories: Cant forget our crazy 
nights! Love my S. shows, my 
sisters! Hollaatchagirls-slam dunk! 
Amityville! Whenwegoing? Out of 
control pep rally nites. Woburn 
wkends w/ no curfew. Ihop at Sam. 
Kell wth are u talking about?! Lau 
my other half. Im gna missya cat. 

o tiejes p.; 
lo que pufdi 

Poco a 

se va If-jo.' 


Pueblo idiq 


seguridac] djj 

"' ,1 ' ' 

n no sp ,in 

:jasa la rr 

,ay T. Dillon 

[risten L. Drinkwater 

) Charnstaffe Lane Unit 201 
ctivities: Cross Country 1 ; 
'ack 1 

lemories: Walks home with Ashly. 
jnches with Arpine. Finally 
inning spirit week! Friends whove 
3en here through it all 

Michael E. Dobi 


3 Putney Circle 

Memories: Great times with all my 

Justin T. Durso 

Corey S. Donahoe 

10 Larkspur Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-2; Cross 
Country 3-4; Winter Track 1 -4; 
Spring Track 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Spanish/Italian Club 1- 
4; DECA3 

Memories: Winter & Spring Track. 
XC 2006 MVC Champs! Insane 
Distance Runs. C Block with Witty 
and the crew! Beach Domination! 
Puerto Rico 2006. 

Jason R. Duva 


4 Kohlrausch Avenue 
Memories; Superfans. Friday 
nights under the lights. Playing 
cards with my boys. My bros, 
Devdawg, Joe, Sousa, and Petty. 
Great times with Nugget, TJ, 
Dicecca, Connell, Berg, and 
Hansen. Winning spirit week. And 
lastly, the Pawn Shop. 

Ariel S. DiOrio 


36 Marshbrook Road 
Activities; Drama Club 1 ; JSA 2-3; 
GSA 3; Newspaper 3; A/V Club 1-3; 
Amnesty 4 

Memories: Running shows with 
Larry, Al and Ivy, Art class 
absurdities, Italian insanity, OGs 
classroom & early morning metal 
with Axtin & James. Yall are 
awesome possums! Peace & Love 

Albert W. Durante 

Connor F. Edmonds 


8 Fredrickson Road 
Activities: Tennis 1-4; Football 1-2; 
Soccer 3; Cross Country 4 
Memories: Good times with all my 
fnends. Sick times partying. Good 
times over the summer in New 
Hampshire. Fnday Night Football 
games were sick. High School was 

Sean M. Elmore 

10 Schoolhouse Lane 

Activities: Football 1-4; Basketball 

1-4; DECA 3-4 

Memories: Friday nights under the 
lights. Fox 25 against Andover. 
Muracas house after Haverhill. 
Abramos house. Ericas house after 
Jr prom. Haircuts w/Higgz in 
Lawrence. My house summer 07 
what a night. Holiday in Spain 
wATimmy always a good night. 
Turkey Day 07 

Theresa G. Elder 


40 Oak Street 
Activities: Newspaper 2 
Memories: Gotta love working in 
the Senior House! Great times with 
Mr. Caldwell! I'll never live down the 
nickname Pinky. Love my loud but 
hilarious lunch table! Great 
memories. Never forget the game 
Sousa! Also the hard times we 
faced. I'll never forget you Juice! 

McKayla L. Faulkner 

Caitlin R. Ellis 


9 Tanglewood Avenue 
Activities: Ice Hockey 1-4; 
Lacrosse 1-2; Homeroom Rep 1-2 
Memories: Love my hockey girls! 
Team R, pregames, nines, pasta 
parties, snowboarding, ponds, 
German Exchange, 
Stitches/shoulder/broken nose, 
summer 07, too many proms- 
Alycia! The Germans! Thanks for 
everything Mom and Dad, I love 

Nicholas M. Fazio 


4 Jobe Lane 

Memories: Boat Parlies and 
Garage Parties with the neighbs, 
"Happy Easter", all the way to 
Vegas 07', Friday Night Fiestas with 
Beauty and the Breakdown, 
Saturday mornings at the Boys and 
Girls Club. 

Lllah H. El-Fakih 


39 Doe Drive 

Activities: Cross Country 2-3; 
Track 1-3; Peer Leadership 3-4: 
National Honor Society 3-4; Stude 
Government 2-4 
Memories: Having awesome 
friends tends to give you awesomt 
memories to remember. Thanks, 
awesome fnends. 

Katelyn M. Farrow i 

1 1 Margaret Lane 
Activities; DECA, President 2-4: 
Student Government 3-4; Class 
Treasurer 3-4; Homeroom Rep 2-4 i 
Memories: III never forget my girls 
my shows! DECA trips, spirit week, 
powderpuff, tunnel vision, your fly 
is down, Kennys house, Luis, i 
Woburn, gad with Michael, thriller, ' 
dont hate it. Thank you Mom, Dad, 
Chhs, & Corey. 

Derith E. Fernandes 


10 Fredrickson Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-4, Captain 3-4; 
Hockey 1-4, Captain 4; Track 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Peer 
Leader 4 

Memories: Soccer: Andover who, 
pasta parties, GET MAD, forever a 
team, Kirsten(our duo). Hockey: 
Sam practices. Comm. Serv: 
enough said. Summer vacations 
with Janelle. Leana, best friends 
since kindergarden. Lesley, Eric, 
Tommy, Amanda, Steve, PJ, I love 
you all 

Lindsay E. Ferraro 


50 Rogers Street 
Activities: GSA1-4 
Memories: Whether you affected 
me positively or negatively during 
these four years, I wouldn't have 
been the same without you. Open 
your mind and think. 

Jamie E. Flynn 


15 Elizabeth Road 
Activities: Hockey 1-4; Student 
Government, President 4; 
Community Service Club 4 
Memories: Good times with my 
boys- EvD, Stevie, Ziki, Dan, Matty, 
Mkez, AndyP. SunnyD & Capts? 
Hampton Summers 05-08. My Mom 
is my Strength, I love you. E Block, 
green teas, Uhh Sha na na na, 
winter car ride. My high school 

David R. Fiore 


10 Applewood Avenue 
Activities: Football 2-3; Mock Trial 

Memories: Gr8 times w/ my boys 
Mikey D, Duva, Dev-dawg, Sousa, 
& Leverone, aka the Doofus Group. 
Luzs class was a hoot. GrB times 
in H-Room. Best of luck to my lil 
man Joey M. Thanks Mom & John 
for all your support. A big thanks to 
my sis Ashley. Nana & Papa 
thanks for everything- 1 love ya! 
Does anyone know who Beefa is? 

Jessica S. Flynn 


13 Meade Road 

Activities: Volleyball, Captain 1-4; 
Winter Track 2; Spring Track 1-2; 
National Honor Society 3-4, 
President 4; DECA 3 
Memories: Good times with 
everyone in 08. Bonfires with the 
crew. Miss ya Jena and friends! 
Puerto Rico 07. DECA States. 
KEMP! Spirit Week. Vball babies. 
Pasta Parties. Cars. Killington. 
Prom. Graduation. Cake Fights. Tic 
Tic Boom. Girls Singles Night. HR 

Hilary M. Flanagan 


208 Nashua Road 
Activities: DECA 2-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Homeroom 
Rep 1-4 

Memories: I love my shows! So 
many crazy memories. IHOP, 
Woburn! "Your fly is down." Lets do 
DONUTS! Make sure to bnng your 
gear if Kel is driving tonight. Put 
your windows down we're going on 
the highway! 08' Love!! 


Janelle M. Foley 


55 Shawsheen Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-4: National 
Honor Society 3-4. 
Memories: Love my soccer girls, 
pasta parties, get MAD. ANDOVER 
WHO?!. Al. and souija boy. 
Summer vacations with Denth, 
Puerto Rico April 07. Leana. Pat, 
Nicl<. Kristen and everyone else. 
Love you guys! 

Adam H. Foss 

Jillian E. Fox 

Breanna M. Frazier 

Stephanie M. Fritz 


35 Allen Road 

Memories: I had so many great 
times with all my friends. Courtney, 
Nicky, Mel, Ashley. I met them 
freshman year and we had so much 
fun! I'm going to miss all the times 
when all made each other laugh, 
and when we all were there for each 
other when we needed a friend. 
High school was fun I made friends 
that I want to keep! Love ya all 

Jesse D. Fusco 


71 Forest Park Avenue 
Activities: Football 2-4: Basketbe 
1: Homeroom Rep 1-4 
Memories: I have learned this: it 
not what one does that is wrong, 
but what one becomes as a 
consequence of it <3BF<3, The 
Brothers, The Crew, Hairflips, 
2CREW, Martins Class, Baks, De 
King, Goro, 3248, Jess2, Wnl, Th 
Locker Crew, 

Lisa IVI. Gabriel 

32 Robinhood Lane 
Memories: so many good times! 
codenames.hobowall, frshmn yr 
gym, kennedy&BLT, abby&ralph 
nadar, Study w/ jill f., macbeth!, 
desmondisms, chicken kicking, 
Italy, Dwayne, cranium parties, 
cake days, semi&prom. thx4thmmrs 

Kelly M. Gallahue 


22 Pond Lane Extension 
Activities: Track 1-2: Lacrosse 1-2; 
Homeroom Rep 1-4 
Memories: S'Shows &L. Avery My 
Girls<3always. Laus moms. 
Kennys. crazy car rides. Woonights. 
Best times w/ best friends. 

flelanie E. Gangi 


28 Allen Road 

emories: Rides home with Alyssa 
. Nicknames like Chuck Norris in 
Block Finance. Amazing welcome 
3ck in Junior year. Random lunch 
jnversations. Junior Prom with 
ristyna K., Ash C, Alyssa B. and 
lyssa S. SPAC with my dancers, I 
ve you girls! 

Giovanna N. Giosa 


42 Nile Street 

Activities: Choir 2; Ensemble 2-4 
IVIemories: Great times during 
concerts and rehearsals. La ma, la 
ma... you know the rest No PDA's! 
We're all Stars at Semi-06, Prom- 
07and -08. Spirit week rocked esp. 
for seniors! Love to all my peeps! 

Monique G. Girard 


17 Bowman Road 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4; 
Winter Track 1 -4; Spring Track 1 -4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Peer 
Leader 4 

IVIemories: DRs House! Kemp, S. 
Kitten, Carrots, Ethel, Sarah! 
Whittys C Block, Hampton, 
Jellybeans and Josh D. Billnasty, 
NYC Roxanne! Hurt So Good, 
Fricken Diane, Buddies, The PACK! 
Bond, Freshies -i- Sophies, Ultimate, 
Mulan, Spooners, Best friends <3 
Dan + Jess. 

Nicholas A. Giasullo 


Activities: Newspaper 
Memories: Poker at Steves, 
winning the talent show. Playing 
shows and Dane Cook with Prezz! 
SPAC with 22 Skyline SUPER 
SMASH BROS Flonda with Hungi 
Italy 08 with Kristen! Bowling! 
Summer 07 I love you Kristen! 



Paula R. Gobiel 


144 Salem Road 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4: 
Winter Track 1 -4: Spring Track 1 -4 
Memories: Fab 5. Stephy B. Becky 
and Blllenca moms. My basement. 
Beach days, Kimah Giblah. Tom 
Out, She's a bnck HOUSE, Bing 
bing bing, I Hayte It, I Don't Want 
To! Runs with Katie and Laura, 
Stealing subs? The little boys. Love 
you mom, dad, kait and john! 

Thomas W. Grivers 

Danielle M. Guarracino Casey A. Haines 

Jacob A. Hamm 

Steven P. Hancock 

Andrew T. Hangyal 


1 Dolly Brook Circle 
Memories: Super Smash Bros, 
and Fudruckers with Nick and Pat.. 
Summer in Florida, Marvel and way 
to many sunburned days., a lot of 
really funny moments with my bud 
Ashley. And all those insult battles 
in all four years of Math, with Rich 

Corey J. Hanlon 

51 Sachem Street 

Activities: Soccer Team 1-4; A/V 

club, Sports 4; 

Memories: MVC camp senior year. 
Soccer team; 4 v 4 tourneys, Friday 
nights football games. G - Block 
with Whitaker, Thurs. night bruins 
games, don't be a poser, funny 
Stuff. AguSta crews, fun times, 
capias, fun four years. Seniors 08' 

Julieanne Harris 


86 Wyman Road 

Activities: Student Government 1-2 
Memories: Samantha, Michelle, 
Elizabeth, Kelly - Stay True Ladies. 
D-Reetz- I'll miss you. Seniors 08! 
Mom & Dad, thanks for everything, 
love you both. 

Meaghan K. Harty 

Brian J. Hazel 

Brandon P. Heavner 


23 Margaret Lane 
IWemories: Not a lot of memories 
really. Probably wont remember 
anything except the important things 
that happened. So later BMHS, wont 
see ya anytime soon probably. 

Rachel L. Herbert 

Herb Superb 
4 Taber Street 

Activities: Basketball 1-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4 
IVIemories: Good times with my 08 
crew. Love when Jan went away! 
Bucket on my head. Haha! B-ball 
girls, much love! Rock this! Seniors 
08 We Run This! Powderpuff 
champs. Das wuzup! Biffles- Love 
yahs always! Mom, Dad, and Katie- 
Thanks for everything. Love yahs 
so much! 

Nikole L. Hewitt 

28 Allen Road 
Activities: Ensemble 1-4; 
Drama 1-4 

Memories: Leave spaces between 
words and after punctuation. Great 
times with Ensemble in New York 
City!! Mr. Gagnon I need the 
plunger now! To all my friends; I will 
miss you all and am counting the 
days until Weirs Beach!! Good luck 
to every one! 

Kyle P. Higgins 

Jaclyn C. Hoyt 

Michael Q. Hurley | 

22 Arakelian Drive 
Activities: Boy's Lacrosse, 
Captain 1-4 

Memories: Unreal times with the j 
boys, you know who you are, too ( 
many good times. Lax guys we ' 
handle business. 08 from worst to 
first, ya dig. Pasta Parties. SAT 
rides home. Jillian =) Top of the 
World. Mom and Dad, Thank you. : 

Jamie L. Jacobs 


7 Rolling Hill Road 
Activities: Softball 1-4; Basketball 
1-4: Volleyball 1-2,4. 
Memories: SeniorsOS from 
WORST to ISt! ItalyOS. Prom07! 
Gwen Luv Ya always. Pasta Partys! 
Softball grls-BAHl! B-ball gris: We 
Rock This; Orphans; ChzPuffs! 
PowderPuff Champs. Pink Ladies 
Stay Strong! Red Sox Parade. My 
Kittys Britt & Koles; KFC: my life, 
p.s. Stinky idiot! 

Amanda L. Jordan 


13 Lantern Lane 
Activities: Winter Track 1 ; 
Lacrosse 2 

Memories: Amazing times with my 
bests! I'll never forget semi and 
prom! I'm gonna miss intership and 
our random nose games with Mrs. 

Alexandria Y. Kalmes 


9 Good Street 

Memories: Favonte Ladies<3Ness 
Coley Britt Breena Ash. Funny 
Times Bonfires, Its Going Down, 
Couch Boy. you gurls alnght?- 
M. Brum. Sally Gould SENIORS! 
Young ' Best Friends Foreva & My 
Younga Brotha! 2008 Baybe 

Andrea K. Keesey 

W i 

Zahir Khalifa 

Patrick M. Kalmes 


12 Governor Peabody Road 
Activities: Community Service 
Club 4 

Memories: German with Mr. 
Infanger, Dream Team, snoozin 
with J Crew, Riding at WV, daily 
Sudoku, worst to first spirit week 

'hilip J. Kiesinger 

Kara K. Kilian 

Agent Africa 
24 Lakeview Drive 
Memories: Secret Agents. 
Homeroom with the kirb. Ugly 
Christmas Sweater Of life. 
Wolverine. Unos 5 oclock. Jungle 
Stairs. This is not LA. Operation 

Kristina M. Kirby 

Super Tina 
21 Broadleaf Street 
Memories: Freshman Biology, 
meeting my best friend Amy 
Alexander. Homeroom with Kara, 
Lora & Ms. Ellis. Unos? 10:00? 
Amy's Locker of Massive Chaos. 

Joseph M. Kling 

Kristen J. Koles 


?1 Lindsay Road 

!\ctivities: Volleyball 1-4; Hockey 
1-4; Softball 1-2; Homeroom Rep 

VIemories: 08<3"From worst to 
I St"! Vball&HockeyGirls-LoveU's. 
i'PastaParties, 99s, Proms, Flo07, 
l^uerto, NewYrsOe, OBhouse, 
i^fedSxParade, Pink Ladies, Buick, 
VIBiz,Dblock, Love My Kittys- 
:'mer*Lyz*Tina! 4Ever. 

Evan D. Kramer 


9 Minton Road 

Activities: Baseball 1-2; National 
Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: G Baby, East Billerica 
Tours, 17, Bostons FineSt, Roco, K 
Dan, Chedda, B Shann, Jamaral, 
Clahks, Foss ML, Wendys with 
Wintah, Ole Faithful, T Affect, 

Danica W. Kwan 

Activities; Light Crew; Orchestra; 

Memories; Good times with light 
crew and good times with the 
orchestra in New York. I hope I see 
everyone again soon. Ill miss all of 
the good times and all the bad that 
we've had. 

William G. Landry 

32 South Street 
Activities: Baseball 1-4 
Memories: Baseball Games and 
Pranks with the Team, Crazy 
weekends and Backyard Football 
Games with the guys. Spirit Week 
and The Pep Rally. 


Deric J. Langill 


77 Old Elm St. 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4 
Memories: Boston with Politis. 
b2bs. Annas with the boys, parties 
at Jamies house(s). 08 worst to 
first. Yee. CREEEEST. Stevie & 
Mkez kitsee and kitoi? ev-d and my 
AC. Mom and Dad. love you: matty 
whats really really goooood? 

Michelle E. Lawson 

32 Glad Valley Dnve 
Activities: Winter Track 1-4; Sprir 
Track 3-4; Peer Leader 3-4; 
Spanish/Italian Club 1-4 
IVIemories: The past four years 
have been the best yet! I share so 
many memories with all of my 
friends and I will never forget therr 
The Justin Concert, Italy, Maine i 
and bonding with you all has been 
so special! I will miss all of the traq 
girls, I love you guys! 

Morgan E. Lee 


61 Glenside Avenue 
Activities: Future Teachers of 
America 2 

IVIemories: Hot Fudge Hurts! Kayla 
M. is superman but falls on cars! 
"liquid rice". Internship at 
Knowledge Beginnings with Kayla! 
Whose idea was it to take 
accounting 2? Good times in the 
office with Mrs. Rivard and Mrs. 
Galdston! Running around the 

Michael J. Levecque 


355 Concord Road 
Activities: DECA 2-4, State Officer 
3-4; Football 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Basketball 1-2 
IVIemories: Football with The 
Brothers. Beating Chelmsford and 
winning the MVC as a sophomore. 
DECA trips-Boston, Orlando, 
Atlanta. DECA dances with the 
DECA divas. Good times with the 
crew at Augusta's. Memorial Day 
Wiffle Ball Tourney. Winning Spiht 
Week.. .finally! 

!loseph A. Leverone 
7 Carline Drive 
.ctivities: Lacrosse 1 
'memories: Bmhs superfans a.k.a. 
lie, Sousa, Devin, Duva, Tj. My 
est friend Jess we had some good 
jmes and Love you always. D block 
jophomore year Chung's class, 
jiatie youre a nerd haha jk! 
jiackyard football with the 
feighborhood kids Joe C, Steve, 

3larrett J. Locke 

3 dawg 
Alrose Drive 

Activities: Cross Country 1-4; Peer 
.eaders 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4, Secretary 4; 
Amanuensis 3-4 

/lemories: Running adventures in 
he woods. Pasta parties. Fetal pig 
ime with Christina. Cranium nights. 
Asg! Walden Pond. Being "trite." 
\mazing Friends. Thanks Mom, 
)ad, Allie, and Courtney. Love you 

Emily J. Linszner 


3 Rodeo Circle 

Activities: National Honor Society 

IVIemories: Awesome times with all 
my friends. Can't wait to make 
Florenda with Sarah. Miss you all. 

Alexandra M. Lowder 


17 Seven Oaks Road 
Activities: Wrestling 4, Yearbook 4 
Memories: Beach day domination! 
ItalyOS- Si fanno i bambini! Love my 
3216 babes. Movie making with 
bests, concerts with Jilly! Lealea- 
second grade all through high 
school?! Spirit week07. Love to my 
wrestling boys. To Leah, Jill, Steve, 
Eric, Demps, Corey-LOVE! 

Timesha L. Livingston 

Sha Sha 

IVIemories: My most precious 
memories of the 4 years of being at 
BMHS were spent with my friends 
Kestlie.M, Kathy.M, Angel.T, and all 
my other good friends that I've 
grown to know. Great times at my 
locker dancing, singing, always late 
to our classes, and being especially 
loud because we could. 

Ashley A. Lowery 

Ash Lowz 
6 Mason Avenue 
IVIemories: My Little Buggas: 
Coleman, Angle, Jackie D, and Alex 
<3 BPJ Sandwich, pushing 30, 
apple bottom jeans, pop bottles and 
kings with Dans Lee, good times, 
dubzin cheeses wit the bridez 
neighbs boyzz and Kate Dizz <3 
Mel :) I love you all! 

Lora E. Liharska 

567 Middlesex Turnpike 
Activities: National Honor Society; 
Mock Trial; Newspaper; Literary 
Club; Swim Team 
IVIemories: The pants, 
Dawsonisms, Ms. Berry's history 
class, talent shows with Jaci, 
beginner coffee, did you do the 
homework? What homework? 

Courtney M. Logue 


5 Pine Tree Rd 

Activities: Cross Country 1-2; 
Homeroom Rep 1-4; 
Memories: Too many times in Mrs. 
Galdstons office. Great times with 
Steph. Met the best boyfriend ever 
<3 Nathan G! 

Lauren K. Luttrell 

44 Gladvalley Drive 
Activities: Soccer 1-4: Track 1-2: 
Basketball 1-2: SADD 1-4 
Memories: HR 3216 forever, my 
Babygirl and Folders. Grandma Al. 
awk.. Keri's Spanish flavorings. 
Ralph N- you were the best pig 
ever. LOL. my twin, dream team, 
moose hunting with Liz. Ireland. 
Jonathan E would not approve of 
this, roll with the punches. 

Mikayla D. Lynch 

97 Pheasant Road 
Activities: Fall Play 2-4: Drama 
Club 3-4; Spring Musical 2-4; 
Newspaper Staff 2-4; Football 1; 
GSA 2-4 

Memories: Crazy talks in 
homeroom, late double run 
throughs with crazy things 
happening, my BTI loves doing 
insane things, singing with Mr. 
Gagnon, doing the shimmy shake 
Sammy, Joshua, Jessica, and 
others you have made my high 
school time worthwhile. 

Keriann MacDonald 

Jill C. Maclnnis 


15 Larkspur Road 

Activities: National Honor Society 


Memories; Beach Day Domination 
with my bests. 

England/France/Spain/Italy, love 
my legends, ai ai mamii were so 
funny! Homeroom 3216 always, 
girify, prom date, si fanno i bambini, 
spirit week 07 finally winning!, 
country concerts, bowling nights! 

Heather L. MacKenzie 

35 Glenside Avenue 
Activities: Stnngs 1-4: Colorguard 
3-4: Winterguard 3-4; Newspaper 
1-4: Mock Tnal 2-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4: Peer Leader 3-4 
Memories: club cranium! "sweat 
like a Stallion" Pramela? New York. 
I LOVE Alexander Hamilton. Wife of 
Bath. Ron Paul rocks my socks, the 
nines, objection! punch and pie. 
Flonda (hoopla!), the beaver!! 
Violas are chunky, sound crew, 
hammy!! "14-day" 

Robert B. MacRae 


311 Salem Road 
Activities: Football 2-3 
Memories: I would have to say th 
my best memories are of times 
spent at the race track, with my 
father and the rest of the team. A 
for school all I can say is: its been 
fun and I look forward to college. 

Jeffrey Madigan 

Rocco G. Magliozzi 

129 Pond Street 
Activities: DECA 3-4; Soccer 4; 
Tennis 3-4; Peer Leader 2-4 
Memories: Shout out to my boys 
Ched, Nicky B, Eric. Good times at 
BWL Wiffs, camping, Hampton 
trips, sevey/ruckus runs, Rolling in 
the cadi listening to Weezy. Fun 
soccer season "We're Fine" Redsox 
07 World Series Champs. Celtices 
Big Three. 07-08 Patriots! Dont 
Hate 08! 

||>amantha M. Maguire 

I Charme Road 

Activities: Select Vocal Ensemble 
-4; Drama Club 3-4; Chorus 4; 
lomeroom Rep 1-4 
lemories: Good times in 
;nsemble! Cast parties and crazy 
lights @ rehearsals. 10 Dollar and 
/I. I. A. Stuck in NY. Tree House, 
/lovie nights with Tori 

Melissa M. Maimone 


23 Govenor Peabody Road 
IVIemories: Smell, Leanne, Brat, 
Mami,Twinny& Tucci,Loveyous 
mountain lion? we'll laugh about 
this someday. Twin, chums for life :) 
BeeJays w/ KCrest, PPuff 07- We 
Run This! Taco Bell anyone? 
Bermuda w/ Befrend! Thanks Mom 
and Dad, LoveYou 

Victoria L. Maney 

Kenneth J. Mangie 


26 Canterbury Street 
Activities: Football; Baseball 
Memories: The Brothers, Chilling at 
Muraca's after games. Deli King, 
Shane Lane, Trips to Anna's, The 
Munchkins #3 Me, Joe C, Joe D, 
and nights just chilling with the boys. 

\licia F. l\/lanzelli 


89 Pond Street 

/lemories: Candy, Amy, Rachael. 
3. Well never be as young as we 
re tonight. 

Matthew C. Martin 

Robert E. Martini III 


29 Burnham Road 

Activities: Science League 3-4; 

Drama 3-4 

Memories: Winning the 2007 spirit 
week, science league competitions, 
waking up early to help build the 
stage for the BMHS plays, Mr. 
Patterson's biology class 

Adam C. Marchany 

54 Harjean Road 
Activities: DECA 2-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Cross Country 
3-4; Winter Track 2-4; 
Spring Track 2-4 
Memories: Good times at DECA 
(Dallas, Orlando, and Boston) with 
Michaela and Christina! Track and 
XC were the best We're bringing 
XC back! I'll miss you guys! Ms. 
OG's and Mr. Carey's classes! 
Whitty's Chemistry Class! Spirit 
Week Champs '07-'08! 

Laura K. Mayott 

Brittney M. McGinness 


13 Horton Lane 
Activities: Volleyball 1-4; 
Basketball 1-4; Softball 1-2; 
Lacrosse 3-4 

Memories: leab mel kel enny<3 
love yous* mel you want taco bell? 
shocker! my kitties* pep rally & 
powderpuff #1 we run this! seniors 
08 always a good time! rock this<3 
mom dad sean kate & shea families 
thanks for everything love you all<3 

Kevin S. McClung 


3 Governor Saltonstall Road 
IVIemories: Willows Park and the 
infamous Street sign with Carl, 
Rick, Meag, and Justin while Dobert 
was sick. Many Pizza Hut trips. 
Late game nights and jam sessions 
at my house. Junkyard with Jon, 
and paintball with the other John. 
Making pie with Al. Oh Its The 


34 Baldwin Road 
Activities: Cross Country 2-4; 
Winter Track 1-4; Spring Track 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Peer 
Leader 3-4 

Memories: Good run with Laura 
and Paula, tidal waves, tutus, Dave! 
Stop waving at me! With The 
Drinker of Souls, 2 a.m. beautiful 
posters, insomnia, skippers in the 
long hallway, airplanes in the cafe, 
Jons Stories, Ralphie Baby, Talent 
Show, If you have long hair. Boo 
Grams! XC and Track girls: love 

Leah M. McElhaney 


46 Burnham Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-2; DECA 3-4 
Memories: Dominate! Beach days 
with Jill, Steve, Alex, Eric, 
Dempsey, KriSten, Corey, and 
Nick. Italy 2008 with my bests; Si 
fanno I bambini! Extreme Macbeth! 
Spirit week 2007, finally. Ai ai ai 
mami always. Were so funny! Coke 
zero and OG. Love my legends. 


12 Margaret Lane 

Activities: Track 3-4; Football 3-4 

Memories: Everything! 

Christopher J. McCaughy 


26 Savoy Street 
Activities: Chorus 2-3: Bells 2 
Memories: Happy Easter. Gwen 
and Jaime, got love! All the way to 
Vegas 07, Friday Night Fiesta 
Beauty and the Breakdown Style. 
BIZ will prevail! 

Erin M. l\/lcGinnity 


6 Moran Road 
Activities: DECA 2-4 
Memories: My girls Kel, Lea, Me' 
and Britt! My DECA Divas! Joe m 
best friend! Coach Mags class. 
"Can I see your car?" Spirit week 
with my faves! Homecoming 05* 
first love. Good time with everyon 
We Run This! 08 Lovin' <3 

lellie A. McGowan 

•Hie Long Shorts 
. Trifiro Road 

itivities: Lacrosse 1-4; Soccer 
I Track 2; DECA 3-4; Homeroom 
■p 1-4 

>mories: Hey Mel can I see your 
r? Mel Lizz Lea Brat En Kate 
nna Andi Tucc - loveyouall* 
th@Northwood, <3 always in my 
art, dunks w/ paul, BERMUDA, 
pms, maine trip, 08 WE RUN 
IIS - mom and dad thanks for 
erything I love you 

Erin N. McKenney 


4 Riverhurst Road #325 
Memories: Great times in physics 
Sam with Roxie, Arms and Ralphie! 
I love pineapple! Fun times Em 
making icecream with frozen hands! 

Michelle B. Milo 


Activities: DECA 
Memories: Gispachio Vecheecho! 
Anisha, Busa, and Jt youll always 
be in my heart. Special thanks to 
Mr. Caldwell for everything he's 
taught me. 

Kevin P. McGowan 


19 Kimbrough Road 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-2; Track 3-4; 
A/V Club 1-4; Mock Trial 4 
Memories: Good times great 
people, bad jokes and terrible 
ideas. Kyle St. L, Colin W, Hayden, 
Stefan, Derek T. <3 Bella. German 
class always fun. Germany '06. 
Track kids. SPAC! Holly, Tom, 
Robyn. WOW all night. The Truck. 
Classes of 'Oy.'OQ, and '10. Will 
miss everyone, love you all. 

Alexandra R. Moore 

Kimberly F. Moore 


20 Hattie Lane 

Activities: Swimming & Diving 1-4; 
National Honors Society 3-4; 
Yearbook Staff 4 

IVlemories: Amazing times with my 
bests<3 Parties at DR's fiouse, 
carrots, cake fights and bon fires! 
Mr. Carey's E-Block with the better 
1/2*Good times with my swimming 
girls! Tanny= my best friend ;-) 
Thank you to my parents for 
everything! Love you! 

Manuel Moreira 


4 Adams Street 
Activities: Football 1-4 
Memories: Good times with the 
normal crew. Partyin at Abramos. 
Friday night lights with the team. 
Teddy hows ya head? Ms Gs 
English class. Dunkin runs w/ tmo. 
Madden tourneys at Elmores. 
Hampton with the normal bunch. 
Sox, Pats, DOMINATION. 99s 
crew, DONT HATE 08! 

Amanda E. Moore 

32 Charme Road 
Activities: Volleyball 1-2, 4: DE( 
3-4; National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Good times with m , 
girls, I love you Alyssa, Lori, anc 
Alicia. Can't forget about scaver 
hunts and all the fun with everyo 
from market basket. I'm going tc 
miss everyone! Good Luck!! 

James W. Morris 


21 Topliff Street 
Activities: Baseball 1-4; 
Basketball 1: Football 2 
Memories: Shout out to all my 
boys. JS. Top of the world, 
Wendys, Coco's Basement, Bak's 
attic. Going to the Basketball and 
Hockey Games... Good times 

Timothy B. Morrison Abu B. Mugalu 


415 Boston Road 
Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 
1-4; DECA 3-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Friday Night Lights & 
Fox25. Elmores Caddy & Duke 
Games w/Mikey. Good Times with 
the Crew: Erica Alyssa Cora Manny 
Ted. Center-QB Bond w/Capone. 
The Augusta Crew & Dunkins 
w/Lizz. Country Music & Captains. 
Pep Rally & Prom & Our Song. 
God Bless & Good luck 08! 

Kayla A. Morris 

31 Pratt Street 
Activities: Gymnastics 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Hot fudge is hot! 
Superman is dangerous! Oooh 
Snap! GymnaSty girls-Great 4 
years together! Slow corners on 
Pratt! Nose game with Ms. Lish! 
Whose idea was it to take 
Accounting 2? Let's buy some liqi 
rice! Haha Good times with Morg! 

^ * ■> 



luncan N. Mugisha 

' )orsett Avenue 
j tivities: Football 
hmories: (Peep this-) Its been a 
( od four years here. Met a lot of 
( od friends, K Koles, Sam W, Britt 
^ Jaime J. The chain keeps going 
<: all the parties. Been good to all 
V II out there. Do your thing light. Its 
\ boy Duncan signin off. 

Joseph Muller-Robinson 

Christopher F. Muraca Amber Nadeau 


27 Ironwood Street 
Activities: Football 2-4; 
Memories: Never forget the 
brothers. Revenge Tour 07. Coach 
Flynn's famous lines. Endless 
nights at kennys house. Cinco de 
mayo massacre. My parents for 
supporting me. I love you guys. 
Fresh cuts. Someone special who 
always brightened my day never 
forget you 

yier R. Nichols 


Steven J. Nieuweboer Brittni R. O'Brien 


332 Andover Road 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Winter 
Track 1-4; Spring Track 1-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
IVIemories: Beach Day Domination. 
Si fanno i bambini in Italia. Bowling. 
Race scene/Raptor fight. MacBeth 
movies. Red Team Rewls. OMG! I 
heard the BEST thing today! Heeey 
Steeeve. Pre-track Chung King. 
Padiddle. Eric, Demps, Corey, Alex, 
not Jill, and Leah. 


14 Cynthia Road 

Activities: Softball 1 ; Basketball 1 ; 
Soccer 1-2 

Memories: I love all my girls. 
KrislO & K*eZ my best since 
forever. Poultens D bik, Wittys B 
bik, Acting, Foleys freshie 
year, Weekends, gutta love the 
weekends. Powderpuff games, 
proms, peprallies-winning it all 
senior year, so much moreJust 
LIVE IT UP, always! 

Erin E. Nickerson 

9 Holt Street 

Activities: Softball 1; Winter Track 
1 ; DECA 2-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4 

Memories: Good times in Ciccs D 
block history class sophomore year. 
States in Boston with the DECA 
dorks. Italy February 2008. 2007 we 
dominated win Spirit Week. 
Freshmen year the crippled Softball 
team. High school was filled with 
fun times and great friends. 

Laura A. O'Brien 


4 Stonewall Lane 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4: Peer 
Leader 2-4: Yearbook Staff 4 
Memories: Best of Times w Tfie 
Best of Friends. TON 06: IHOP 3 
TOLIET?!? Pep Rally in the RV, Jr 
Prom, Sweeping Spirit Week. 
Flipping Burgers, Alexa best friend 
thru it all, luv ya! Love and Miss you 

Isabella A. Oleksy 


81 Baldwin Road 
Activities: Orchestra 1-4; 
f\/lock Trial 4 

Memories: Wall hobos, New York 
trip '06. Europe with Thaeje-a-vu, D 
block Orchestra, all the nights with 
the Kennedy crew, 
Desmondisms and K. McGowan <3 
for being part of it all. I love you. 

Patrick T. O'Loughlin 


12 Pond Street 

Activities: Lacrosse 1-4; Winter 
Track 1-2; Football 2-3 

Robert J. Ortolani 

Memories: French 4 with the 
ladies, JCA , Good Times. 

Sarah L. Odell 

24 Lake Street 

Activities: SADD 3-4; Mock Trial 4; 
Spanish/Italian Club 3-4 
Memories: Lunchtime jokes with 
friends. Mr. Lordan's class senior 
year. SADD club with Alicia B. Spirit 
week rivalries. Good times at work 
with Apples. Cake days in 
Whitaker's class. Best friends a girl 
can have: Alicia B, Kirstin D, Briana 
M, Emily L, Giovanna G. 

Ryan P. Ostler 

46 Tower Farm Road 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4; 
Hockey 1-2 

Memories: Hurleys, Shane Lane, 
Lax 04-08 YaMeen? MVC Champs 
07, Annas with the boys, Jamies 
house. FNC, Summer 07, Hayes 
class, ginger ninja, Pasta parties, 
08 worst to first Mkez, Greers class, 
my boys and girls, living the 
dream. ..YaMeen? 

Taylor M. O'Leary 

2 Duby Dnve 

Activities: Lacrosse 1-2 j 
Memories: Amazing times with I; 
girls: Love you. Friday nights ol 
Fireworks at Hampton Beach. 
Thursdates! Thanks for everythi4| 
friends and family. '08 ' 

Anisha A. Oommen 


39 Lexington Road 
Activities: SADD 1-4; 
Spanish/Italian Club 2-4; NationE 
Honor Society 3-4; DECA 3-4; 
Homeroom Rep 1-3 j 
Memories: Homeroom with [ 
Strangers who became best ■ 
friends, and Mrs. Molloy. 
Mr.Marchis art class, Michelle. 
PROM. Having C, E, and F, Bloc 
with Levina. DECA! Staying up 
late to study for Ms. Jensens 
Anatomy tests, freaking out aboL 
it with Pooja. 

Victoria C. Papas 


18 Todd Lane 

Activities: Soccer 1-4; Track 2-4; 
Lacrosse 1-2; Spanish/Italian Club 

Memories: Dinner at the Nines 
w/IVlarcii and Eril<a. C bll<. cliem w/ 
Whitaker and crew. Trip to Puerto 
Rico, mi amor Miguel and Oscar! 
Soccer bus rides w/the ladies. HR 
Stories w/Anisha 

Jaclyn A. Pena 

Pooja B. Pate! 

IVIemories: High school was a great 
experience. Learned a lot in my four 
years of high school and now I cant 
wait to go to college and learn 
more. Had great times with Anisha, 
Billy R, Hung I and Nilam 

Alyssa M. Penny 

14 Stonehedge Circle 
Activities: Cross Country 2-4, 
Captain 4; Winter Track 1-4; Spring 
Track 1 -4 

Memories: Good times with the 
girls. Summer '07. Team Billnasty. 
XC Pasta parties. Getting lost with 
Katie and Chelsey. Sutton trips. Fun 
weekends with Jenna and Caitlyn! 
Amanda BFFE. NYC! Mr. Carrols E 
block class. Pot it up! Freshie- 
Sophie nights! Sunday long runs 

Richard Palmieri Jr. 

Austin P. Pena 

17 William Road 
Activities: Cross Country 1-4; 
Winter Track 1-4; Lacrosse 1-2; 
Spring Track 3-4 

Memories: Spanish! Throwing "it" 
out the window. Great times with 
the track boys. JCA! Sammy... 
Don't forget! Jen <3 

Alicia N. Penta 

20 Passaconaway Drive 
Activities: Winter Track 1-2; Spring 
Tracts 1-2, Girls Cross Country. 
Manager 2: Peer Leader 3-4: 
Future Teachers of America 2-3 
Memories: Soo many good times 
ova Ihe past 4 years martins class 
freshy year ciccs class. maine trip! 
hr3211 lovee yous. girlies 
always'summer 07spiritweek07 
winners, parade! 

Patrick L. Pereira 

David A. Petersen 


22 Maverick Circle 
Activities: Soccer 1 
Memories: Mr.Martins Freshman 
Modern World History Class. D- 

Chris Phillion 


24 Charme Road 

Activities: Football 1-4; Lacrosse 

1-4; Wrestling 4 

Memories: Football under the 

Friday night lights with my brothers 

#47. Lax, MVC Championship #7. 

Concussions. Capone 

"Championship!!! Most of all, Where 

is Mittens??? 

jtXndrew M. Pierce 


Primrose Road 

ictivities: Hockey 1-4; Football 1; 

/lemories: The boys - hockey 
3am, old memories with the Crew, 
vild nights with the boys, crazy 
summers, Senior year hockey 07- 
[18 best season 

I pwendolyn C. Porter 

i 3wen 

I )3 Pond Street 

I Activities: Softball 1; Cross Country 
-2; Orchestra 1-4 

I i/lemories: Jaime, Cate, and Chris; 
imazing times, I love you guys, 
-ovin' Spain in Feb '07. Dance on 
he beach and sleep at a bank. 
<FC/TB. Rockport beach house and 
\/laine with the bests. AwkwaRoad 
Cept for Pig! Ghosts and saranwrap 

. )n cars. Proms '07. Shaaake! 

Lisa IVI. Pinals 

37 Dudley Road 

Activities: Volleyball 1-4; Tennis 1- 
4; National Honor Society 3-4; Peer 
Leader 3-4; Orchestra 1-4 
IVIemories: Whitaker's C block 
Chem! Puerto Rico '07, Dereks 
house, carrots, bonfires, and cake 
fights!! s-kitten and Kirsten's crazy 
driving; Mr. Carey's E Block; Salem; 
scavenger hunt and Tic-Tic Boom! 
Junior Prom; Good times with the 
tennis girls; Westford<3 

IVIartin R. Prendergast 

Marty the one man Party 
10 Chadwick 

Activities: Football 1-4; Wrestling 
2; Lacrosse 2; Track 3-4 
IVIemories: WHoooooo! The 
brothers, closing down buffets, 
weekends in the "ric". I'll see you 
next P-A-T. Stealing tables with Joe 
C. My angry pills, "your pretty!", 
homeroom 3205. "your big". B- 
cruise. honor roll, hair flips. 

Andrew L. Politis 


28 Allendale Avenue 
Activities: Lacrosse 1-4 
Memories: EXTREME! Deutsch mit 
Infanger. Riding with friends. Prison 
Trails. Boston trips with Lange. 
NYC trips. Where's Arty? Dream 
Team. Lax team . Massbmx. Stay 
original and keeps it real! 

Lesley A. Proulx 

Activities; Hockey 1-4; DECA 3-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Great times with my 
hockey girls! Pasta Parties and 99's 
after games! Great memories with 
Brittany and Deca!! So many good 
times with Derith who I love 

IVIiclielle L. Pilon 

7 Marriott Place 

Activities: Swimming & Diving 1-4; 
Basketball 1 

Memories: Great times on the 
Swim Team! Ill miss you girls! 
Coagulate 4-eva!! Great times in 
Ms. Houghs art class, Dont test 
me!! Spirit Week 07, Seniors! 

Setli B. Porter 

Melanie G. Puzyn 


6 Webb Brook Road 
Memories: Fun times with Kirstin 
D.' She made Study and Child 
growth my best classes to be in. 
You never know what can come out 
of Kirstin's mouth! I'll miss you 

Brittany M. Quarantel 


12 Edison Lane 

Activities: National Honor Societ 
3-4; Cross Country 2-3; Homeroo 
Rep 1-4; Peer Leader 2-4; 
Spanish/Italian Club2-4 
l\/lemories:Great times with the 
whole gang. Betch! Kimmy M.! 
Cappa-Sensatinal Sensations for 
Life! L*Skittle & B*Razzle-lets run 
and get some leaves! Petey and F 
Junior-Kierty! Lesley-I beat you! 
Peter Chatwin and Wandy Pan. 
Puerto Rico w/Ms. Bishop 4/07 

Christopher W. Read James S. Rebilas 

Jaclyn L. Reidy 


Activities: Orchestra 
Memories: BTI, talent show with 
Lora. Martza. Saturday nights at 
Rocky Horror, safaris, laughing til it 
hurt. BUNNY, the chicken, milk 
contests. Watatataw, shopping cart 
races, moustache, countless 
concerts, guitar, winning spirit 
week, living life to it's fullest 

Lori K. Reposa 

Sandra F. Ribas 


7 Millers Farm Road 
Activities: Mock Trial 2-4; 
Amanuensis 3 

Memories: Thaeje, my bestreet 
Alyssa, my Hamilton. Hunnies. 
Scrapbook. New Years. 
Cambridge. Maine. Boloco. 99s. 
Hobowall. Cranium! Slot Machine. 
Hit it! Las Montanas. Enchiladas. 

William M. Rios 


6 Theresa Avenue 
Activities: Tennis 1-4; Golf 4; 
National Honor Society 3-4 
Memories: Good times 

David P. Robinson 


iO Parkway Avenue 
Activities: Literary Club 3-4; 
\manuensis 3-4 

i/lemories: "What do you want to 
lo/l don't know, what do YOU want 
'0 do" with Katie and Laura. 
3empsey + Dave -i- Junior + OG = 
unspeakably kick-butt Power- 
^anger-like awesomebot. Panda, 
H-Bomb, Lilah, and Harty-Hearts. 
i/lax and Larry make brains fun 

Derek J. Rogers 


48 Elizabeth Road 
Activities: DECA 3-4; National 
Honor Society 3-4; Peer Leader 3-4 
Memories: C block chemistry with 
Mr. Whitaker. Carrots. Puerto Rico 
2007. Italy 2008. Sarah, what do 
you think? Hugh OBrian. KEMP! 
DECA States. Mr. Desmond. 
Seniors, Spirit Week 2007. 
Homeroom 3202. Ethel. Junior 
Prom. Bonfires. Hometown loves. 

Ashley A. Rogge 


46 Dartmouth Drive 
Activities: Track 2; Newspaper 1-2; 
Homeroom Rep 1-2 
Memories: Fun times in Ms. G's 
class. Meeting all new friends 
freshman year. Having a whole 
bunch of fun during lunch this year 
with Kara, T, Mel, and Trevor. 
Definitely not going that way! 
Modef! Love you all! 

Krystal R. Rohloff 


113 Pollard Street 
Activities: Amanuensis 3; 
Chorus 3; GSA 4 
Memories: Many memories with 
the Awesome 8, watching Kyle drop 
it like its hot in the middle of 
Harvard Square, UNO, chilling with 
the Evans crew, Lolita & Sarah 
Euro trip! Thanks to everyone whos 
been nice to me since I moved here 
last year. 

Stephen D. Rose Jr. 


5 Sewell Street 

Activities: Wrestling 2-4; Lacrosse 
1-2; NM Club 1-4 
Memories: Story time in the 
wrestling locker room. 97 Hate in the 
Hood with Matt T., Scott L., John M., 
and Matt F. Fun at MB. Playing 
^oker with the boys. Penny March 
37, World Sehes 04, 07. Whiffleball 
season is in the summers. 

Ashley J. Ross 

Theresa P. Roush 

Jesse L. Rowland 

Uncle Jesse 
13 Matthew Road 
Memories: Dan and Jeremy, 
Cruises, Brett parties, Shauna's, 
Luzzy baby, Loon, Music 
Production class, Caldwell talks. 
Thanks for the books Mrs. 
Galdston, Visit me in Florida all 


Alexander U. Runyan 

Anthony Santoro 


8 Edison Lane 

Memories: The crew. NYC and 
MTV road trip. My broken jaw and 
the boys. Superfans. 2 Crew. 
Dawson's ponytail. From worst to 
first, Seniors '08. 

Chandni N. Sanariya 

157 Pond Street 
Activities: Peer Leader 2-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Future 
Teachers of America 2-4 
Memories: Good times in French, 
Watatatow!! and the moach in 

Eliot R. Savage 

Alyssa M. Santoro 


2 Battcock Road 

Memories: Sally Gould Divas; my 
family, my best Mel G, Reeree, 
biffis to the end; jeffree Star! 
Walden Pond. Sandy, pumpkin 
noises! Lumina spotting! Cranium. 
Hamilton, represent! Chas. Candy 
cane! Hey Santa! Wall hobos. 
SPAC with my babies, love you! 

Jessica L. Scalese 

Breena R. Ryan 

32 Talbot Avenue 
Memories: Hey Amanda, the parM 
and divitos everyday. Goodtimes, ; 
haha love you girl! Lori and Linds, ^ 
I'll miss our Thursday night Bruins i 
games. Love you guys! Jeffrey ' 
Michael Amaral, thanks for 
everything. I love you, bubs! 


Kevin M. Santullo 

Jeffrey D. Scarfo 

Stephen C. Scola 


5 Margaret Lane 
Memories: Costa Rica. Bands, 
Divides The Sky and Tine Bay 
State. Friends and Family. 

Thaejeshwa S. Shanker David T. Shaw 


1 1 Blossom Drive 

Activities: Tennis 1-3; Winter Track 
1; JSA 1-3; Drama 1; Science 
League 1 

IWemories: Codenames, BLT, 
Kennedy Crew, Cranium Nights, 
Slot Machines, iLas Montanas!, 
Europe with Behjah, Desmondisms, 
Hand in Hoof, Hit it, T&T, and 
Enchiladas with Sandra! Orchestra 

Danielle L. Shea 


30 Bellflower Road 

Activities: Hockey 1-4. Captain 

3-4; Lacrosse 3-4 

Memories: Good times w/girls & 

boys Hockey teams trips to 9s. Sam 

practice. Pasta parties. Good times 

w Ctiinch & Cataldo. Crazy trip to 

Europe. Sleepovers. Sriowbail 

fights, sledding before games. Will 

miss it all. Luv ya.. Mom thanks for 

always being there. Luv you! 

Nicholas A. Simpson 


159 Andover Road 
Activities: Tennis 1-3 
f\/lemories: Great Times! 

Meredith L. Sheehan 

9 Pichowicz Road 

Activities: Orchestra 1-4; Track 2- 

3; Spanish/Italian Club 3; National 

Honor Society 3-4 

Memories: NYC 2006. Cake Days 

in Mr. T's class. Fun times in Puerto 

Rico and Fnday the thirteenth! Pep 

rallies and winning spirit week! 

Kristen M. Slejzer 

654 Boston Road 

Activities: National Honor Society 
3-4; Yearbook Staff 4 
Memories: Cake Fights and cake 
days. Bowling. Italy and Florida with 
Nick. Prom 08. OGs G-block. 
Beach days and lovely parrot. Half 
turn on Route 3. Macbeth movie. 
Thanks Mom and Dad, love you. I 
love you Nick! 

Jonathan IVI. Silva 


54 Crimson Road 
Activities; Soccer 1-2; 
Orchestra 1-4 

Memories; Good times with Seth in 
Desmond, Durand, O'Donnell, 
and... Ouesnel. Fun times at Pizza 
hut with Kevin Rick Carl Alex Welch 
Al and the traitor Color Blind 
Dobert. Lockers with James. 
Hackisack at Walgreens with Juan 
Lima and Dan. I'm gonna miss Tark 
Mibbets and the best Homeroom 
ever. Good Luck and Stay Chill 

Krista IVI. Soloski 

Memories: So many good times 
with my friends. You guys are the 
best Pasta parties at my house 
which always ended in food fights. 
Were the best Getting lost driving 
with Mariesa was always an 

Matthew D. Sheehan ^ 

42 Sycamore Lane 
Activities: AA/ Club 1-2; 
Basketball 1-4 

Memories: Basketball games, 
lunch, weekends, Pirateboy, Miss(< 
Desert Storm and so much more" 

Rose Sitthirath 


25 Sylvan Road 

Erica L. Soly 

3 Casey Road 

Activities: Class President 4; 
3heerleading 3-4; DECA 3-4; 
Symnastics 2 

VIemories: Unforgettable times with 
:Tiy best friends. Cheering at Friday 
'light football games. The ballet 
/ears. Amazing proms. Crazy spirit 
A^eeks and insane pep rallies. 
Summers on the Cape with my 
'avorite three. Late nights and 
weekends. Friends, always. Love 

Kayla M. Spinale 

Katherine M. St. Cyr 


1 Skyline Drive 
Activities: Gymnastics 1-4; 
Spanish/Italian Club 3; SADD 3 
Memories: Amy, the friend I've had 
all my life. Erica and Alyssa, my 
girls. Best friends. Best times, 
gymnasty! Puerto Rico babes, 
unforgettable time. SC, partners in 
crime/quiet game champs, cd.bc. 
Whitty's c block, mr. Carroll's e 
block. Spirit Week 07! 

Leana M. Suarez 

Derek Sousa 


332 Salem Road 
IVIemories: Friday nights with the 
superfans cheering on the football 
team. Great times in Caldwell's F 
block class with my best friends 
Jess C. and Steph C. Prom '07. Roll 
Call with DevDawg. Four years with 
the greatest friends I could ever ask 
for, thanks for all the memories. 

Sarah K. Squeglia 


25 Pasho Road 

Activities: Mock Trial 3-4; Future 
Teachers of America 3-4 
Memories: Lolita y Sara in Europe? 
Si! Basement parties and IHOP, 
#63 4ever. Tri school spirit. 
Congratulations! Baby lochness 
monsters 4 life! 

Stephen J. Stark 

Kerry E. Sullivan 

23 Kenrick Avenue 
Activities: AN Club 2-4; Drama 
2-4; Mock Trial 1-4; National Honor 
Society 3-4; Peer Leader 3-4; 
GSA 2-4 

Memories: Best friends. Rocking 
AV's backroom. BTI! Rocky! All the 
drama in Drama. Harpoons! Jolt and 
the good that followed. Wendy's. 
Bringing sexy back fer sure. 
Whales, quails, and evil monkey 
tales, I'm gunna miss all you guys. 

Peter C. Sullivan 

Angeleaca F. Thompson 


2 Stonehedge Circle 
Memories: Even though I just came 
to this school in the 10th grade from 
Mississippi. I'll Always Remember 
It. My 4 Closest Friends Sha Sha, 
Kessumz. Na Na, and Jess. ILY 
Guys To Deathll C/0 '08 Running 
Things. Haha We Won Spirit 

Allison P. Teal 


13 Sandberg Road 
Activities: Winter Track 1-4; 
Softball 1-4; Peer Leader 4; Future 
Teachers Of Amenca 1-2 
IVIemories: spirit week 07, pep 
rallies, Pasta parties, prom, movie 
nights, mb crew, my girls weve 
shared so many memories & laughs 
together that I will never forget, 143* 
Richard weve shared so many 
great memories together ily<3*my 
family thanks for everything! 

Mark E. Tibbetts 


9 Wedgewood Avenue 
Activities: Winter Track 3; Spring 
Track 3 

Memories: All the good times with 
Mr. Coletti freshman and 
sophomore year. A lot of fun times 
in Mr. Riess Homeroom with my 
boys Eddie T and Derek S. Having 
fun during Track practice and the 
intense meets. Beating the Juniors 
in Spirit Week. 

Marina Theofilou 


Rebecca M. Torrice 


66 Oak Street 
Activities: SADD 4 
Memories: Always remember date 
nights, parties in Paulas basement, 
Dang and Torrechay sleep overs, 
beach days, Billerica Moms, Speck 
T and the kids table, girls. I love you 
Andybutt PollyPocket Dangbaby 
Kurr Al Mom Dad DAvenue AN and 

Regina A. Tayag 

6 Sheridan Street 
Activities: Drama Crew: Orchest 

Wayne E. Thompson'! 


6 Fardon Street 
Activities: Soccer 1-4; Winter 
Track 1 -4; Sphng Track 1 - 3 
Memories: Great times. Boys 
Soccer. Nice team bonding. Boy: 
Sprinters, WOO! Good times with 
Sousa and Tibbetts in homeroom 

shiey M. Traniello 

March Street 

ictivities: Lacrosse 1-2, 4; 
)ECA 3-4 

lemories: To late nites n never 
inding weeks: coach magz flow 
iharts; practice wit the girls; 
iesmonds debate projects w/ paul 
nd Andrew; Vickys bluntness; 
unishas cluelessness; to Pasta 
'^arty food fifes; to all the late DECA 
ites; to the girls whove always 
•een real; to the fact that were 
nally out of here! 

Paul A. Vozzella 

17 Shawsheen Road 
Activities: Football1-2; Winter Track 
1-4; Lacrosse1-2; Cross Country 4; 
Spring Track 2-3; DECA 3-4; 
National Honor Society 3-4; Student 
Government 1-4 

IVIemories: Good tinnes partying w/ 
08; dunks crew; summer 06&07; 
who broke the toilet ?; fun times w/ 
all the track guys; proms 07&08; 
rherbs house; hr 3219; comm. serv; 
thnx mom dad & fam for everything 

Nisha K. Wall 

7 Thistle Lane 

Activities: DECA 3-4; Lacrosse 
1-4; Peer Leader 3-4 
IVIemories: To my Leos & my 
DECA divas.To Laughter & tons of 
it.To every Cake Day with Whitty.To 
all my Lax girls.To every late DECA 
delirious night.To my Chocs and 
HOBY LOVE. Remember, our past 
is behind us, our future is before us 
and our memories are forever with 

^andace L. Wallace 

Nicole B. Way 

John H. Welch 

1 Field Street 

Activities: National Honor Society 

Memories: Pizza Hut w/ Silva, 
Kevin, Al, and Alex. Paintball and 
airsoft at Jacks Junkyard w/ Bobby 
"the magnet" O headshots. Call of 
Duty and Halo w/ Dobi, Karl, and 
Rick. Super Smash Bros, w/ Nike, 
Pat, and Hunghi. Attending music 
performances with Preston... (Nick 
pat & hungi) 

Samantha L. Tucci 


7 Carson Street 
Activities: DECA 2 
Memories: "I'm not perfect but who 
are we kidding neither are you" 
Best 4 years, worst to first 08 
Seniors we run this! Love you all. 
$fresh. Xmas party. Im not mad at 
you girls hey! 

JackieKtSamJulesMelsie My Girls. 
Ma&Daddy love you. You raised me 
well, thank you. 

Nicole C. Walukiewicz 


5 Janice Road 

Memories: Good times with Kirtin 
at the mall. Hanging in my car with 
Stef. Freshman year with Vicky. 
Football games with Alyssa and 
Megan. Awesome times with 
Carmilla in food choices and baking 
after school. 

Victoria M. Wiggins 


53 Chatham Road 
Memories: Good times with Lukie. 
Having a great time with Kirstin, 
Michaela. and Michelle. Hanging 
out with Jackie in anatomy and the 
library, I love my crazy lunches with 
my budsl Art classes were a blast! 
Had great times with all my friends! 
You keep me smiling! 

Samantha C. Wilson 

Ryan M. Winter 

4 Green Street 

Memories: German with Infanger. 
Ms.G. Woody. Walshy. Wendys 
with Kramer. Grimy life at the trails. 
Being ignorant in Boston. Lawn 
jobs. Pizza rolls at Simards. Riding 
with good friends & much more 

Justin B. Wolfe 

Michael J. Workman 

Richard H. Young 

Richard M. Yutkins 


192 Salem Road 

Activities: Baseball 1-4; Golf 3-4; 
Basketball 1 -2; Winter Track 3 
Memories: Unforgettable memories 
with my girlfriend Allison. Amazing 
times with my crew: Nick B, Rocco 
M, and Eric 0. Wiffs all day n night, 
beach days at Hampton, Newcomb 
trips, ruckus runs, late night Stops 
at the sev, snowboard trips, and 
Italy with Rocco and Ted 
volutpat. dolor iquam erat 

Johnathan Zammuto 


47 Broad Street 

Memories: The "hobo" wall and all 
those crazy mornings. C block 
Study with Christina and Erin. 
Badminton in and out of gym class. 
Spac every year was awesome. 
Meeting Josh H. and not really 
going to school that much 


Most S^^ntattvs: 

Class C^P^: 

Rfchfe yatkins AH^^ T«a1 

Most MiSChkvoos: 

Johnny C^oce Uizz 3i^own 

Most Academic: 

Uisa Pina^ arsi Garrett Uocke 

Uif s of the Party: 
Uaara OB^i^^ ar^ Paul Vozzelk 




1 5py or fsf/ar'tte: 

6oc^ SojU^ Boy 
Mab Vdea SoJja Boy 
Meical Ai:6t: L'fttb W^yre 
Schod Lnch: Chbken Patty 
Teacher. W. Caldwell 
Cla56: En^feh 
Mcvb: Superbad 
RestaLrant: The 99 
TV Show Family Guy 
Athlete: Tom Brady 
Mo/b Star Jdrriy Pepp 
Radb Station: Jamn 94.5 
Clothr^ Lne: Hdlbter 
Sports Team Red Sox 
Book: Harry Potter Series 

First row: Anthony Abramo, Ibrahim Addam, Stephanie Ahearn, Jeff Amaral, Matt Anastasi 
Second row: Preston Angelucci, Aleta Antonucci, Amber Atteridge, Edward Barrett, Greg Bejian 
Third row: Levina Benson, Samantha Bent, Danielle Bourgeois, Leandra Boyle, Eric Brandonese 
Fourth row: Neal Brewster, Elizabeth Brown, Jeff Browning, Ivy Buena, Alyssa Bunker 

OK i^Myi 

First row: Eric Caples, Nicl< Capone, Stephanie Capone, Tiffany Carlson, Nicole Celeste 
/"'^ Second row: Cate Connerty, Jessica Chiatt, Cora Chando, Teena Cherian, Kirsten Chirichetti 
f 82 ) Third row: Michelle Cody, Amanda Coleman, Hillary Crone, Katie Cresta, Pat Crowley 

V / Fourth row: Joe D'Angelo, Alyssa d'Urso, Jamie Davis, Marisa Dellanno, Angela Dellisola 

OK ^Myi 

First row: Kyle Delorge, Amy DeSantis, Mike DiCecca, Alexa DiFrancesco, Evan DiPalma 
Second row: Michael Dobi, Justin Durso, Connor Edwards, Lilah El-Fakih, Caitlin Ellis 
Third row: Sean Elmore, Kaitie Farrow, Derith Fernandes, Jessica Flynn, Janelle Foley 
Fourth row: Adam Foss, Stephanie Fritz, Kelly Gallahue, Nick Giasullo, Monique Girard 

OK i^Myi 

First row: TJ Grivers, Danielle Guarracino, Andrew Hangyal, Rachel Herbert, Mike Hurley 
>« Second row: Jaime Jacobs. Amanda Jordan, Alexandria Kalmes, Kristen Koles, Doric Langill 

84 I Third row: Michelle Lawson, Joe Leverone, Garrett Locke, Ashley Lowery, Jill Maclnnis 

Fourth row: Rocco Magliozzi, Melissa Maimone, Kenny Mangle, Alicia Manzelli, Robert Martini 

OK i^Myi 

First row: Leah McElhaney, Katherine McGonagle, Brittney McGinness, Erin McGinnity, Kellie McGowan 
Second row: Alexandra Moore, Amanda Moore, Kimberly Moore, Manny Moreira, Erin Nicl<erson 
Third row: Brittany O'Brien, Laura O'Brien, Pooja Patel, Katie Pelosi, Alicia Penta 
Fourth row: Andy Pierce, Lisa Finals, Andy Politis, Gwen Porter, Marty Prendergast 

First row: Melanie Puzyn, Brittany Quarantello, Sandra Ribas, Derel< Rogers, Ashley Ross 
>— ~H Second row: Jesse Rowland, Alex Runyan, Breena Ryan, Chandni Sanariya, Danielle Shea 
86 \ Third row: Matthew Sheehan, Nick Simpson, Rose Sitthirath, Kristen Slejzer, Erica Soly 

Fourth row: Katie St. Cyr, Steve Stark, Leana Suarez, Kerry Sullivan, Allison Teal 

OK i^Myi 

row: Becca Torrice, Ashley Traniello, Samantha Tucci, Paul Vozzella, Nicole Walukiewicz 
Second row: Sam Wilson, Justin Wolf, Rich Yutkins, Johnathan Zammuto 
Third row: Amber Nadeau, Anthony Santoro 

I i)py..:fh€ feuses th^t t^k^ as to md frop:) school, 
?mhp:)^D, sophopDof jaDiors so cool... 

Caitlin E Abbott 
Hale\ E Abrahanison 
Andrew Allard 
Amanda L Allen 
T\ ler L Anderson 
Jacob D Andrew s 
Marc Are\alo 

Arthur N Arrey 
Austin I Arroco 
Ann E Arsenault 
Kirsten M Arsenault 
Michael E Baratta 
Lauren C Barker 
Kevin J Baroni. .Ir 

Amanda M Beale 
Bridgette Berg 
Briana L Bern> k 
Da\ id J Bettencourt 
Rachel L Bikot'sky 
Brett S Bionelii 
Aaron E Blais 

Jennie L Blanchard 
Holly A Bliss 
Samantha M Brangit'orte 
William R Bryan, Jr 
Nicholas M Buchanan 
Joseph J Buckley 
Anastasia Bucknam 

Kayla M Bullock 
Jason E Buoncuore 
Paul R Burke 
Thomas W Burke 
Emily J Burns 
Ian P Bums 
Katherine Bums 

Melinda S Buth 
Stephanie Cailler 
Erica J Caliendo 
William E Campbell 
Melissa M Carella 
Steven J Caruso 
Cristen A Cascio 

Keriann E Casey 
Justin C Cassidy 
Matthew S Cataldo 
James Celata 
Samantha M Cheek 
Erika A Ciccariello 
Andrew J Cil'elli 

Craig Cincotta 
Kaitlyn A Clericu/.io 
Gregory W Clifford 
Dave Coates 
Alec Coggins 
Kelly A Collins 
Amy M Conley 

Bridget E Connell 
Derek B Corcoran 
Jonathan B Corliss 
Ricardo M Costa 
Rachel N Costello 
Alexander Cote 
Scott T Cotreau 

Michael J Craft 
Ashley M Crider 
Katherine Croke 
Claudia Y Cruz 
Steven A Cullinane 
Jennifer L Cupp 
Michael P Daley 

Briana L Dalton 
Shauna L Dedomenico 
Keith D Dellaporta 
Kaitlyn E Demattia 
Kimberly M Demattia 
Melissa M Dennehy 
Emily E Desmarais 

Stacy A Deveau 
Amanda R Diamond 
Stephen A Diaz 
Jacqueline Dipersio 
Bridgette Dodge 
Joanna K Doyle 
Kristina F Ducey 

Lucas J Duffy 
Meghan C Dugan 
Shawn K Duncan 
Allison N Dupuis 
Joseph A Dutra, Jr 
Olivia N D'Alessandro 
Samuel D Earn 

Karim A El-Hamawy 
Kristyna A Eldridge 
Craig W Ellard 
Bridget C Ellis 
Steven J Ellis 
Chris P Ercolani 
Melissa R Ericksmoen 

Jamie C Fallon 
Christina Fazio 
Matthew C Ferguson 
Slade Fernandes 
Molly C Flood 
Jillian L Flynn 
Matthew W Fogerty 

Brittany M Forristall 
Carissa A Forte 
Audra L Fowler 
Octavio J Freitas 
Anthony F Fulgoni 
Melissa R Gambale 
Brittany T Ganley 

Jennifer J Gaudette 
Thomas L Gauger 
Brianna C Gentile 
Allison M Gerokoulis 
Nikki L Giatas 
Kelh E Gla\ in 
Patrick J Glebus 

Stephen A Goode 
Bilh A Gozzo 
Jillian M Hadley 
Angela L Haggerty 
Kaitlyn E Hall 
Nicole M Haniwey 
Lew is L Haneval 

Eric R Hanlon 
Melanie C Harrington 
Brianna R Hartery 
De\ on L Hatch 
Christophe Hauser 
Megan L Healy 
Havden J Heavner 

Brian P Heider 
Stephanie Hentz 
Christine Hillson 
Daniel L Hillson 
Jacqueline Hogan 
George M Hooper 
Daniel J Howard 

Kathleen C Hulehan 
Charlie Hun 
Jordan E Hurley 
Megan S Hurley 
Timothy J Hurley 
Jeffrey A Hyman 
Eric R Imbornone 

Mark M Infanger 
Stephania Ivanof 
Rahul K Jain 
Danielle G James 
Ravina K Jangra 
Lindsay M Jenkins 
Andrew G Johnson 

Ryan W Johnson 
Alannah M Joyner 
Alyssa A Kardosz 
Kathleen M Keegan 
Keric M Kelly 
Shannon M Kelly 
Mitchell R Kennedy 

Kishan Khemraj 
Patrick F Kriff 
Katelyn M Ladd 
Ibrahim Lahlaf 
Meghan A Laing 
Matthew R Langill 
Thomas J Lanteigne 

Mark A Lanza 
Jessica A Lapper 
John W Lapper 
Nicole M Leblanc 
Jessica J Leite 
Keith L Lentine 
Kelsey M Leonard 

Michael L Leone 
Emily D Levin 
Connor W Lewis 
Colleen M Loder 
Bianca M Long 
Mary C Lords 
Victoria D Lott 

Ariana I Lougee-Rodrigu 
Jacqueline Lusk 
Denise A L" Heureux 
Morgan M Macaulay 
Brendan J Maceachern 
Allexandra Machado 
Dylan C Macleod 

Julio D Madrid 
Brianna M Mahoney 
Kristina M Mahoney 
Brianna M Maillet 
Justin D Maillet 
Jarosiaw R Maj 
Jason M Malone 

Alysha Marcantonio 
Marissa L Martell 
Melissa M Mazzone 
Cameron J McCallum 
Justin J McCarthy 
Kevin J McCluskey 
Ryan R McCoy 

Elizabeth McElligott 
Michelle J McEwen 
Ariel M McKenna 
Sara T McKenney 
Evan J McLeod 
Eric P Mee 
Fabian Meisel 

Gregory P Melaugh 
Cameron C Melo 
Peter D Membrino 
Joshua A Mercer 
Lauren S Merrill 
Courtney F Mills 
Nilam S Mistry 

Gregory C Mollison 
Shawna J Morande 
Kestlie P Morelus 
Trevor J Morrison 
Stephen K Morrissey 
Thomas J Mullen 
Shauna H Murphy 

W ade J Murph\ 
Rristen E Murray 
Ravi Nair 
Jerem\ M Near> 
Amber R Nelson 
Andy Nguyen 
Halev A Nolan 

Katelyn A Norman 
Jessica E Nugent 
Brandon J Oliver 
Kirsten E Olsson 
Ste\ en P Onorato 

Anitha S Oommen 
Greaorv Orekova 

Matthew C Osborne 
Taylor J Overton 
Matthew M OXonnell 
Daniel L 0~ Connor 
Jillian M Paige 

Diana R Palmieri 
Alyssa M Panetta 
Brett H Parente 
Lauren M Parise 
Aniket T Patel 
Ben Peirce 
Daniel T Pelrine 

Catherine Pendleton 
Angela F Peterson 
Brett D Peterson 
Trisha L Peterson 
Matthew L Pomponi 
Christophe Porter 
Joseph Post 

Venisha I Powell 
Caitlin E Power 
Jill J Powers 
Areenukul Praphon 
Patricia J Radzikowski 
Alex V Rafferty 
Amanda N Raposo 

Kyle Raymond 
Juan C Record 
Kristen A Reed 
Nicole M Reslow 
Shawn K Riccio 
Christophe Rice 
Derek M Riley 

Danielle K Rita 
Laura M Robichaud 
Brian R Roche 
Erin K Roche 
Jessica M Rola 
Manuel Rosario 
Krista M Rosette 

Stephen C Rotondi 
Stephanie Roulic 
John D Roy 
Joseph M Roy 
Rachel V Roy 
Evan T Rudomen 
Allison R Rugg 

Kimberly A Runkle 
Alexander Rymill 
Kevin W Sa 
Hasna Saissi 
Pokchit A Saiyoi 
Maria R Salem 
Ryan R Sandberg 

Sarah K Sawyer 
Lindsey M Shaw 
Gary M Shea 
Lisa Shrestha 
Jonathan C Sibert 
Paul A Silvestri 
James E Skara 

Theresa M Skinner 
Michael D Slatton 
Aislinn E Smith 
Heather L Smith 
Jermaine F Smith 
Kyle A Smith 
Justin Sok 

■ , * 

Elizabeth Solari 
Chelsey C Sordello 
James M Sorenson 
Angelina Somn 
Jennifer L Soroka 
Stephen A Soroka 
1 Anthony P Spencer 


Jeffrey A Spencer 
Kyle P St Lawrence 
Samantha J Stalker 
Stephanie Stark 
Matthew R Steams 
Kremena I Stephanova 
Anna I Stepper 

Tyler M Stoffers 
Jennifer R Strauss 
Nicholas E Sullivan 
Charles J Sweeney 
Matthew M Sweeney 
Ryan C Tainter 
Alycia M Tarani 


Stefanos D Theotllou 
Amy L Tibbetts 
Thomas F Todd 
Nicole M Tognarelli 
Carmilla L Toner 
Samuel D Torrice 

T\ ler X Tripodi 
Justin P Trischitta 
Derek M Trunfio 
Malorie E L'lcena 
Peter M Vacca 
Al\ ssa N V'ietro 
Chuons D \'u 

Matthew C Walker 
Katie M W alsh 
Molh E Walsh 
Samuel J Walsh 
Colin E Walters 
Darci L Wananiaker 
Christophe Ware 

Lauren M Weit/ ''■v^' 

Kevin J Whalen 
Daniel J Williams 
Katelx n Williams 
Laura E Williams 
Eric E Wilson 

Alyssa L Young 

Garrett M Young 
Seeting Zaelor 
Rachel C Zizza 




Awena R Abdalla 
Patrick T Aker 
Michael K Allan 
Sean E Allen 
Matthew J Allendort 
Aviya M Alten Flagg 
Dannv Alvarez 

Joshua A Ama> a 
Robert P Aquino 
Connor J Arsenault 
Jordan N Balboni 
Derek B Bandou\eies 
Brandon B Bangura 
Ashle\ M Barrett 

James R Barr>' 
Andrew W Beckford 
Victoria R Bennett 
Jillian R Bent 
Robert W Bemoth 
Br>anna R Bertrand 
Nikki H Billiri 

Amanda L Bisbee 
Christian Blake 
Rodyl E Blanc 
Wayne R Bolz 
Maria R Bontlglio 
Jennifer C Bossi 
Amy L Boucher 

Joseph D Bower 
Andrea M Bozza 
Rebecca J Brajak 
Jaime L Breingan 
Jessica A Brevilia 
Alyson M Brooks 
Alexandria Brown 

Courtney Brown 
Stephanie Brown 
Thomas H Brown 
Ashley R Brunelle 
Lindsey A Bullen 
Ryan T Burke 
Ryan W Burke 

Chelsey M Burnham 
Alishia A Bums 
Sarah M Bums 
Jodi A Cailler 
Daniel A Caliendo 
Katelynn N Callery 
Hector F Candiani 

Marissa A Canficld 
Timothy W Cannift 

Ryan O Cantalupo 
Michael E Canty 
Michaela J Capalino 

John P Capodilupo 
Samantha E Capone 

Jennifer A Carew 
Cheryl M Carey 
James A Cart'agno 
Clyde Carmant 
Jake D Carmichael 
Ashley M Carrier 
Emily Carroll 

Nicollette Carter 
Clayton A Castellanos 
James Cataldo 
Robert A Cawthron 
Geoffrey L Cedrone 
Romeo Cedrone, Jr 
Meaghan C Chait 

Daniel A Chase 
Brittany L Chestnut 
Danielle A Chestnut 
Leroy M Chifamba 
Chankunthe Chim 
Jessica L Chirichetti 
Jennifer M Chisholm 

Fedner Claude 
Fedner Claude 
Anna L Clifford 
Stephanie Cloutier 
Alexandra Coates 
Anna Colanton 
Derek J Cole 

Jordan J Cole 
Robert J Cole 
Lizelle M Comfort 
Theresa L Conn 
Derek A Copson 
Matthew S Corcoran 
Evan J Corliss 

Lindy Cormier 
Daniel S Costa 
Joseph R Costa 
Ryan M Courtenay 
Zachary L Creeden 
Victoria L Crenshaw 
Nicholas J Crosson 

Ian J Crowe 
Brian Cunneen 
Allyson M Cunningham 
Lauren F Curley 
Zachary T Curran 
Allison E Curran-Komulai 
Nicole I Curtis 

Teresa M Cuticchia 
Malgorzata Czerwonka 
Raphaelle Da Costa 
Kristen R Dangora 
Mia Teresa Dangora 
Marcus C Daniels 
Lianne T Dascoli 



Jackl\n M Decowski 
Alexander Del Monaco 
Amanda M Demarco 
Sara M Demeo 
Kenneth E Dempse\ 
Margurite Dempses 
Shane R Derose 

Daniel A Desaniis 
Michelle R Dilemme 
Peter Dinh 
Holl> M Dixon 
Ky le J Dolber 
Christian Doucette 
Sean J Dou2hert\ 

Matthew J Do> le 
Adriana J Dut'fin 
Courtney M Dumais 
Ta> lor J Dunleavy 
Nancy Duong 
Kaitlyn M Dussi 
Paul E D Ambrosio 

Amy V Edwards 
Daniel T Eggleston 
Yasser A El-Hamav\ y 
Renee E Elliott 
Sarah A Erlandson 
Brendan L Farrell 
Alberto J Fernandes 

D\ Ian J Fernandes 
Joseph L Ferraro 
Patrick C Ferrera 
Emily A Ficarra 
Conor D Finegan 
Kerin M Ford 
Meghan E Ford 

Brigid K Forestier 
Ryan A Franchi 
Colleen L Francioso 
Ashley M Francis 
Trevor G Frederick 
William R Frevold. Iv 
Brendan F Gallahue 

Jillian L Gangi 
Kelly K Gaudette 
Joey Giambrone 
Amanda F Gillis 
Daniel V Girard 
Jake G Glancy 
Brendan Glennon 

Danielle M Godjikian 
Kayla E Gorham 
Melissa A Govertsen 
Amanda J Grant 
Nathan C Gravlin 
Amy R Greensmith 
Danielle R Hadley 

Melissa R Hallee 
Ryan P Hamilton 
Michael J Hannon 
Kory F Hansen 
Philip E Heck 
Richard W Heckbert 
Chris S Herrick 

Bryan J Higgins 
Meghan E Hight 
Caitlin J Hill 
Danielle R Hills 
James E Holland 
Matthew B Horan 
Allison P Hourihan 

Kevin A Hughes 
Monica A Hughes 
Shelley Hun 
Brian A Hunt 
Stephen A Hunter 
Michael J Hurley 
Casey R Hutchinson 

Nicholas R Imlach 
Jessica D Janus 
Barbara A Jenkins 
Lea Jimenez 
Matthew M Johnson 
Stephanie Johnson 
Brad R Johnstone 

Amanda H Joyce 
Sandra F Kean 
Kaitlin M Kelly 
Kyle E Kennedy 
Lucas J Kessler 
Sana Khalifa 
Shannon G Kinsley 

Joshua M Kisiel 
Brenda A Kissane 
Meghan P Knight 
Michelle L Knight 
Nicole Lacerda 
Lucas D Lamothe 
Andrew J Lanteigne 

Leandra A Laspada 
Elise C Legere 
Sean M Liberty 
Elizabeth Libro 
Marisa L Limoli 
James V Liotine 
Chris D Lomanno 

Geraldine Lorbes 
Joseph G Luciano 
Katarina A Macafee 
Erin N Macdowell 
Mahesh Macdowell 
Tayla L Maceachem 
Michael J Macinnis 


S;u"a A Mackenzie 
Diana M Madden 
Sarah K Maguire 
Ke\ in J Mahaney 
Amanda E Mahone\ 
Antlion\ W Mainione 
Samaniha J Mallais 

Justin R Mancini 
Irene K Manetla 
Dana E Margossian 
Marisa E Marion 
Alex J Marks 
Nicholas G Marone 
Tyler M Martini 

Conor R McCarron 
April A McCaughev 
Kyle P McCiung 
Peter A McDonagh 
Amanda L McHugh 
Caitlin A Mclnnis 
Rebecca J Mcintosh 

Sean W McLaughlin 
Leah M McWilliams 
Elana Megerian 
Allison P Membrino 
Nicholas J Memmolo 
Jared A Mengistab 
Stephanie Micalizzi 

William R Miles 
Jessica K Miller 
Kristin N Miller 
Brian R Milo 
Sarah A Mollison 
Ashli M Mooney 
Colin J Moore 

Steven J Moore 
Tyler J Moore 
Neil Morris 
Sean P Morrison 
Tyler J Monies 
Melissa M Muise 
Michelle E Muise 

Michael L Murphy 
David E Murray 
Rita Musaazi 
Kristen A Musto 
Gary R Newcomb 
Ryan R Nickerson 
Andrew L Norman 

Ashleigh V Norman 
Kevin J Norman 
Randi M Ochab 
David K Ogden 
Alexandra Oleksy 
David Ouelctte 
Jared J Ozolins 

Ryan J 0~ Grady 
Catherine Pangakis 
Ryan S Puquette 
Giancarlo Paradise 
Alex L Parker 
Darshana Patel 
Kaitlynn J Patterson 

Krystie A Pelosi 
Nicole A Pelrine 
Daniel J Peltier 
Christophe Pena 
Lauren A Pena 
Katie A Penny 
Anthony J Percuoco 

Lillian R Perkins 
Nicole M Perkins 
Anthony S Perrone 
Douglas R Petersen 
Stephan C Petropoulos 
David M Pica 
Steven C Pilon 

Jessica A Piscatelli 
Jennifer L Porter 
Perik Pratt 
Jessica Prongay 
Sarah E Quatieri 
Hannah J Ramos 
Krishna S Rana 

Christina Ratte~ 
Sean M Reale 
Daniel J Reardon, Jr 
Savanah M Reynolds 
Kimberly R Riccio 
Derek E Rich 
Anthony E Rieser 

Stephanie Rizzari 
Daniel C Robichaud 
Robyn R Robichaud 
Kevin A Robinson 
Jillian K Rosa 
Lachey E Ross 
James C Roth 

Jason M Roy 
Julia M Rudomen 
Hailey A Runyan 
David L Ryan 
Danielle M Salvato 
Vanessa S Samon 
Matthew A Sanderson 

Sean C Sargent 
Elise C Sawyer 
Mark A Scannelli 
Shannon J Scarpaci 
Derick J Scheffer 
Brittany M Schissler 
William Scholl, Jr 


Adina M Scol.i 
Haik B Scluin 
Christophe Sonnoti 
Denis R Se\ci v 
Ashle\ M SharkcN 
John M Sliattuck 
Shaw 11 f- Shea 

Victoria SiciHano 
Michelle A Slater 
Dennis T Siatten 
Christophe Smith 
Ke\ in M Smith 
Ha\ le\ R 
Da\ id VV Spinalc 

Lauren A St C\ r 
Olivia H St. John 
Brittany L Slanlev 
Jeanette M Stefaniak 
Dylan A Ste\ens 
Samantha O Stone 
Shaw na M Strazzere 

Neesha M Suare/ 
Christophe Sulli\an 
Luke M Sulli\ an 
Stephanie Sulli\an 
Sean M Surdam 
Lilla S Szekcl> 
Timothv M Taker. Jr 

Catherine Thresher 
Maria Tim 
Heather R Timmons 
Jessica L Tocio 
Michelle J Torpey 
Vinny A Tosto 
Michael P Trant 

Melissa G Ulcena 
Wouter T Van Beek 
Stephanie Vance 
Christophe Vaughan 
Shaw n W Vereker 
Anthony R Vigliotta 
Jonathan M Villatuerte 

Alexander Voskanian 
Michael S Wade 
Kyle D Walker 
Courtney A Waring 
Rebecca 1. Welch 
Christian Williams 
Kyle Williams 


^ usuf K Abdiilmaiiid 
Ian T Abrahanison 
Kristin N Ahramo 
K> ler E Adams 
kirees M Addani 
Shaw n K Alexander 
Andrew W Allard 

Kristin S Andreasen 
Rachel L Annese 
Nathaniel Arevalo 
Kareen Arrey 
Daniel P Avigis 
Rachell L Baldwin 
Joseph R Barrett 

Karen M Batchelder 
Edward E Ba> iates 
Larry Bean 
Alexis L Beck 
Thoniaso S Benichasa 
Joseph M Benibaum 
Rosemarie Berrabah 

Caitlyn A Bijeol 
Madison M Bishop 
Nicole K Blaney 
Hailey Blois 
Alex8 Bortnick 
Derek W Bosworth 
Rvan Boudreau 

Melissa Breen 
John W Breunig 
Andrew R Broderick 
Ryan G Burdick 

Jessica Burgett 
Michael J Burke 

Kyle L Burnett 

Francis P Burns 
Amanda B Butler 
Brianna E Butler 
Kayla A Butler 
Michelle R Button 
Josh Cabili 
Richard W Cain 

Brian T Camerano 
Amanda M Campbell 
Richard S Canada 
Brian H Cannitt 
Candie M Canning 
Cameron J Caples 
Austin P Capone 

Sarah E Carew 
Felicia M Carey 
Amanda M Carr 
Samantha E Cascio 
Kaitlin M Casey 
Colleen R Cavalier 
Elizabeth Ccntauro 

Jessica A Cheek 
Mariam Chekmeyan 
Emily F Chiasson 
Heatiier E Chiros 
Joseph) D Ciccone 
Jaclyn M Cierri 
Stephen Z Ciotti 

Brandon J Clark 
Melinda G Clemens 
Kasey Clermont 
Kelsey Clermont 
Stefany J Cobb 
Leo T Cody 
Brandon A Coelho 

Cody J Collins 
Anthony D Comeau 
Nicole T Comfort 
Mackenzie Coneeny 
Gabrielle Conrad 
Edward F Conway 
Kyle J Corcoran 

Shaun D Corum 
Richard G Cowan 
Brendan R Cox 
Shauna M Cox 
Melissa M Craft 
Matthew R Crosson 
Shawntel N Crutchfield 

Crystal F Cunningham 
Wayne P Daffe 
Anya E Dangora 
Malko S Darbouze 
Devin Darosa 
Ashley L Daurie 
Marc A Depari 

Ryan S Derosier 
Salim I Dib 
Jack F Dichiara 
Jared J Dienes 
Tayla M Difrancesco 
Luba T Diorio 
Kara L Dodd 

Philip M Doherty 
Ryan P Donahoe 
Jason Dong 
Rachel A Donovan 
Michael Doucet 
Megan C Douglass 
Jason M Drab 

Eirini Drakes 
Eirini C Drakos 
Justin P Dugan 
Adam C Duhamel 
Shayna E Dunham 
Laura M Dupre 
Jennifer E D' Urso 


Emalie H Hl-Fakih 
John P Ellis 
Connor S Elmore 
Yvonne Erasmus 
Nicole A Erickson 
Tyler P E\ ans 
Ashle\ Farrell 

Taylor J Federchook 
Anthony F Ferrara 
David A Ferraro 
Vinicius F Ferreira 
Tv ler R Ferro 
Lindsay M Fischer 
Matthew J Fitzserald 

Thomas L Fitzpatrick 
Kav la M Flynn 
Dv Ian T Folland 
Danielle J Forristall 
Tav lor R Fossey 
Samantha J Foiirnier 
Aneela M Franklin 

Brittney M Frazier 
Michael C Frye 
Andrew D Fulgoni 
Jessica E Fulgoni 
Nicholas A Fulgoni 
Jonathan W Fultz 
Valerie C Fusco 

Aslam H Gadatia 
Colleen E Gagne 
John A Gallinaro 
Anthony E Garcia 
Christophe Garmon 
Brooke A Garvey 
Lauren M Gary 

Maritza L Geraldo 
Zachary P Giacoppo 
Julie A Gillis 
Paul J Ginsburg 
Christophe Giosa 
Nicole T Girard 
Briana M Gonsalves 

Kyle C Goyette 
Jenna M Graham 
Amanda P Granfield 
Amanda E Grassia 
Jill E Greensmith 
Jake Grit fin 
Benjamin R Hachey 

Kelly T Hachey 
Patrick G Hanafin 
Amy K Hanslia 
Mcaghan K Hardy 
William M Harris. Iv 
Robyn R Harl 
Curtis R Healy 

Leah M HeustDn 
Briaiia E Hickey 
Kasey J Higgins 
Kevin M Homem 
Justin M Hood 
Caitiyn M Hubbard 
Eric A Huehes 

Nici< Hussey 
Chelsey T Hynes 
Daiton M James 
Peter M Janus 
Evemette Jean-Baptiste 
Jeffrey Jean-Philippe 
Alexander Johnson 

Conor M Johnson 
Kayia M Johnson 
Marissa C Jones 
Alexandre Jorge 
Erica A Josselyn 
Katelyn M Joy 
Meghan Kaffine 

Sarah L Kalmes 
Johny Kaul 
John E Kelleher 
Graham C Kelly 
James R Kelly 
Dylan M Kennedy 
Nicholas R Kiesinger 

Dylan King 
Justin C King 
Eric J Kinney 
Mitchell A Kurker 
Jason L Lagross 
Ibrahim Lahlaf 
Ruth A Laine 

Jessica K Lavertue 
Jennifer A Lawson 
Dat T Le 
Justin J Leger 
Tyler J Lewis 
Barbara G Lopes 
Danielle R Loranger 

Stephanie Lucas 
Susana Luder 
Janessa A Luke 
Joseph E Maccini 
Mariah L Macdonald 
Mary Kate Macdonald 
Scott D Macdonald 

Amanda L Mackenzie 
Heidy V Madrid 
Matthew R Mahan 
Joshua M Mahoney 
Zachary M Mahoney 
Kristina Mallard 
Kyle M Malone 


Jessica M Mancuso 
Anna M Manetta 
KateKnn D Mann 
Stephen .1 Manmikian 
Cediick Ci Manuel 
Joshua R Mai iel 
EmiK L Massa 

Christian May 
Mackenzie Maynard 
Jessica E Ma//one 
Allvson C McAvoy 
Justin J McCail 
Meghan E McCarthy 
Brittney H McCoy 

Zachar\ J McDonough 
William P McEwen 
Pa\ ton McGonagle 
Dylan J McGurn 
Kailene M Mclnnis 
Scott D McKenne> 
\ incent D McLaine 

Daniel J McLaughlin 
Kimherl\ L McLaughlin 
Mary E McLaughlin 
Kristine M McNeill 
Camilla C Medeiros 
Evan J Middleton 
Aaron John Miel 

James E Miele 
Derek C Mirabile 
Matthew M Mixon 
Rachel M Moakle\ 
Brittany J Moore 
Nicholas F Morello 
Bryan J Morris 

Justin L Morrison 
Cally F Monies 
Joseph D Mullan 
Julielyn Mullen 
Patrick J Mullen 
James P Murphy 
Nicholas A Murphy 

Ross J Murphy 
Shannon E Murphy 
Ashley L Nadeau 
Joshua A Naim 
Adam S Najjarian 
Devan E Nichols 
Stephen K Nicolson 

Robert J Noet/el 
Hannah P Nolan 
Kathryn E Norman 
Shaun J Norman 
Alexandra Oles 
Bryan DOneil 
Travis J Overton 

Shannen T O' Grady 
Tyler Pacheco 
Tyler M Pacheco 
Jennifer L Packard 
Brittany M Palaski 
Nico R Paolucci 
Jordan Paskell 

Pankti B Patel 
Matthew M Paulsen 
Nicholas E Peacock 
Jenna N Peary 
Steven A Pena 
Cory J Penta 
Kyle Penta 

Valerie An Perry 
Stephen Peterson 
Kati A Phelan 
Jeremy L Pittsley 
Kalitha P Playter 
Grace K Politis 
Alexander Powell 

Cam Priestley 
Anthony R Quarantello 
Dylan R Race 
Jeremy Rafferty 
Kyle J Ramsey 
Minal R Rana 
Jenna L Rantala 

Gabrielle Reis 
Michelle B Ricci 
Jacqueline Rideout 
Carolyn N Riel 
John F Ripa 
Daniel J Rivers. Jr 
Christian Rizk 

Tyler J Roberts 
Matthew A Robinson 
Anthony J Rod well 
Kristin Roper 
Christina Rose 
Katherine Roy 
Adam N Royston 

Johnathan Rubeski 
Tymothy M Rumley 
Alicia C Rush 
Shawna R Ryan 
Edward J Sacco 
Joseph E Salem 
Samir N Sanariya 

Danielle P Sanchez 
Colleen M Sanders 
Erika J Sanderson 
Nicole L Santarpio 
Nicholas E Santoro 
Thalita C Santos 
Jacqulyn J Sardina 

Steven Saulnier 
Thomas P Sa\ ini 
Craig J Schellenbach 
Alc\ W Schnellor 
Jhamara Schuhert 
Rosa L Sego\ ia 
Maithew J Sheehan 

Stephanie Sherburne 
Melanie K Simpson 
Katie E Skara 
Sean P Siattery 
Ryan D Sniathers 
Jacquehne Smith 
Sean W Smith 

Jonathan M Sousa 
Dominique Spencer 
PhiUip J Spencer 
luana St John 
Alyssa N Stonesifer 
Ashley M Slumpf 
Cohn A Suih\ an 

Daniel J Sullivan 
Dy lan A Svenson 
Stephen E Taylor 
Kristen R TernuUo 
Heather Thibert 
Jaime E Tocio 
Hristina H Tontcheva 

Conner Toscano 
Alyssa P Traniello 
Travis T Tripodi 
Valerie A Valeriani 
Nicole E Vankuilenburg 
Kleopatra Vasili 
Prince Mar Villasorda 

Ian J Vincent 
Brian J Violette 
Nicholas C Violette 
Jared W Vitale 
Sarah N Walker 
Tyler R Wasson 
Kaitlyn M Waters 

Kyle D White 
Grant H Whiteway. lii 
Bradley L Wilkes 
Lindsey E Wilson 
Lauren D Witkowski 
Jevon C Yu 
Melanie Zammeto 

^ ^ ^ 

I Spy our [iSrarian, the ^rincipaC, and two fA^P's, 
The teaders of T>'LCA and several retimes. 



Dr. Serio 


Mr. Antonelli 




Dr. Safier 




June 2008 

Dear Class of 2008, 

The future is yours. It will be filled with boundless 
opportunities and the independence of adult life. 
Will society meet the challenges ahead? How will 
you measure yourself to these challenges? 

I can assure you that the positives will outweigh the 
problems. Keep the winning spirit and an attitude of 
success. I know you can be a credit to yourselves, 
your families, Billerica Memorial High School, and 
to the Town of Billerica. 

I join with the Billerica School Committee in 
congratulating each and every one of the Class of 
2008. May your future be filled with happiness and 

Congratulations and best wishes. 

Anthony Serio, Ed.D. 
Superintendent of Schools 

Ms. Galdston 

Assistant Principal 
Class of 2008 

Mr. Brooks 

Assistant Principal 
.Class of 2009 ||| 

Dear Class of 2008. 

I am pleased to again congratulate you on your 
accomplishments while students at Billerica 
Memorial High School. Although I have been 
associated with BMHS for only a short period of 
time, the progress you made was recognized by me 
and obvious to your teachers and other 

As seniors, you responded with maturity and 
enthusiasm to opportunities that were presented to 
you. This past year, you were able to undertake new 
endeavors and demonstrated publicly that you were 
prepared for new challenges. What you were able to 
accomplish as a group is indicative of your growth as 
a class. 

The Class of 2008 has now moved on to undertake 
many new challenges. Educators in this community 
have long prepared the foundation for what is to 
come. For many of you, that will include the pursuit 
of higher education, while others will choose to 
immediately enter the work force. No matter what 
you choose, each of you has the opportunity to be 

Mr. Soraghan 


You will always be known as a member of the 
BMHS Class of 2008. This community will take 
pride in the contributions you make to society. I 
have enjoyed witnessing the success you have 
already experienced and look forward to hearing 
about your future accomplishments. 

Best Wishes 

Kevin Soraghan, Principal 
Billerica Memorial High School 

Ms. Biagiotti 

Assistant Principal 
Class of 2010 

Mr. Murphy 

Assistant Principal 
Class of 2011 

Mr. Carey 
Mr. Carol 
Ms. Chebook 
Mr. Ciccarelli 
Mr. Cohen 
Ms. Cohen 

Mr. Correia 
Ms. Crawford 
Mr. Dagle 
Ms. daSilva 
Mr. DeFeo 
Mr. Demerjian 

Mr. Desmond 
Ms. Desmond 
Ms. Devlin 

Ms. Doneski & Ms. Lane 
Ms. Doskal 
Ms. Durand 

Ms. Durant 
Ms. Endicott 
Ms. Engelke 
Ms. Falardeau 
Mr. Fall 
Ms. Ferrin 

Mr. Flanagan 
Mr. Flood 
Mr. Flynn 
Ms. J. Foley 
Mr. Foly 
Ms. Fiicarile 

Ms. Gaden 
Mr. Gagnon 
Mr. G leas on 
Ms. Goudey 
Mr. Granfield 
Ms. Granfield 

Ms. Greer 
Ms. Griffin 
Ms. Guilett 
Mr. Hagan 
Ms. Haggerty 
Ms. Hamelin 


Ms. Marashio 
Mr. Marc hi 
Ms. Marina ro 
Mr. McKenna 
Mr. McLaughlin 
Ms. McLaughlin 

Ms. Mitza 
Mr. Molloy 
Ms. Moody 
Mr. O'Brien 
Ms. O'Donnell 
Mr. Peck 

Mr. Perrier 
Ms. Peters 
Ms. Petullo 
Ms. Pierce 
Mr. Piwowar 
Ms. Piwowar 

Ms. Ponlten 
Ms. Powers 
Ms. Quesnel 
Ms. Ranucci 
Ms. Reubenstein 
Mr. Ries 

Ms. Rivard 
Ms. Rivera 
Mr. Russell 
Ms. Safier 
Ms. Sargent 
Mr. Schneider 

Ms. Solodar 
Ms. Soly 
Ms. Saucy 
Ms. States 
Ms. Urquhart 
Mr. Vigeant 

T'eacher Super Catives 

(Best Listener & 
'Javorite Teacher 

Ms. 0"Donne[[ & 94r. Carey 

!Most Spirited 

Coach Jhjnn &'Ms. Qriffin 

iJ\/[ost Cfialtenging 

9As, TetuCh &9A.r, Tfesmond 

!Most Interesting 

!Ms, O'^DonneCC & Mr, Cddivelt 

I spy § psis of goggks m &od zgds, 
eheeybgcfiDg povo povot t-wo cooes, 
ift "Volh^hsU E)«t 9Dcf cross couDtcy SDe^lbm. 


...9 golf clat) af!od soT»e felg^ehers. 
I spy 9 footfe^ll helroet ^cf s soccer cle^ 
^ iHsric? }figh M Iports c^'t fee k^! 

Boys Soccer 

The Boys Varsity Soccer team had a strong roster this 
year after graduating almost all of last years starters. 
Behind the leadership of Captains Corey Hanlon and 
Greg Bejian, as well as seniors Kyle Delorge, Neal 

Brewster, Eddie Thompson, Eric Caples, Steve 
Nieweboer, Preston Angelucci, Jeff Madigan, Rocco 
Magliozzi and Abu Magula, the team finished with a 
winning record of 8-7-2, qualifying for the MIAA State 
Tournament. Despite a loss for the conference 
championship, the team enjoyed great success all 
year. They had two big wins over the perennial powers 
Medford and Andover, along with a 6-1-1 record in the 
small school conference. The boys soccer team sent 
five members to the Merhmack Valley All Star game: 

seniors Corey Hanlon, Greg Bejian, Kyle Delorge, 
Eddie Thompson and junior Tyler Stoffers. Hanlon and 
Bejian were also named All Conference, and Bejian 
was named to the Eastern Mass All Star Team. Along 
with a solid season, they will always have memories of 

MVC camp, victory dinners at the 99, 4vs.4 
tournaments, pasta parties and an overall great year. 

Above: Corey Hanlon, Greg Bejian 
Far Left: Captains Corey Hanlon anct 
Greg Bejian 

Left: Row One: Neal Brewster, 
Corey Hanlon, Eddie Thompson, 
Kyle Delorge 

Left Row Two: Greg Bejian, Steve 
Nieweboer, Rocco Magliozzi, Eric 
Caples, Preston Angelucci, Jeff 

Below (left to right): Tyler Moules 
Neal Brewster, Eric Caples, Kyle 


Eddie Thompson 

Preston Angelucci 

Row One: Brian Heider, Kyle Deiorge, Jeff IVladigan, Neal Brewster, Corey Hanlon, Eddie Tlnompson, Preston Angelucci, Steve Nieuweboer, Mngr. Kristen 
Slejzer. Row Two: Coach Tom Foley, Coach Chris Cowan, Greg Bejian, Tyler Moules, Alex Jorges, Matt Fogerty, Steve Hunter, Tim Canniff, Pat Kriff, Eric 
Caples, Mike Leone, Coach John Vassalio. Row Three: Ryan Nickerson, Tyler Stoffers, Rocco Magliozzi, Joe Buckley, Sean Sargeant, Shaun Corum 
Missing from photo: Abu Mugalu 

Billerica vs. 
















Central Catholic 






























Wins: 8 Losses: 7 Ties: 2 

Above: Game vs. Andover including playerj^ 
Joe Buckley and Tim Canniff 
Left: Corey Hanlon 
Right: Greg Bejian 



Jessica Chirichetti 


Janelle Foley 


Derith Fernandas 

Row One: Lisa Corso, Alyssa D'Urso, Jamie Davis, Kirsten Chirichetti, Derith Fernandes, Leana Suarez, Janelle Foley, Lauren Lutlrell. 
Row Two: Jessica Chirichetti, Marissa Marion, Stephanie Vance, Kirsten Olsson, Nicole Curtis, Katelyn Ladd, Jessica Janus, C. 
Row Three: Coach Severe, Mia Dangora, Kirsten Arsenault, Neesha Suarez, Erika Cicoariello, Heather Timmons 

Bilierica vs. 



North Andover 






Martha's Vineyard 









Central Catholic 





















Central Catholic 







Wins: 13 Losses: 5 


Above: Captians 
Leana Suarez, 
Kirsten Chirichetti, 
Jamie Davis and 
Derith Fernandes 

Right: Kirsten 
Arsenault, Derith 
Fernandes, Kirsten 
Chirichetti, Janelle 
Foley, Neesha 

Is Soccer 

Led by Senior Captains Derith Fernandes, 
Kirsten Chiriciietti, Leana Suarez and Jamie 

Davis, tine 2007 girls soccer team had a 
challenging, yet well played season. Some 
highlights include: Traveling to Martha's 
Vineyard for a victory, beating Andover 2-1 on 
thier home turf, beating Chelmsford on senior 
night, Coach Severo's 300th win and making it 

all the way to the state tournament. They 
possessed a comradery that is unmatchable. 
Despite some upsets they stuck together as a 
team and pulled through with a winning record 
of 1 3-5-1 . Senior contributors included: Alyssa 
D'Urso, Janelle Foley, Lauren Luttrell, Lisa 
Corso and Victoria Papas. 

Above left: Kirsten Chirichetti 

Above right: Seniors Alyssa D'Urso, Lisa Corso, Leana Suarez, Kirsten Chirichetti, Derith Fernandes, Jamie Davis, Janelle Foley, Lauren Luttrell and 
Victoria Papas. 

Below (left to right): Lisa Corso, Jamie Davis, Leana Suarez and Derith Fernandes 

Boys Cross Country 


Led by senior captains Corey Donahoe, Austin 
Pena and Eric Bradanese, the 2007 Boys Cross 

Country Team had a bitter sweet season. 
Although they finished 1-8 in the MVC League, 
many individuals ran personal bests this season. 

Leading the way was senior captain Corey 
Donahoe, who placed 10th at the MVC meet to 
insure an MVC All-Conference award. Also, 
showing strong seasons for the Indians were 
Austin Pena, Eric Bradanese, Mike Craft, Dan 

Girard, Fabian Meisel, Derek Rich, Connor 
Edmonds, Brendan Cox and Jake Carmichael. 
Other contributing seniors included Paul Vozzela, 
Adam Marchany and Garrett Locke. The team is 
hoping to improve in the future with the eleven 
freshmen who placed first overall in the MVC 
freshman race. Overall the team had a successful 
and rewarding season under the guidance and 
coaching of Coach Bradford. 

Left, Row One: Seniors Corey Donahoe, Austing Pena, Eric Bradenes 
Row Two: Adam Marchany, Garrett Locke, Paul Vozzela and Connor 

Below (left to right): Fabian Meisel, Austin Pena, Adam Marchany and 
Brendan Cox 




Derek Rich 

Row 1: Dalton James, Graham Kelly, Garrett Locke, Paul Vozzela, Gorey Donahoe, Austin Pena, Eric Bradanese, Adam Marchany, Gonnor Edmonds, 
Brendan Cox, Tyler Wasso. Row 2: Coach Bradford, Jake Carmichael, Mike Graft, Tom Gauger, Connor Lewis, Matthew Pomponi, David Bettencourt, Matt 
Doyle, Fabian Meisel, Derek Rich. Row 3: Brian Camerano, Jake Griffin, Dan Girard, Kyle White, Paul Ginsburg, Craig Schellenbach, Ryan Derosier, Leo 
Cody, Zach Creeden, Andrew Norman 

Above: Captain Gorey 
Donahoe, Coach 
Bradford, Captain Eric 
Bradanese, Captain 
Austin Pena 

Left: Paul Vozzela 

Right: The pack 

Biilerica vs. 






























Shawsheen Tech 



Wins: 2 Losses: 8 


Row One: Jean O'Brien, Katie McGonagle, Monique Girard, Alyssa Penny, Michelle Cody, Laura Blazej, Shauna Murphy, Kristina Mallard. 

Row Two: Coach Cullen Hagan, Melissa Craft, Ariel McKenna, Malorie Ulcena, Jordan Hurley, Chelsey Sordello, Katie Burns, Dar Shawna, Katy Kelly, Steph 

Rizzari. Jess Mazzone. 

Row Three: Luba Diorio, Jen Packard, Lauren Pena, Kara Dodd, Mary Kate MacDonald, Meaghan Hardy, Melissa Ulcena, Elana Megerian, Christian Rose, 
Sam Fournier 

Girls Cross Country 

Top: Seniors Laura Blazej, Michelle Cody, Alyssa Penny, Monique Girard, Katie 

Above left: Monique Girard 
Above right: Michelle Cody 

Below (left to right): Laura Blazej, Jena O'Brien, Alyssa Penny, Malorie Ulcena & 
Melissa Ulcena 

The fall sports season of 2007-2008 
had one of the most sucessful girl's 

cross country teams in school 
history. Coach Hagan and senior 
captains Monique Girard, Alyssa 
Penny and Michelle Cody led the 
team to an 8-2 record, the best ever. 
As a result of training all summer, the 
team placed 3rd at the Merrimack 
Valley Championship meet, and 6th 

at the Division 1 Eastern 
Massachusetts Championship Meet, 
the 2nd highest finish ever. Michelle 
and Monique advanced to the All- 
State Meet, and placed 40th and 
41st. Monique was named the 
Division 2 Runner of the Year and 
Katie Burns was named to the All- 
Conference Team. Michelle Cody, 
Malorie Ulcena, Melissa Ulcena, 
Jordan Hurley and Jenna O'Brien 
were named to the MVC All-Star 
Team. The seniors, including Alyssa 
Penny, Laura Blazej, Katie 
McGonagle, and Selina Collins 
helped make this season memorable 
for all new and returning runners. 


The 2007-2008 golf team was led by Coach Jenkins 
and Captains Billy Connell, Teddy Barrett and Patty 
Crowley. Before the season started the team didn't 
know what to expect. They lost seven players from 
the previous year who were all in the starting line up. 
Starting up, everyone knew this season would be a 
rebuilding one. After the first couple of matches they 
realized that the team actually had potential and could 
make the state tournament. However, the team came 
up short at the end of the season with a record or 7-9- 
2. One of the most exciting matches came when they 
played the town rival Shawsheen Tech. Billerica beat 
them in the final match of the year to ruin 
Shawsheen's perfect season. Billy Connell beat 
Brandon Porter, the undefeated Lowell Sun Golfer of 
the Year, to seal the victory. Key players throughout 
the year were Gary Shea, Anna Stepper, Shawn 
Duncan, Mike Hurley, Joey Ferraro, Kevin Homen, 
Richie Yutkins and Billy Rios 

Above: Teddy Barrett 

Left: Seniors Teddy Barrett, Rich Yutl<ins, Billy Connell, Pat Crowley, Billy 

Below (left to right): Pat Crowley, Rich Yutkins, Billy Connell 

Row One: Jimmy Barry, Cameron Caples, Steve Manoukian, Joey Ferraro, Kevin Homan, Billy Rios, Cody Collins. 

Row Two: Coach Jenkins, Teddy Barrett, Mitchell Kurker, Rich Yutkins, Billy Connell, Pat Crowley, Gary Shea, Shawn Duncan, 

Anna Stepper, Mike Hurley, Assistant Coach Miner 


Captains Teddy 
Barrett, Billy 
Connell, Pat 

Left: Billy Rios 

Biilerica vs. 















Central Catholic 












Wiss: 7 Losses: 1 


The volleyball 
team shows 

Row One: 

Jessica Flynn. 
Kristen Koles. 
Row Two: 
Michelle Muise. 
Lisa Finals, 
Jaime Jacobs, 
Jillian Rosa, 
Row Three: 
Coach Miner. 
Allyson Brooks, 
Lauren Weitz. 
Michelle Knight 

Bilierica vs. 



Arlington Catholic 



















Notre Dame 


Central Catholic 





Arlington Catholice 














Central Catholic 



Wins: 7 Losses: 10 

Above: Jamie 
Jacobs, Britteny 
Caitlyn DeFeirro, 
Jessica Flynn, 
Kristen Koles and 
Lisa Finals 

Right: Lisa Finals 

Girls Volleyball 

This year, the girls varsity volieybail 
team was lead by captains Jess Flynn 
and Caitlin Depiero, along with seniors 
Kristen Koles, Jamie Jacobs, Brittany 
McGinness, and Lisa Finals. The team 

was pretty young with a lot of new 
players. Nonetheless, the "babies" were 

able to pull through with a great 
season. The team just missing the 500 
mark as a result the girls did not make 
the state playoffs. However, the girls 
were an impressive team as they were 
able to bring some tough competitior 
such as Andover, Chelmsford and 
Arlington Catholic, to extremely close 5 
match games. The girls season never 
had a dull moment; from scavenger 
hunts, painted faces, haunted houses, 
sleepovers, and long pasta parties the 

girls spent every moment together, 
almost as if they were sisters. And with 
their TIC TIC BOOM, the season will 
never be forgotten. 

Above top: Seniors Jessica Flynn, Britteny McGinness, Jamie Jacobs, Caitlyn DePeirro, Kristen Koles, Lisa Finals, Amanda Moore, Derek Rogers 
Above bottom left: Kristen Koles 

Above bottom right: Captains Jessica Flynn and Caitlyn DePeirro 
Below left to right: Jamie Jacobs, Caitlyn DePeirro, Jessica Flynn, Britteny McGinness 





The "Revenge Tour '07" squad, led by senior captains 
Timmy Morrison, Kenny Mangie, Kyle Higgins, and Chris 
Muraca, boasted an 8-3 record at the end of the year and 
impressed teams around the league with their explosive 
offense and game-breaking plays. The first two games 
were a test as the squad captured huge victories over 
Middlesex League powerhouses, Burlington and Woburn. 
The 2008 Indians jumped out with an umblemished 5-0 
start at the beginning of the season; this included a Fox 25 

Friday Night nail-biting throwdown against league rival, 
Andover, which ended with the Indians on top, 34-27. The 

"Brothers", with an even tougher second half of the 
season, won an exciting game against St. John's Prep in 
the monson-like conditions and also claimed it's first shut- 
out of the season against Lowell, 27-0. With the help of 
the huge offense line, led by senior linemen Sean Elmore, 
Marty Prendergast and Nick Capone, the Indians were 
able to spread the ball around to their big-play receivers 
Kyle Higgins, Kenny Mangie, and James Sorenson, and 
helped quarterback Timmy Morrison sit comfortably in the 
pocket. The defense was anchored by leaders Chris 
Muraca, Alex Orekoya, Jimmy Holland, Matt Langill, 

Left: Seniors Row One: Jesse Fusco, Nick Capone, Timmy 
Morrison, Kenny Mangie, Chris Muraca, Kyle Higgins, Cinris Phillion| 
Jay Dillon. 

Row Two: Adam Benoit, Alex Orekoya, Joe Dangelo, Joe Corey, 
Mike Levecque, Manny Moreira, John Cucchiara, Anthony Abramo. 
Row Three: Mike Bertrand, Steven Bak, Sean Elmore, Brian Hazel, 
Marty Prendergast, Wayne Cabral, James McGowan, Ibrahim 

Above: Timmy Morrison 

Below (left to right): Joe Corey, Adam Bennoint, Joey Dangelo, 
Offensive line, Kyle Higgins 

Left: Making a 

Middle: Team 
interview with 
Fox 25 News 

Above right: Team 
on the line 

Above left: Starting 
Offensive Lineman 
Coach Knight, Dan 
O'Connor, Keric Kelly, 
Nick Capone, Sean 
Elmore, Marty 

Left: Captains Chris 
Muraca, Kenny 
Mangie, Coach Peter 
Flynn, Timmy 
Morrison, Kyle 

Billerica vs. 





Central Catholic 


St. John's Prep 












Wins: 8 Losses: 3 


Left: Kelly Yeo. 
Erica Soly. Chelsea 

Middle: The team 
performing their 
winning routine! 

Row One: Kristen Murray, Erica Soly, Katie Cresta, Hillary Crone, Megan Huriey. Row Two: Colleen Francioso, Candie Canning, Jenessa Luke, Kelly Collins, 
Bndget Ellis. Row Three: Kelly Yeo, Amy Greensmith, Kayla Flynn, Britteny McCoy, Heather Wyatt, Jen Gaudette, Lyndsey Bullen, Adina Scola, Coach Krissy 


Above left: Team cheer at 
a football game 

Above right: Captains 
Katie Cresta, Coach Krissy 
Sorenson, Erica Soly, 
Hillary Crone 

Left: Hillary Crone 

Right: Team cheering 

Fall Cheering 

Led by senior captains Erica Soly, Katie Cresta, and 
Hillary Crone, the 2007-2008 fall cheerleading team 
had an unbelievable and memorable season. 
Although they had a rough start and were late to 
announce a coach, the team was extremely 
successful. Coach Krissy Sorenson helped guide the 
girls to become Merrimack Valley Champions, 
something that has not been done for three years. 

Although they did not advance to the State 
Competition, with a fun, energetic, yet challenging 
routine, they enjoyed every moment of competition. 
Additionally, Friday nights were always something to 

look foHA/ard to, and being a part of the boys 
victorious season made the team proud. One of the 
most unforgettable moments was being featured on 
FOX 25 news and cheering live for the big game that 
night. Overall, the girls had a terrific season and 
created endless memories together. 

Above left: Katie Cresta Right: Seniors Katie Cresta, Erica Soly, Hillary Crone 

Below (left to right): Kristen Murray and Hillary Crone, Bridget Ellis, Colleen Francioso, Erica Soly 


Swimming and Diving 

The 2007 season for the Billerica girls swimming and 
diving team proved to be an interesting one, to say the 
least. It seemed as though the odds were against this 
team. Without a pool to swim in and a team of mainly 
freshmen, the girls had their work cut out for them. The 
coaches had to teach basic techniques such as strokes, 
lane etiquette and dry land work-outs. Before they knew 
it, the season was undenyvay. The success for the team 
came in many different forms. For one, each team 

member achieved a personal best in her event. 
Although the scoreboard did not show it, this team 
worked hard and gained valuable experiences. The 
hard work paid off with a third place finish at MVCs. 
Additionally, seniors Kim Moore, Michelle Pilon, Cora 
Chando and Jenna Cincotta all qualified for sectionals 
in their respective events. Overall, as a rebuilding year, 
the girls were very triumphant and leave the framework 
for success for years to come. 

Above: Kimberly Moore 

Far left: Seniors Kimberly Moore, Jenna Cincotta, Cora Chando, 
Michelle Pilon 

Left: Emily Levin and Jillian Flynn 

Below (left to right): Kimberly Moore, Cora Chando, Michelle Pilon, 
Jenna Cincotta 

Row One: Jessica LaVertue, Lauren Gary, Amy Edwards, Caitlin Hill, Diana Madden, Jessica Piscatelli, Kathryn Norman, Kaitlyn Dussi. Row Two: Michelle 
Button, Stephanie Cloutier, Alex Oles, Elise Legere, Amanda Diamond, Kremena Stephanova, Elizabeth Libro, Mariam Chekmeyan, Rachel Annese, Coach 
Beth Colandreo, Coach Anthony Fiore. Row Three: Sarah Quatieri, Emily Levin, Jillian Flynn, Jenna Cincotta, Kimberly Moore, Cora Chando, Michelle Pilon, 
Stephanie Roulic, Kali Playter, Valerie Fusco 

I^peE) hockey sticles, s -vwfestliog voa^ 

...9 hslsToe^ hem, ros^lioDe, sod a fc§sfeetfc§lt tJurio^ ftie 


Boys Winter Track 

Row One: John Cucchiara. Nick Capone, Alex Orekoya, Paul Vozzella, Austin Pena, Corey Donahoe, Anthony Abramo, Eddie Thompson, Neal Brewster, 
Steve Nieuweboer, Adam Marchany. Row Two: Conor Johnson, Sean Allen, Connor Lewis, Chris Vaughan, Dan Girard, Matt Fogerty, Tom Gauger, Zach 
Creeden. Lachey Ross, Brandon Oliver, Sam Torrice, Row Three: Kevin Norman, Stephan Petropoulus, Pat Hanafin, Eric Hughes, Robbie Acquino, Jake 
Carmichael, Matt Doyle, Derek Rich, Kevin McCluskey, Brendan MacEachern. Row Four: John Shattuck, Ryan OGrady, Sean Sargent, Matt Horan, Tom 
Fitzpatrick. CJ May, Brendan Cox, Fabian Meisel, Evan Rudomen. Row Five: Brandon Clark, Brian Canniff, Tyler Martini, Chris Pena, Graham Kelly, Brian 
Camerano, Kyle White, Fran Burn. Row Six: Coach Lucia, Coach Fall, Coach Bradford, Adam Royston, Ibrahim Lahlaf, Ryan Derosier, Tyler Moules, Andrew 

Above: Corey Donahoe; 
Bight: Steve Nieuweboer 
Far Right: Nick Capone 

The Billerica boys indoor track team had one of its most successful seasons 
in school history. The boys began the season facing some of the toughest 
teams in the IVIVC, including Andover, Methuen, and Lowell. Despite 
beginning the season 0-3, the team battled its way back under the 
leadership of Coach Bradford, Coach Fall, and Coach Lucia and senior 
captains Anthony Abramo, Corey Donahoe, Austin Pena and Eddie 
Thompson. Several individuals contributed to the teams overall success: 
most notably, Paul Vozzella in the long jump, Nick Capone in shot put, and 
Abramo in the 300. Additionally, Donahoe, Pena, Abramo and Thompson 
were all named to the MVC All-Star team. Among these athletes were those 
who advanced to the Division I State Tournament, including Capone, 
Abramo, Pena, and Donahoe. The underclassmen made a statement as 
well, with Tyler Moules and Matt Fogerty advancing to the state tourny. The 
season came to a close with Billerica placing sixth overall in the Merrimack 
Valley Conference; a spectacular end to a successful season. 

Top: Brian Hazel; Middle: Neal Brewster; Bottom (from left): John Cucchiara, Austin 
Pena, Antfiony Abramo 

The Billerica girls indoor track team experienced a very successful 2007 season. With I 
key wins against Lawrence and Methuen, the girls knew they would be destined foi< 
victory. At the Merrimack Valley Championship Meet, the team placed seventh overall, 
with several impressive individual performances. Consequently, eleven individuals 
advanced to compete at the MIAA Division I Championship. Among these individuals. 
Christina Rose, Lauren Pena, and Melissa Ulcena were all named to the MVC All-Star 
team. Joining these girls on the All-Star team were senior Kirsten Chirichetti, Chelsey 
Sordello and Meghan Ford. However, these individual achievements did not take away 
from the success the team enjoyed as a whole. Everyone's contributions made this 
season one of great significance and one that will be hard to forget. 


Top: Senior track stars strike a pose. 

Left side (from top): Allison Teal, Monique Gerard, Michelle Lawson 
Bottom: Gate Gonnerty, Kirsten Ghirichetti 

Girls Winter Track 

Row One: Coach Hagan, Allison Teal, Gate Connerty, Michelle Lawson, Katie McGonagle, Laura Blazej, Kirsten Chirichetti, Alyssa Penny, Lisa 
Corso, Monique Girard, Michelle Cody, Mngr. Stephanie Ahern, Mngr. Paula Gobiel, Coach Lucia. Row Two: Aviya Alten Flagg, Mallory Ulcena, 
Marissa Marion, Gosia Czerwonka, Melissa Ulcena, Katie Burns, Chelsey Sordello, Jen Gaudette, Jena O'Brien, Ariel McKenna, Jordan Hurley, 
Eirini Drakos, Alex Coates, Coach Fall. Row Three: Amanda Grant, Stephanie Rizzari, Jodi Callier, Stephanie Johnson, Stephanie Cloutier, Brigid 
Forestier, Nancy Duong, Meghan Ford, Shauna Murphy, Stephanie Micalizzi, Jessica Mazzone, Sam Fournier, Tayla MacEachern, Mia Dangora. 
Row Four: Katie Penny, Brooke Garvey, Jen Carew, Melissa Craft, Kara Dodd, Lauren Weitz, Emily Levin, Diana Madden, Danielle James, Neesha 
Suarez, Kristen Dangora. Row Five: Mackenzie Maynard, Marissa Canfield, Anya Dangora, Sarah Carew, Kati Phelan, Emily Massa Jenna Peary, 
Lauren Pena, Kristina Mallord, Christina Ratte, Cally Moules. Row Six: Elana Megerian, Kim, Shauna Cox, Jen Lawson, Jackie, Alexis, Kristen 
Abramo, Christina Rose, Michelle Ricci 

£Boys Basketball 

The varsity basketball team suffered a tough season this 
winter. Although they finished with a losing record, they were 
able to achieve plenty of success. For example, the defeated 
Lawrence for the first time in seven years. However, they 
never would have achieved such a feat if the players had not 
come to practice everyday and worked hard. The team felt 
inspired and played by these words said by Head Coach 
Dagle: "It's easy to be on a winning team. It takes a lot of heart 
to be able to come back with smiles and be willing to work 
each day after losing a blow out." For the team, each game 
was one to uphold Billerica's pride. The players fought until the 
end of every game, working to improve the team's game and 
attitude as a whole. Led by Seniors Capt. Kyle Higgins, Capt. 
Sean Elmore, Capt. Eric Bradanese, Jeff Amaral, Mike 
Mastrullo and Adam Benoit, the team truly represented the 
class and determination that comes with the name "Billerica" 
printed on each player's jersey. 

The 2007-2008 season for the girls basketball team was lead by 
senior captains Marisa Dellanno and Rachel Herbert, both of 
whom were MVC All-Stars. Their leadership was compounded 
with that of seniors Brittney McGinness, Leandra Boyle, Jaime 
Jacobs and Selina Collins. The Billerica girl's basketball team 
had one of the toughest schedules to face. However, with the 
help of their All-Stars and All-Conference players, the girls 
clinched the first play-off berth for the first time in four years. 
This berth came in spite of three losses, which were all to the 
top three teams in the Merrimack Valley Conference. This tight- 
knit group of girls showed what hard work and determination 
earns you at the end of a grueling season. 

Fop: The future of Billerica girls basketball 

Middle; Captains Marisa Dellanno and Rachel Herbert 

with Coach Mike McCarthy 

Bottom (from left): Leandra Boyle, Selina Collins, Marisa 
Dellano, Haley Nolan 

Girls Basketball 

Row One: Jaime 
Jacobs, Brittney 
Rachel Herbert, 
Leandra Boyle, 
Marisa Dellanno, 
Selina Collins. 
Row Two: Coach 
Paul Brennan, 
Laura Williams, 
Katie Croke, 
Kirsten Arsenault, 
Coach Mike 
McCarthy, Alyson 
Brooks, Jennifer 
Cupp, Marissa 
Martell, Haley 
Nolan, Coach 
John McGinness 

Middle (from 
left): Brittney 
Rachel Herbert 

Bottom (from 
left): Varsity 
seniors, Selina 



Row One: Bobby Cole, 
Pat Pereira Ken 
Anderson, Kyle Aylward, 
Travis Tripodi. Tyler 
Tripodi. Row Two: Mngr. 
Alex Lowder, Nick 
Violette, Vinny Tosto, 
Matt O'Connell, Jermaine 
Smith. Matt Osborne, Ian 
Vincent, Derek Cole, 
Mark Infanger. Pat Aker. 
Row Three: Coach Bob 
Belanger, Brian Milo, 
Steve Rose. Grant 
Whiteway, Steve Soroka, 
Brian Roche. Billy Gozzo, 
Chris Ercolani, John 
Rubeski. Ken Ogden, 
Justin Mancini. Brad 
Johnstone, Mngr. 
Valerie Fusco 

The 2007-2008 season for the Indians' Wrestling team proved 
to be a tough one. Having opponents that included Lowell and 
Chelmsford, the team knew it would be anything but a cake 
walk; nevertheless, the team held its ground. Led by head 
coach Bob Belanger and assistant coaches Eric Desmond 
and John Burrows, the team finished with a record just under 
.500. With the guidance of these coaches along with that of 
seniors Kenny Anderson, Kyle Aylward, Pat Pereira and Steve 
Rose; this young team learned a lot and gained experiences 
that will have prosperous effects for seasons to come. Notably, 
juniors Matt Osborne and Jermaine Smith placed fifth in the 
Division I Sectionals while sophomores Bobby and Derek 
Cole placed second and fifth, respectively. However, this year 
wasn't all about underclassmen. The seniors made a statement 
with Anderson placing first accompanied by Pereira and 
Aylward both placing third at Sectionals. Additionally, as a 
third year wrestler. Rose helped to coach the junior varsity 
wrestlers to success. He used every ounce of energy after his 
matches getting his teammates fired up for the next. The 
season came to a close with Anderson placing first in the New 
England Wrestling Tournament at 119 pounds. 

Top (from left): Ken 
Anderson, Kyle 
Aylward, Pat 
Middle: An 
enthusiastic bench 
cheers on a 
teammate during 
an Intense match. \ 
Bottom: (from left): 
Derek Cole, 
Jermaine Smith 

Captains Erica Soly and Katie Cresta led the 
winter cheerleading squad of 2007-2008. The 
season began with seventeen enthusiastic girls 
determined to bounce back from the fall and win 
a state title. However, as the season continued, 
the team lost four members, and others faced 
minor injuries; they were unable to attend 
competition. Despite slight disappointment, their 
spirit never failed to encourage the varsity 
basketball team. The small but united squad, 
led by Coach Krissy Sorenson, will carry the 
memories they created together forever. 


Top: The girls 
show their stuff 
by mastering 
these stunts. 

Middle: Captain 
Katie Cresta 
cheers on the 
boys basketball 

Bottom (from 
left): Captain 
Erica Soly: 
Katie Cresta. 
Coach Knssy. 
Erica Soly 


i i 


^5^^.. . 

^.Winter Cheerleading 

Row One: 

Krissy McNeill, 
Bridget Ellis, 
Katie Cresta, 
Erica Soly, 
Megan Hurley, 
Kelly Collins. 
Row Two: 
Kinsley, Brianna 
Hartery, Brittney 
McCoy, Adina 
Scola, Chelsey 
Burnham, Cheryl 
Carey, Devon 
Hatch, Coach 
Krissy Sorenson 

Middle: The 
squad starts 
a cheer, 
their team 

Bottom (from 
left): The girls 
put up a half 
Erica Soly 
and Katie 

Row One: Peter Vacca, Jim Celata, Tom Broderick, Andy Broderick, Jeff Allen, Greg Melaugh, Billy 
Frevold, Dylan Fernandes, Steven Daloia Row Two: Coach Jim Wronski, Coach Phil Crowley, Mike 
Workman, Shawn Duncan, Billy Harris, Jim Holland, Dan Reardon, Andy Pierce, John Ripa, Pat Crowle> 
Dan Caliendo, Ross Murphy, Cam Melo, Coach Joe O'Brien, and Coach Phil Loranger 

Left: Coach Phil Loranger, 
Coach Jim Wronski, Pat 
Crowley, Andy Pierce, Mike 
Workman, Coach Phil Crowley 
and Coach Jim O'Brien 

Middle (left to right): Jim 
Celata, Billy Frevold 

Bottom (left ot right): Pat 
Crowley, Shawn Duncan, 
John Ripa 

The 2007-2008 season for the Indians 
girl's hockey team proved to be a 
successful one. making school history at 
every opportunity. Led by head coach 
Tina Carrabba and captains Kristen 
Koles, Katelyn Ladd, Derith Fernandes 
and Danielle Shea; the team continually 
worked hard at practices as well as 
games to earn a reputation of a force to 
be reckoned with. The hard work and 
perseverance paid off for the girls during 
a week of incredible performances when 
the team beat Chelmsford and Andover, 
both of which had shut out the Indians 
earlier in the season. The Andover game 
was the first one in school history that 
Billerica skated off with a victory. These 
triumphs among others are what earned 
the girls a second place spot in league 
standings. The talent that the girls on 
this team possess is unparalleled and 
gives future teams a blueprint for 

Above, top: Derith Fernandes Bottom, Row One: Derit 
Fernandes, Danielle Shea, Kristen Koles, Row Two: 
Alyssa Bunker, Lesley Proulx, Caitlin Ellis 

Middle, top: Kaitlyn Ladd 
bottom: Liz Darrigo 

Left, top: Lesley Proulx 
middle: Kristen Koles 
bottom: Danielle Shea 

Girls Hockey 

Row One: Kristen Ternullo, Alycia Taiani, Alyssa Bunker, Kristen Koles, Derith Fernandes, Danielle Shea, Kaitlyn Ladd, Lesley 
Proulx, Caitlyn Ellis, Jesse Leite, Liz Darrigo; Row Two: Coaches, Nicole Erikson, Shannon Kelley, Barbara Jenkins, Amanda 
Mahoney, Amy Boucher, Maggie Dempsey, Nicole Girard, Kim McLaughlin, Coaches 

Above Left: Kaitlyn Ladd, Derith Fernandes, 
Danielle Shea, Kristen Koles, (back row) 
Coaches Mike MacDonald, Melissa 
MacDonald, Tina Carrabba, Kim Knox 

Above Right: Annanda Mahoney 

Left: Caitlin Ellis 



I lil lii Bill! S JMrtBI H:ilWii M 1 1 Ail. 

Row One: 

Candie Canning. 
Janessa Luke, 
Michelle Button. 
Row Two: 
Coach D. 

Piscatelli. Kaitiyn 
Dussi. Lauren 
St.Cyr. Hayley 
Spencer. Ashley 
Barrett. Caitlin 
Hill. Kate Callery 
Coach Tracy. 
Row Three: 
Mngr. Amanda 
Alyssa D'Urso, 
Amy DeSantis. 
Kayla Morris. 
Jenna Cincotta. 
Katie St.Cyr. 
Cora Chando 

Missing From 

Mngr. Becca 

Bottom Left: Cora Chando; Right: 
(from the left): Alyssa D'Urso, Amy 
DeSantis, Kayla Morris, Jenna 
Cincotta, Katie St.Cyr, Cora Chando 

A season of record breaking performances highlighted 2007- 
2008. Senior Cora Chando broke records on the floor with an all- 
around score of 36.25. Senior Captain Kayla Morris made it a 
season to remember as she competed in state competition for 
the floor events. Extraordinary underclassmen include Lauren 
St.Cyr, who tied the existing records on bars with a score of 8.9. 
Two underclassmen Kaitlyn Dussi and Hayley Spencer along 
with St.Cyr joined Chando and Morris at statewide competition. 
Ultimately, Chando headlined the season as she was chosen to 
represent Massachusetts on the national team. As a team, a 
personal best for team score was set at 141 .9. At the MVC meet, 
the team took third place just behind Andover and Chelmsford. 
To finish the season, the team made it to sectionals. This team 
was the first ever to do so in Billerica history. With a fifth place 
finish in statewide competition, the bar was set for years to come. 

Top (From Left): 
Amy DeSantis, 
Jenna Cincotta, 
Kayla Morris 

Middle: Katie St.Cyr, 
Amy DeSantis. 
Alyssa D'Urso 

Right: Senior 

(from left) Coach D, 
Amy DeSantis, 
Kayla Morris, 
Jenna Cincotta, 
Coach Tracy; Kayla 

For m iD-th^-Jirt piefe.... 

"We eh^^r^J oOT h^^fU oat ^^ BL .. 

me ' 1 


Above, left to right: 

Kyle Higgins, Rich Yutkins, 
Brendan MacEachern, 
Tim Hurley 

Right: Captains Rich 
Yutkins, Kyle Higgins and 
Joe Corey 

Far Right: Teamwork 
makes the out at first 

Bottom Right: Joe Corey 


The 2008 Indians Baseball team didn't have the best 
season, but it was still one to remember. The 2-18 record 
was hardly a symbol of how hard this team worked to 
improve. Compounded with one-run losses, the team did 
have its high moments. Perhaps the most memorable 
game was the walk-off win on Senior Day. The player 
responsible for that walk-off win was none other than 
senior Kyle Higgins. All-star performances on the mound 
by seniors Rich Yutkins and also in centerfield by Joe 
Corey always kept the boys in the game. The speed of 
senior Kenny Mangie in right field must not be overlooked. 
Additionally, seniors Kyle Hansen and Jimmy Morris threw 
pitches that batters had a hard time finding. Under the 
leadership of Coach Higgins, the season was exciting and 


Row One: Kyle Hansen, Jimmy Morris, Rich Yutkins, Kyle Higgins, Joe Corey, Kenny Mangie. 

Row Two: Coach Pelletier, James Sorenson, Tim Hurley, Jimmy Celata, Danny DeSantis, Shawn Vereker, Gary Shea, 
Brendan MacEachern, Head Coach Joe Higgins 

Top Right: Seniors Kenny Mangie, Jimmy Morris, 
Kyle Hansen, Rich Yutkins, Kyle Higgins, and 
Joe Corey 

Bottom Right: Kyle Hansen 

f Billericavs. 



1 Concord-Carlisle 



1 Waltham 



1 Nashoba Reg. 



1 Methuen 



1 Haverhill 



1 Nethuen 



1 Dracut 



1 Nashoba Reg. 



1 Central Catholic 



1 Lawrence 



1 Andover 



1 Chelmsford 



1 Tewksbury 



1 Haverhill 


1 Dracut 



1 Lawrence 


1 Waltham 


1 Lowell 


1 Tewksbury 


1 Concord-Carlisle 



Wins: 2 Losses: 18 


Row One: 

Mareisa Croteau, 
Laura O'Brien, 
Krista Soloski. 
Row Two: 
Devon Hatch, 
Nicole Curtis, 
Stephanie Vance, 
Marissa Canfield, 
Grace Politis, 
Andrea Bozza. 
Row Three: 
Coach Powderly, 
Meghan Ford, 

Jen Carew, 

Strazzere, Lauren 
Pena, Heather 
Neesha Suarez, 


Left: Captains 

McGinness and 
Laura O'Brien 

Biiierica vs. 


Them H| 
















North Andover 















Central Catholic 





















Wins: 11 Losses: 6 



Above, left to right: 

Krista Soloski, 
Brittney McGinness, 
Haley Abrahamson, 
Devon Hatch 

Left: Girls fight for the ball 

Right: Seniors Brittney 
McGinness, Krista Soloski, 
Laura O'Brien, and 
Mareisa Croteau 

Bottom Right: 

Laura O'Brien 

„ ;36»!I&1 y 

unm if 

SSSl Si^: 



The Billerica girls lacrosse team had a very 
successful season. With a record well over .500, 
the girls showed they were a force to be 
wreckoned with. Under the leadership of seniors 
Brittney McGinness, Krista Soloski, Laura O'Brien 
and Mareisa Croteau, this team thrived upon 
competition and a pure passion for the sport. 
Whether it was a blow-out in Danvers or a close 
call in Swampscott, the girls knew how to win. The 
ground work has been laid for success for seasons 
to come. 


Above, left to right: 

Mike Hurley. Ryan Ostler, 
Chris Phillion, Jeff Scarfo 

Right: Joe Dangelo 

Far Right: 

Row One: Captains 

Adam Foss, Mike Hurley, 

Pat O'Loughlin, Greg 


Row Two: Coach 
Whiteway, Coach Burns, 
Coach Busa 

Bottom Right: 

Pat O'Loughlin 

i Boys Lacrosse 

Boys lacrosse had a great season. They knew coming into the season they 
would have some big shoes to fill and high expectations. The team worked 
hard every single day in order to achieve the goals that were set out early in 
the season. Making it to the Division 1 State Finals says a lot about the 
program itself, the coaching staff, and the athletes. The Indians finished off 
a fantastic season with a record of 17-5. 

You could tell this was a special team right from the start. From the team 
playing indoor leagues together in the off-season, to dancing in the locker 
room to everyones favonte song "SANDSTORM", the team had some great 
times. Every day was a chance to get better and to get one step closer to 
that final goal of a state championship. From the short practices (2 hours 
roughly) to the long practices (do the math) this team took advantage of 
that and had fun along way. They were one game shy of achieving their 
goal, but they played and ended the season like champions. 
Come tournament time, this where you truly saw the seniors step up. The 
leadership they presented was unlike any other. It wasn't just scoring goals, 
but it was coming up with a huge groundball, playing great one on one 
defense, or coming up with a game-changing, incredible save. The rest of 
the team really jumped on the backs of seniors Jeff Scarfo, Ryan Ostler, 
Joe Dangelo, Patrick O Loughlin, Adam Foss, and Mike Hurley. The 
lessons and memories that they have absorbed through lacrosse will last a 
lifetime. We know that the seniors will miss playing for BMHS. To the team 
of 2009, nothing will make the class of 2008 happier than to celebrate a 
state championship with you at Harvard Stadium. Good luck! 

Row One: Ryan Ostler, Jeff Scarfo, Adam Foss, Mike Hurley, Pat O'Loughlin, Greg Melaugh, Chris Phillion, Joe Dangelo Row 
Two: Coach Busa, Jim Holland, Billy Frevold, Matt Langill, Peter Vacca, Tom Todd Row Three: Coach Whiteway, Chris 
Smith, Mike Slatton, Brian Roche, Ryan Nickerson, Ross Murphy, Grant Whiteway, Coach Burns 

Below, top: Seniors, Row One: Adam Foss, Mike Hurley, Pat O'Loughlin Row Two: Jeff Scarfo, Ryan Ostler, Coach 
Burns, Chris Phillion, Joe Dangelo 

Bottom: Greg Melaugh 

Bilierica vs. 
























BC High 



North Andover 









Central Catholic 















Bishop Guertin 






Wins: 14 Losses: 4 



Row One: Michelle Lawson, Allison Teal, Alyssa Penny, Katie McGonagle, Derith Fernandes, Kirsten Chirichetti, Monique 
Girard, Lisa Corso, Michelle Cody, Laura Blazej, Lilah El-Fakih Row Two: Shauna Cox, Jenn Lawson, Stephanie Johnson, 
Malorie Ulcena, Chelsey Sordello, Katie Burns, Jordan Hurley, Amy Tibbetts, Kim McLaughlin, Jen D'urso, Kristen Ternullo, 
Sawntel Cruthchield, Elana Magerian Row Three: Coach Hagan, Lindsey Bullen, Christian Rose, Michelle Ricci, Kristina 
Mallard, Kristin Abramo, Melissa Ulcena, Candie Canning, Caitlin Hill, Jessica Chirichetti, Kristen Dangora, Courtney 
Dumais, Sam Fournier, Jaclyn Cierri, Assistant Coach Flood Row Four: Assistant Coach Fall, Kelly Gaudetter, Jess 
Mazzone, Brigid Forrestier, Nicole Capone, Gosia Czerwonka, Mariam Chekmeyan, Kathryn Norman, Nikki Billiri, Christian 
Ratte, Becca Brajak, Nicole an Kuilenburg, Kara Dodd, Melissa Craft, Assistant Coach Cowan, Assistant Coach Lucia 

,1k ^ ■ t -T - 

Allison Teal 

Michelle Cody 

Above Row One: Laura Blazej, Michelle Lawson, Monique Girard, 
Alyssa Penny, Michelle Cody, Lisa Corso 

Row Two: Katie McGonagle, Allsion Teal, Kirsten Chirichetti, Derith 
Feranndes. Lilah El-Fakih 


Billerica vs. 









Notre Dame 












Wins: 3 Losses: 3 

Above, left to right: 

Michelle Lawson, 
Katie McGonagle, Lisa Corso, 
Laura Blazej 

Left: Derith Fernandes, Caitlin 

Far Left: Alyssa Penny 

Bottom Left: Monique Girard, 
Malorie Ulcena, and Chelsey 

Girls Spring Track 

The 2008 season for the Billerica High girls track team 
proved to be one of great success. Although the team 
finished with a record at .500, the season was highlighted 
by hard work, determination ,and commitment. Under the 
leadership of returning coaches Hagan, Flood and Fall, 
along with a new coach. Coach Cowan, the team qualified 
the most girls for state competition in school history with 
seventeen. These seniors included Derith Fernandes, Lisa 
Corso, Monique Girard, Alyssa Penny, Kirsten Chirichetti, 
Michelle Cody and Cate Connerty, who due to injury, was 
not able to compete that evening. In addition to the senior 
competitors, both Kristina Mallard and Christina Rose had 
success in the 2-mile, coming in second and third 
respectively. The team sent off its seniors with Lisa Corso 
named the season's Most Valuable Player, Michelle Cody 
named for Best Sportsmanship, and Monique Girard 
named for the Coaches Award. 

Above, left to right: 

James McGowan, PJ 
Sarrow, Adam Marchany, 
Steve Nieuweboer 

Right: Nick Capone 

Far Right: Captains Corey 
Donahoe, Nick Capone, 
Austin Pena, Steve 

Bottom Right: Corey 
Donahoe and Tyler Moules 

Boys Spring Track 

The 2008 boys spring track team had a very 
successful season with several highlights. In 
particular, the Division I tournament in Sudbury was 
an event where various BMHS athletes placed well 
in the rankings. For the juniors, Tom Gauger 
advanced to the All-State track and field finals when 
he finished second in the pole vault. The success 
continued for the team with senior Corey Donahoe 
finishing eleventh in the mile and third in the two 
mile. Additionally, seniors Ehc Bradanese in the high 
jump, Paul Vozzella in the long jump and Steve 
Nieuweboer in the triple jump gave phenomenal 
performances as well. With the immense success 
this team experienced, next season's leaders will 
have some big shoes to fill. 



Billerica vs.^^^^ 

Central Catholic 


















Above Left: Neal Brewster 
Above Middle: Eric Bradanese 

Wins: 2 Losses: 4 

•''iiiiBiriiftiflilitiiiiliilitMtr ^ • 

Above Right; 

Row One: Adam Marchany, 
Fabian Meisel, Neal Brewster, 
Eric Bradanese, James "Jimbo" 

Row Two: Cliris Conley, Corey 
Donalioe, Nick Capone, Steve 
Nieuweboer, PJ Sarrow 

Right: Chris Conley 


II liiiaiiiMiliiM'ii 

Row One: Melissa Govertsen, Bridgette Berg, Michelle McEwen, Lisa Finals, Jennifer Soroka, Jillian Flynn and Alyssa 
Young. Row Two: Angela Franklin, Katie Skara, Laura Dupre, Emily Ficarra, Yvonne Erasmus, Jillian Rosa, Sidney 
Andreasen, Jamie Tocio and Coach Grandfield 



/ ■ ' 

Above, left to right: 

Melissa Govertsen, 
Stephanie Cloutier, 
Hannah Ramos, Jillian 

Left: Captains Lisa Finals 
and Michelle McEwen 

Far Left: Emily Ficarra 

Bottom Left: Lisa Finals 

Girls Tennis 

Girls tennis, which was led by Senior Captain 
Lisa Finals and Junior Captain Michelle McEwen, 
had a spectacular season. Undefeated in MVC 
Division II, the girls were unquestionably the 
Division II Champions. In addition, they boasted 
a final record of 11-4. Although the girls lost 1-4 
to Melrose in the state tournament, there were 
many standout players throughout the season. 
Stephanie Cloutier, undefeated in Division II, was 
named to the MVC All Conference Team. 
Billerica also had six players named to the MVC 
All-Star Team: Jillian Flynn, Melissa Govertsen, 
Lindsay Jenkins, Michelle McEwen, Lisa Finals, 
and Hannah Ramos. 

Above, left to right: Bobby Berg, Josh Dickey, Billy Rios, Eric Caples 

Bottom Right 

Row One: Seniors Billy Rios, Eric Caples, Josh Dickey; Row Two: Seniors Connor Edmonds, Bobby Berg, Rocco Magliozzii 

Boys Tennis 

The Billerica High boys tennis team had a lot to 
prove in its spring 2008 season. After losing four 
of seven starting players from the previous 
season, the team knew that there would be a lot 
of work to do. However, the seniors on this team 
performed to the best of their abilities and they 
delivered. Under the leadership of Coach 
Goversten, the seniors Billy Rios, Bobby Berg, 
Josh Dickey, Connor Edmonds, Eric Caples and 
Rocco Magliozzi all thrived on victory after victory. 
Their hard work eventually paid off when they 
made it to the state tournament. Unfortunately, 
the boys were defeated in the first round by St. 
Johns Prep, but that did not erase the hard work 
and determination the boys put in to the season. 



Row One: Bobby Berg, Rocco Magliozzi, Billy Rios, Eric Caples, Josh Dickey, Connor Edmonds 

Row Two: Austin Capone, Francis Burns, Cameron Caples, Will McEwen, Anthony Spencer, Coach Govertsen 

Billerica vs. 



Lowell Catholic 








Central Catholic 





Lowell Catholic 















Central Catholic 












Wins: 8 Losses: 8 

Above Right: Coach Govertsen, Captains Billy 
Rios, Josh Dickey, Eric Caples 

Bottom Left: Rocco Magliozzi 
Bottom Right: Connor Edmonds 

linii . . litti jm 

Row One: Ariel McKenna, Lauren Weitz, Stephanie Ahern, Jamie Jacobs, Brianna Malioney, Kelly Collins, Nikki Giatas 
Row Two: Coach Romkey, Coach Button, Kristin Miller, Amanda Campbell, Lily Perkins, Leah McWilliams, Sarah Quatieri, 
Meaghan Knight, Coach Higgins 

Left: Captains 
Brianna Mahoney, 
Stephanie Ahern, 
Jamie Jacobs 

Billerica vs. 




North Reading 

Notre Dame 

Central Catholic 






Central Catholic 















Wins: 12 Losses: 8 

Above, left to right: 

Brianna Mahoney, 
Ariel McKenna, 
Stephanie Aliern, 
Nikki Giatas 

Left: Leah McWilliams 

Far Left: Seniors 
Stephanie Ahern and 
Jamie Jacobs 

Bottom Left: Jamie 


The 2008 Softball season was a very unpredictable 
one. Entering the season with only six returning 
players, the team thought this season was going to 
be a challenge. They had many tough losses against 
teams such as Central, Tewksbury and Methuen. 
What made these games the hardest was that only 
one or two runs created the outcome. There were 
also amazing wins against Chelmsford, Lawrence, 
and Lowell. Beating Lowell was the highlight of the 
season. We were losing the game entering the top of 
the sixth, but the game was forced into extra innings 
for the win. This game led the team to the state 
tournament where they made it to the Division 1 
North Finals game. The only two seniors, Jaime and 
Steph, were key players. With Jaime's seven home 
runs and Steph as an aggressive left fielder, it was 
hard to shut these girls down. Big assets to the team 
were juniors Kelly Collins and co-captain Brianna 
Mahoney, and the sophomore pitcher Sarah Quatieri, 
who was also strong at bat. 

Above, left to right: 

Matt Horan, Mike Hurley, 
Robbie Aquino, Teamwork! 

Right, Row One: JV Team 
Samir Sanariya, Christian 
"C.J." May, Ryan Johnson 
Row Two: Coach Poulten, 
Peter Dinh, Adam Royston, 
James Barry 

Far Right: Captain Curtis 
DelValle and Coach Polan 

Bottom Right: 

Curtis DelValle 

Boys Volleyball 

The 2008 season for the Billerica High boys 
volleyball team was one of regrouping and 
strengthening. While experience was scarce, 
enthusiasm was not. Under the leadership of 
Coach Polan and senior star setter Curtis 
DeValle, these boys learned how to handle tough 
opponents and to always work hard, even when 
odds were against them. These principles were 
tested duhng the team's well-deserved victory 
over Dracut. With an especially impressive 25-8 
run in the third set, the Indians showed the 
perseverance and determination that is 
associated with Billerica High athletics. 

Row One: Robbie Aquino, Curtis DeiValle, Matt Horan 

Row Two: Manager Daniel Costa, Alex Jorge, Jeff Madigan, Sean Reale, 

Mike Hurley, Coach Polan 

pillerica vs. 



Central Catholic 















St. John's Prep 




Central Catholic 















St. John's Prep 


Right: Seniors 
Jeff Madigan, 
Curtis DelValle, 
and Coach 

Bottom Right: 

Alex Jorge 

Wins: 3 Losses: 14 

I %py s ^h%, s %hif% , s voG^m, ^dJ m owl, 

Whst te^ehgr's toott) Joes this picture show? 
)taJeDts imohed iD dnh% §r^d the srtt %mdy feDow 

A Murder is Announced 

Right: The main detectixe. Inspector 
Craddtx-k (Kevin Santulio). 

Far Right: Inspector Craddock often takes 
cue-- I'roni Mis> Marple (Nicole Celeste). 

Belo«: Mrs. Swettenhani (Mika\la L\ncli) 
and her son Edmund ( Sophomore Luke 

In the play, on October 13th, in the little 

town of Chipping Cleghorn, a murder 
announcemt in the Gazette stirs up a 
commotion. Some people are afraid 
others are expecting a murder myste; 


Below: No one knows exactly what to 
expect, not even the owner of Little 
Paddocks. Letty Blacklock (Sophomore 
Katarina MacAfee). Mitzi (Junior Emily 
Burns), pictured to her left, was the crazy, 
know-it-all Hungarian cook. 

Far Right: Rudi Schertz (Senior Bobby 
Berg), lies dead, murdered while 
attempting to murder. 

Right: Dora Bunner (Junior Bridgette 
Berg), also known as Bunny, was often 
absent minded and ended up meeting her 
death on her birthday. 

Above: Julia (Kerry Sullivan) and 
lier pretend 'brother' and actual 
lover, Patrick (Josh Andrcasen). 

I''ar Left: Miss Marple (Nicole 
Celeste) and Julia converse. 

l-eft: Pliilipa (Ivy Buena) is in 
love with Ldnuind Swellcnhani. 

"A murder is announced and will take place on Friday, 
October 13th, at Little Paddocks, at 6:30 p.m. 
Friends, please accept this the only intimation.** 

The fall play had iove. secrets 
murder, fright, money, honey, 
and so much more. The 
audience i.s left suspecting 
each character at one point or 
another. In the end. however. 
Miss Maiple (Left: Nicole 
Celeste) is able to unravel the 
mystery and send the real 
crimminal. "Letty" Blackfield 
(Right: Sophomore Katarina 
MacAfee), behind bars. 

Kudos to the fabulous 
cast and crew 

members of BMHS 
(above) who made the 

production possible. 

From the intense lighting to the epic sound 
effects, the mostly anonymous crew members 
each did their part to help make the fall play a 
success. Overseen by assistant director Amber 
Atteridge. students timed the lighting and sound 
effects, and transformed the stage. For the set. 
crew members recreated a room from the 1950s. 

In this tropical musical, Ti 
Moune, played by Ivy 
Buena, is sent on a journey 
by the Gods, including 
senior Bobby Berg, to test 
the strength of love against 
the powers of death. Eight 
storytellers, including 
seniors Mikayla Lynch, 
Samantha Maguire, Jaclyn 
Reidy, and Tyler Clark, 
weave the story of this 
young woman's life. 

Ti Moune is taken in by Mama and Tonton, 
played by Kevin Santullo. after being spared 
by the Gods in a teirible storm. She grows up 
as a peasant and saves the life of a 
Beauxhomme named Daniel, played by junior 
Brett Peterson. 

The spring musical had many large and 
complicated dance numbers. One in particular 
was the Ti Moune Dance performed by Seniors 
Ivy Buena. Mikayla Lynch, and Jaclyn Reidy, 
sophomore Scott McKenney, and Junior 
Stephanie Roulic. 

Another dance, "Why we tell the story" was 
nominated for best production number in the 
2007-2008 TAMY Awards. BMHS received 
fourteen nominations in total, including Best 
Overall, Best Stage Crew, Best Actress (Ivy 
Buena), Best Director (Ms. Susan Yoniack), 
and Best Musical Director (Mr. Patrick 
Gagnon). Awarded to BMHS were Best 
Ensemble (the Storvlcllers) and Best Plavbill. 

Once on this Island 

r String Orchestra ^ 



With fourteen seniors saying goodbye, 
orchestra had the largest number of 
f graduating seniors in its history. 


Back Row: Jill Fox. Michelle Cody, 
Jaci Reidy, Meredith Sheehan. Gwen 
Porter, Lisa Finals. Isabella Oleksey, 
Katie St. Cyr, Danica Kwan. 
Front Row: Heather MacKen/.ie. Jon 
.Silva. Andrea Keasey, Thaeje Shanker, 
Regina Tayag 

Above: Second violinists 
Mclanic Herrington and 
Andrea Keesey. 

Left: Isabella (Jlekscy was 
one of the students who 
participated in multiple 
chamber music groups. 

Right: Heather MacKen/ie 
traveled lo New York with the 
H.MH.S orchestra twice: in 
2(K)6 and m 2(K)8. In 2008. 
the HMHS orchestra came 
home with first place. 

The BMHS string orchestra is comprised 
of violas, cellos, basses, and, of course, 
violins. Above (left to right): Stephen 
Rotondi. Miriam Zizza, Dan Chase. Joe 
Costa, Anthony Spencer, Regina Tayag. 

Below: Of all the 2008 seniors in 
orchestra. Jill Fox was the only cellist. 

Right: Orchestra Director Carolyn 
Cardella conducts not only the high 
hool orchestra, but the middle school 
and elementary orchestras. 

Below: Concert mistress Lisa Finals 
patiently plays a solid "A" so each 
section of the orchestra can tune. 

Violinists are separted into two groups to 
balance the sound of the orchestra. 

Right: First violinists Meredith Sheehan 
and Katie St. Cyr. 

Below: Viola player Gwen Porter 
watches the conductor for a cue. 

1i i 

Below: Front and center: Ms. Cardella; Row One: Nico Paolucci, Sara MacKenzie, 
Matt Sheehan, Kristen Temullo, Brandon Clark, Regina Tayag, Jennifer Lawson. 
Cedric Manuel; Row Two: Miriam Zizza, Phillip Spencer, Carmilla Toner, Jamie 
Fallon, Michelle Cody, Jaci Reidy, Jon Silva, Bella Oleksey, Thaeje Shanker, Katie St. 
Cyr, Danica Kwan, Michelle Button, Anna Clifford, Kristina Mahoney, Jill Fox, 
(behind) Danny Chase, Wouter van Beek; Row Three: Anthony Spencer, Shawn 

Riccio, Jen Porter, Tommy Benecasa, Vicki Bennett, Nikki Billiri. Melanie 
Harrington, Steve Rotondi, Gwen Porter, Lisa Pinals, Meredith Sheehan. Malorie 
Ulcena, Taylor Overton, Kathryn Norman. Mariam Chekmeyen, Sarah Walker, 
Erica Josselyn 


First Row: Jillian Page, Ashley Daurie, Marissa Jones, Stephanie Boulic, Conor 
McCarron. Second Row: Kayla Gorham, Lindsey Fischer, Emily Burns, Brett 
Peterson, Nicole Celeste, Amber Atteridge, Ivy Buena, Mikayla Lynch, Bridget 
Berg. Third Row: Christian Blake, Katarina MacAfee, Bobby Berg, Justin Wolfe, 
Tyler Clark, James Cataldo, Kevin Santullo, Samantha Maguire, Victoria Maney, 

Scott McKenney and Ms. Yoniack. 


Front Row: Alyssa Bunker, Emily Burns, Nikole Hewitt, Bridget Ellis 
Back Row: Mr. Gagnon (Director), Wayne Cabral, Kenny Ogden 


Front Row: Alicia Columbus, Stacey Bucknam, Anna Colanton, Juan Carlos Record, 

Kristina Kirby, Jessica Mancuso. 
Middle Row: David Ogden, Aleta Antonucci, Jeffrey Spences, Dylan McLeod, 
Christopher McCaughey, Steven Ozolins, Dana Margossian. 
Back Row: Mr. Gagnon (Advisor), Ashling Carroll, Bryana Bertrand, Lindsay Ferraro, Samantha 
Maguire, Michelle Torpey, Erin Roche, Elizabeth McElligott, Jennifer Soroka, Kasey Clermont, 

Theresa Elder. 


Front Row: Ivy Buena, Caitlin Hill, Geraldine Lorbes, Jacqueline, Hogan, Kerin Ford, 

Robyn Robichaud. 

Middle Row: Giovanna Giosa, Nikole Hewill, Amber Atteridge, Jillian Paige, Nicole Celeste, 
Joghua Andreasen, Kerry Sullivan, Kevin Santullo, Thomas Brown. 
Back Row: Mr. Gagnon (Director), Brianna Dalton, Christian Blake, Erin Roche, Mikayla Lynch, 
Samantha Maguire, Renee Elliot, Heather Wyatt, Justin Wolfe, Megan Healey, Katarina Macafee, 


The Senior Recital 

Band and Colorguard 

Congrats to 

Class A 

The BMHS band and colorguard say 
goodbye to four seniors in the class of 2008. 

Left: Max Zeller, Lorraine Fitzmaurice, 
James Rebilas, and Heather MacKenzie. 


If it comes your way... 
Catch it. 
If you drop it... 
Pick it up. 
When you're tired... 

Keep on going. 
When you're losing... 
Keep on trying. 
When the coach speaks. 
Pay attention. 
If you lose... 
Practice harder. 
If you win... 

Band and colorguard 
members participate in 

many fundraisers, 
including a car wash. 
Right: Heather 

For marching band and 
colorguard, practices can 
begin over the summer, 

before school starts. 
Below: Max Zeller and 

Lorraine Fitzmaurice. 

Above: The band at the Medieval Times. 
Below: The fall guard: 2007 -2008. 


Left to Right: Ms. Lydon (Advisor), 
Katie Farrow (Treasurer), Lilah El-Fakih (Secretary), 
Erica Soley (President), Joe Corey (Vice President), 
Mr. Defeo (Advisor) 


Left to Right: Ms. Berry (Advisor), 
Chris Ware (Treasurer), Dan Pelrine (President), 
Steve Ellis (Vice President), Mr. Ciccarelli (Advisor) 
Missing: Katie (Walsh Secretary) 



Left to Right: Ms. Griffin (Advisor), Jiliian Bent, 
Brandon Bangura (President), Gel Lorbes, 
Elana Megcrian (Vice President) 


Left to Right: Ms. Peters (Advisor), Valerie Fusco, 
Jen Pachard, Nicole Comfort, Jake Griffin, 
Mr. Carrol (Advisor) 


Front Row: Corey Hanlon, Derith Fernades, Josh Andreasen, Kerry Sullivan, Amanda Beale, 
Sam Brangiforte, Patricia Radzikowski, Katie McGonagle, Chandni Sanariya 
Middle Row: Tom Burke, Laura Blazej, Allison Rugg, Alicia Penta, Michelle Lawson, 
Stacy Deveau, Pooja Patel, Heather MacKenzie, Amber Atteridge, Dominque Spencer 
Back Row: Tiffany Carlson, Stephanie Capone, Steve Ellis, Dan Pelrine, Nisha Wali, Teena Cherian, 
Monique Girard, Derek Rogers, Britt Quarantello, Kirsten Chirichetti, Lisa Pinals, Lilah El-Fakih, 

Garrett Locke, Ravina Jangra, David Bettencourt 



Front Row: Shauna Murphy. Jennifer Packard, Jake Griffin, 
Andrea Keesey. Lizz Brown 
Middle Row: Joe Corey, Katie Farrow, Jamie Flynn, 
Paul Vozzella, Erica Soly, Ivy Buena 
Back Row: Mr. Perrier (Advisor), Steve Ellis, Dan Pelrine, 
Brandon Bangura. Elana Megerian, Gel Lorbes, Lilah El-Fakih, 
David Bettencourt, Mrs. Johansen (Advisor) 


Jamie Flynn and Paul Vozzella 



Front Row: Kerry Sullivan, Meaghan Harty, 

Lora Liharska, Ariel DiOrio 
Back Row: Evan Carliss, David Bettencourt, 
Stephanie Sullivan, Christian Blake 


Front Row: Victoria Maney, Ariel DiOrio, 
Jessica Chirichetti, Anna Manetta 
Back Row: Danielle Laranger, Lizelle Comfort, 
Brenda Kissane, Ms. Bairos (Advisor) 


Front Row: Mary McLaughlin, Bradley Wilkes, Lilla Szekely, 
Maria Tim, Jessica Lavertue, Nancy Duong 
Middle Row: Amanda Granfield, Dominique Spencer, Ashley Farreli, 
Kirsten Olsson, Jessica Janice, Lilly Perkins, Brenda Kissane, Alex Oles, 
Courtney Waring 

Back Row: Bryan Morris, Ryan Sandberg, Jamie Flynn, Tyler Pacheco, 
Heather Chiros, Meghan McCarthy, Catherine Pangakis, Rebecca Welch, 
Andrew Norman, Mr. Molloy (Advisor) 


Front Row; James Rebilas, Sandra Ribas, Meaghan Harty, Meghan Kalfine 
Middle Row: Heather MacKenzie, Cate Connerty, Stacy Deveau, 
Amber Atteridge, Lora Liharska 
Back Row: Dave Fiore, Kerie Ford, Jillian Rosa, Emily Ficarra, Sarah SquegHa. 
Sarah O'Deel, Kim Runkle, Bella Oleksy. Kerry Sullivan 



Front Row: Mary McLaughlin, Bradley Wilkes, Lilla Szekely, 
Maria Tim, Jessica Lavertue, Nancy Duong 
Middle Row: Amanda Granfield, Dominique Spencer, Ashley Farreli, 
Kirsten Olsson, Jessica Janice, Lilly Perkins, Brenda Kissane, Alex Oles, 
Courtney Waring 

Back Row: Bryan Morris, Ryan Sandberg, Jamie Flynn, Tyler Pacheco, 
Heather Chiros, Meghan McCarthy, Catherine Pangakis, Rebecca Welch, 
Andrew Norman, Mr. Molloy (Advisor) 


Front Row: Christian Blake, Kerry Sullivan, Josh 
Andreason, Alicia Columbus 

Back Row: Stephanie Sullivan, Taylor Dunleavy, 
Melissa Hallee, Ariel DiOrio 



Front Row: Kimberly Moore, Alex Lowder, 
Lauren Luttrell, Kristen Slejzer, Alexa DiFrancesco 
Back Row: Mrs. DaSilva (Advisor), Regina Tayag, 
Teena Cherian, Billy Scholl,Emily Ficarra, Theresa 
Skinner, Laura O'Brien, Ms. Chebook (Advisor) 


Front Row: Rachel Moakley, Amanda Diamond, Mikayla Lynch, 
Heather MacKenzie, Danica Kwan, Regina Tayag, Ariel DiOrio 
Back Row: Phillip Spencer, Francis Bums, Ty Anderson, Craig 
Cincotta, Kevin McCluskey, Justin Maillet, Dan Peltier, Trevor 
Frederick, John Villafuerte, David Bettencourt, Mr. Landry 
(Advisor). Missisng: Matt Sweeney and Alex Cote 



Front Row: Allison Rugg, Lilah El-Fakih, 
Laura Blazej, Amber Atteridge 
Back Row: Garret Locke, Ravi Nair, Ryan Johnson, 
Ariel Diorio. Mr. Ciccarclli (Advisor) 


Nisha Wall, Amber Atteridge, Meaghan Harty 


Front Row: Amanda Granfield, Bradley Wilkes, David 
Bettencourt, Ian Crowe, Meaghan Harty, Amber Atteridge, Nicole 
Celeste, Kerry Sullivan, Josh Andreasen, Danica Kwan, Regina 
Tayag Back Row: Bryan Morris, Chris Porter, Cedric Manuel, 
Seth Porter, Ryan Sandberg, Steve Rose, Dan Reardon, Conor 
McCarron, Phillip Spencer, Nico Paolucci, Mrs. Powers (Advisor) 


Front Row: Mrs. Bishop (Advisor), Victoria Maney, 
Melissa Carella, Danielle Bourgeois, Rebecca Welch, 
Theresa Skinner, Carissa Forti 
Back Row: Emily Ficarra, Kelly Gaudett, Marissa 
Jones, Haik Slian, Sarah O'Dell, Anna Stepper 



Front Row: Ryan Johnson, Billy Scholl, Max Zeller, Lorraine 
Fitzmaurice, Conor McCanon, Gary Newcomb, Anthony Rieser, 
Allison Rugg 

Back Row: Ravi Nair, Anthony Spencer, Nico Paolucci, Conor Finegan, 
Austin Arroco, Robert Martini, Philip Spencer, James Cataldo, Victoria 
Maney. Lauren Barker. Mr. Cohen (Advisor) 


Listed in Alphabetical Order; Danielle Bourgeois. Ashling Carol!. Julienne 

Cedrone, Victoria Maney. Megan Healey. Eric Imbomone. Stephen Rotondi. 
Briana Dalton. Krystina Eldridge, Victoria Bennett. Nikki Billiri. Tommy Brown. 

Maria Bonfiglio. Kristen Drinkwater. Amanda Joyce. Irene Manetta. Brittany 
Stanley. K. Sydney Andersen. Shauna Cox. Shawntel Crutchfield. Angela Franklin. 

Briana Gonsalves. Anna Manetta. MacKenzie Maynard. Grace Politis. Jenna 
Ranlala, Christina Rose. Hristina Tontcheva 



Row One: Dan Pelrine, Alexa DiFrancesco, Katie Farrow, Sean Elmore, Tyler 

Stoffers, Jeff Allen 

RowTwo : Ms. Lydon (Advisor), Mike Levecque, Jamie Davis, Scott Cotreau, 

Paul Vozzella, Mr. Magliozzi (Advisor) 

DECA (Seniors) 

Front Row: Andrew Hangyal, Erica Soly, Erin McGinnity, Michelle Milo, Justin Durso, 
Middle Row: Austin Pena, Caitlyn DiPierro, Amanda Moore, Mike Levecque, Timmy Morrison, Katie 

Farrow, Sean Elmore, Alexa DiFrancesco, Paul Vozzella, Jeff Allen, Hilary Flanagan, Jamie Davis 
Back Row: Mrs. Lydon (Advisor), Derek Rogers, Leah McElhaney, Ashley Traniello, Christina Rivero, 
Brittany Quarantello, Lesley Proulx, Nisha Wall, Alicia Penta, Taylor O'Leary, Jenna Bly, Michaela 
Boudreau, Nicole Way, McKayla Faulkner, Erin Nickerson, Mr.Magliozzi (Advisor) 

DECA (underclassmen) 

First Row: Tim Caniff, Colin Moore, Katie Croke, Heather Timmons, Michele Knight, Steve Onorato 
Middle Row: Brendon Farrell, Chris Smith, John Shattuck, Zack Creeden, Dan Pelrine, Scott Cotreau, Jennifer 
Strauss, Amanda Raposo, Lauren Parise, Mike Canty, Mike Hurley 
Back Row: Ms. Lydon (Advisor), Sean McLaughlin, Kathleen Keegan, Jen Gaudette, Jordan Hurley, Chris 
Rice, Dan O'Connor, Tyler Stoffers, Jim Holland, Dan DeSantis, Kevin Norman, Ryan Nickerson, Brandon 

Oliver, Mr. Magliozzi (Advisor) 

dkrca Memcrial 5drod DECA members Laren Faree, Amanda Kapceo srd Jemrfer StraLee made hetory by beng the fret team from Bilerca to be 
awarded a f rst place VrqJry from the nation^ ccrrpetrtioa The grfs Carmrity Setv'ce project, raised ever ^JDOO for the Ivlake-A-Wish FoLndatlcn Mike 
LeVecque came heme the new \^ice-pre5ident of DEC/^ North Atlantic Region Leah McEhaney aid Steven Oicrato5 project was honored l?y makry it rrto the 
top ]6 r] -tire Qx&^vt fvlarketng category. Sean Elncre and Tyler Stoffers earned foirth with their project on trareformi^ the Bilerica Ccuitry CU? rto a 
more economically eff bierrt busnsss. PECA had a history makhg year, ba/r^ a legacy for futire PECA members for years to come! 

Row One: Jacquelyn Chronowski, Amanda D'Entremont, Leana Suarez, Alyssa D'Urso, Erica Soly, Jess Flynn, Lilah El-Fakih, 
Regina Tayag. Kristen Cruz, Katherine McGonagle, Chandni Sanariya, Marisa Dellanno, Rachel Herbert, Hilary Flanagan; 
Row Two: Victoria Maney, Michelle Cody, Alicia Belladue, Emily Linszner, Joe Dangelo, Paul Vozzella, Corey Donahoe, Billy 
Rios, John Welch; Row Three: Kayla Morns, Danielle Bourgeois, Kristen Slejzer, Lesley Proulx, Derith Fernandes, Laura 
Blazej. Josh Andreasen, Lora Liharska, Kerry Sullivan, Pooja Patel, Heather MacKenzie, Amber Atteridge, Garrett Locke, Ivy 

Row Four: Meaghan Harty, Steve Nieuweboer, Jill Maclnnis, Teddy Barrett, Andrea Keesey, Lizz Brown, Derek Rogers, Teena 
Cherian, Monique Girard, Eric Bradanese, Kirsten Chirichetti, Lisa Finals, Jamie Davis, Kimberly Moore, Amanda Moore, Sarah 
Squeglia. Mike LeVecque, Anthony Abramo; Row Five: Erin NIckerson, Janelle Foley, Brittany Quarantello, Caitlin Ellis, 
Meredith Sheehan, Stephanie Ahern. 

NHS Class of 2009 

Listed in Alphabetical Order: Austin Arroco, Lauren Barker, Bridgette Berg, Emily Burns, Melinda Buth, Erica 
Caliendo, Enka Ciccariello, Katherine Croke, Jennifer Cupp, Kimberly DeMattia, Joanna Doyle, Allison Dupuis, Steven Ellis, 
Jillian Flynn, Matthew Fogerty, Melanie Harrington, Eric Imbornone, Mark Infanger, Rahul Jain, Ravina Jangra, Keith Lentine, 
Emily Levin, Ariana Lougee-Rodriguez, Jacqueline Lusk, Morgan Macaulay, Bhanna Mahoney, Justin Maillet, Michelle 
McEwen. Ariel McKenna, Courtney Mills, Kestlie Morelus, Shauna Murphy, Ravi Nair, Brandon Oliver, Steven Onorato, Daniel 
Pelrine, Amanda Raposo, Joseph Roy, Allison Rugg, Theresa Skinner, Angelina Sorm, Anthony Spencer, Samantha Stalker, 
Kremena Stephanova, Tyler Stoffers, Jennifer Strauss, Matthew Sweeney, Alyssa Tortola, Justin Trischitta, Malorie Ulcena, 
Molly Walsh, Alyssa Young, Rachel Zizza 

(^meti Locke, Deirift T^d^d Jes, Jessica ^lyiDD, KbfSteD Chirichetti 

I spy. . . awards to rwDQfm or maiy achb/ements, 
A beautiful ^wn and shoea from prom n^it. 
The towel we ^ at dase d^, 
How ax senbr year flew by! 

I spy. .. the dsee shirt whbh has printed al of or names, 

Tine robe iron or ^^aduation d^. 
That nyu was the 0ast where we had so nxich fun , 
And I spy the yearl:^ where all of these msmT'}€e will st^. 



Billerica Memorial High School Scholarship Awards 

James M. R. Langille Scholarship 

Stephanie Capone 
Ralph Hallenborg Memorial Scholarship 
Thomas Broderick, Jejfrey Allen 
Peter Jenkins Memorial Scholarship 

Danielle Shea 
Joanne O'Brien Memorial Scholarship 
C ait I in Ellis 

Billerica Friends of Music Scholarship Music Award 

Ivy Buena 

Billerica Friends of Music Scholarship Academic Awards 

Heather MacKenzie, Nikole Hewitt 
Billerica Emblem Club #410 Scholarship 
Erin McGinnity, Robert Ortolani, Samantha Tucci, 
Sean Elmore, Meredith Sheehan 
Billerica Athletic Association Scholarship 
Edward M. Barrett Jr., Sean Michael Elmore, 
Nicholas Capone, Kyle Delorge, Gregory Bejian, Jeffrey Scarfo, 
Kenneth Mangle, Austin Pena, Joseph Dangelo, Neal Brewster, 
Amy DeSantis, Daneille Shea, Michelle E. Lawson, Caitlyn DePierro, 
Brittney McGinness, Kaitlyn Cresta, Gwendolyn Porter, 
Erica Soly, Janelle Foley, Kimberly Moore 
Billerica Federation of Teachers Scholarship 
Gregory Bejian, Caitlyn DePierro, Kaitlyn Cresta, 
Patrick Kalmes, Leah McElhaney, Erica Soly 
Billerica Girls Softball Association Annual Scholarship 
-In Memory of Don Donati 
Stephanie Ahearn, Brittney McGinness 
Billerica Girls Softball Association Annual Scholarship 
-In Memory of Michael F. OBrien Jr. 
Michelle Lawson 
Billerica Little League Education Award 

Stephen Rose, Eric Bradanese 
Billerica Little League Education Award 
- In Memory of Peg and Arthur C. Skelton 
Edward Barrett 

Billerica Little League Education Award -Frank OKeefe Scholarship 

Matthew Sheehan 
Billerica Lodge of Elks #2071 Scholarship 
Heather MacKenzie, Janelle Foley, Giovanna Giosa 
Billerica Pop Warner Edward F. Hayes, Sr. and Edward Stuart Sr. 

Memorial Scholarship 
Rocco Magliozzi, Paul Vozzella, Kenneth Mangle, Nicholas Capone, 
Brittany Quarantello, Joseph Dangelo 
S. G. Hajjar Elementary School Scholarship 
Garrett Locke, Steven Nieuweboer 

Billerica Youth Soccer Association Memorial Scholarships 
-Amy Ward Soccer Scholarship 

Leana Suarez 

Billerica Youth Soccer Association Memorial Scholarships 
- Christopher Pomerleau Soccer Scholarship 

Gregory Bejian, Neal Brewster 
Nathaniel Burnett Scholarship 

Stephanie A. Capone 

HHS/BMHS Alumni Association Scholarships: 
Ann Mulcahy Memorial Award 

Erica Soly 
Fifty Year Class Award 
Lesley Proulx 
William Flaherty Memorial Award 
Heather MacKenzie 
Howe High School/BMHS Annual Award 
Jeffrey Allen 
Robert Brown Memorial Scholarship Award 
Corey Donahoe 
The Class of 1952 Scholarship 
Erin McGinnity 
Class of 1986 Scholarship 
Brittney McGinness 

Lieutenant William J. Love Memorial Scholarship 

Jejfrey Allen 
Massachusetts Elks Scholarship Inc. 
Timothy Morrison 
Dr. Elizabeth McCarthy Memorial Scholarship 

Stephanie Ahearn 
Billerica Rotary Club, Michael Olivieri Scholarship 

Anthony Abramo, Laura Blazej 
Billerica Youth Basketball Scholarship 

Rachel Herbert, Brittney McGinness, Eric Bradanese, 

Sean Elmore 

Billerica Youth Basketball Scholarship Directors Awards 

Matthew Sheehan, Erin Nickerson 
Ditson School Association Scholarship 

Derek Rogers, Janelle Foley 
Kathi Glavin Higgins Scholarship 

Mlison Teal, Alexander Orekoya, Robert A. Martini III, Kenneth Mangie, 
Brittney McGinness, Amanda Lutinski, Nicholas Capone, 
Mariesa Croteau 
Paula Fidler Scholarship 
Sean Elmore, Brittney McGinness 


of ^^.m^^^ 

Sean C. Elmore Memorial Scholarship 

Edward Barrett, Nicholas Capone, Eric Bradanese, Danielle Shea, 
Patrick O'Eoughlin, Rachel Herbert, Marisa Dellano, 
Michael EeVecque, Kenneth Mangle, Brittany McGinness, 
Anthony Abramo, Timothy Morrison, Adam Benoit, Jaime Jacobs, 
Jeffrey Allen, John Cucchiara, Jessica Flynn, Manuel Moreira, 
Joseph Dangelo, Eauren Euttrell, Gregory Bejian, Kayla Morris, 

Kyle Higgins 

Kennedy School PTO, Catherine L. Torre Scholarship 

Eesley Proulx 
Kennedy School PTO, James J. Dumas Scholarship 

Corey Donahoe 

New England Police Benevolent Association Local 5 Scholarship 

Sean Elmore, Rocco Magliozzi, Patrick OEoughlin 
Billerica Garden Club Scholarship 
Richard Young 
Ann Lally Costanza Scholarship 
Erin Nickerson 
Caroline Jeffers Scholarship 
Victoria Maney 
Nicola Micozzi Memorial Scholarship 
John Welch 
Harriet L. OConnell Memorial Scholarship 
Kaitlyn Cresta 
SEIU Local 888 Scholarship 
Danielle Bourgeois 
John C. Stewart Jr. Memorial Scholarship 
Taylor OEeary 
Frank A. Altobelli Memorial Scholarship 
Andrew Hangyal 
Krau Family Scholarship 
Amber Atteridge 
Rev. John T. Lawler Scholarship 

Alicia Belladue 
Locke Middle School Scholarship 
Kyle Delorge 

William B. Allen Memorial Disabled American Veterans 


Amy DeSantis 

Mary P. and Walter Arakelian Memorial Scholarship 

Eauren Euttrell 

Billerica Chamber of Commerce Gilbert A Griggs Scholarship 

Danica Kwan 
Billerica Community Alliance Awards 
Lisa Gabriel 
Billerica League of Women Voters 
- Donna Tuttle Memorial Scholarship 
Nisha Wali 

Billerica Sons of Italy Salvatore Grieco and 
Anthony E. Capaldo Sr. Memorial Scholarships 

Benedetto Colosimo 
Karyn Button Memorial Scholarship 

Ivy Buena 

Cabot Corporation Community Relations Scholarship 

Lesley Proulx 
Robert Carroll Memorial Scholarship 
Mark Tibbetts, Amanda Lutinski 
Richard Cogan Parker School PTO Scholarship 
Evan Kramer, Jillian Champagne 
Community of Christ Lutheran Church Scholarship 
Samantha Tucci 
Daniel P. Coneeny Memorial Scholarship 
Allison Teal 

Council on Aging Student Volunteer Recognition Scholarship 

Sarah Ode 1 1 
Nancy A. Donaghey Memorial Scholarship 
Alyssa Santoro 
Donald R. Donati Memorial Scholarship 

Jonathan Silva 
Michael Donovan Memorial Scholarship 
Mariesa Croteau, Thomas Broderick 
Dutile School PTO Scholarship 
Nicole Celeste 
Eldora Ferren Memorial Scholarship 

Richard Yutkins 
Sidney Horlink Memorial Scholarship 
Janelle Foley 

Knights of Columbus Fr. Wren Council #3963 Scholarship 

Vanessa Brum 
Krefting Memorial Scholarship 

Sandra Ribas 

Locke Middle School Parents Education Partners Scholarship 

Michael Dobi, Christopher Muraca 
Meagher Family Scholarship 
Ashling Caroll 
Merrimack Valley Area Rotary Scholarship 
Jenna Cincotta 
Deborah Morrison Memorial Scholarship 
Marisa Dellanno 
Emmett Pulliam Memorial Scholarship 
Erin McKenney 
Karen A. Sahagian Memorial Scholarship 
Tijfany Carlson 
Francis Lester Shaughnessy Memorial Scholarship 
Brittney McGinness 

of ^ 


Major John P. Whyte Memorial Scholarship 

Need Brewster 
PhiUp Heffernan Memorial Scholarship 

Katherine McGonagle 
Mark Bagshaw Memorial Scholarship 
Manuel Moreira 
Curriculum Associates Teaching Scholarship 
Nikole Hewitt 
Edward Jenkins Memorial Scholarship 
Nicholas Capone 
Charles L. Lampson Scholarship 
Sean Elmore, Adam Foss 
Marshall Middle School Student Council Scholarship 
Samantha Bikofsky 
Lisa Tammaro Memorial Scholarship 
Emily Linszner 
Thomas J. Walsh Memorial Scholarship 

Michael Levecque, Ashley Traniello 
Awin Management Services Scholarship 
Michelle Cody, Heather MacKenzie 
Billerica Lions Club -R. Myrton Davis Memorial Scholarship 
Kay la Morris, Ariel DiOrio 
Sgt. William Bradley Memorial Scholarship 
Stephanie Capone 
Cabot Corporation Scholarship 
Lilah El-Fakih, William Rios 
Gladys Cerrato Memorial Scholarship 
Stephanie Ahearn 
Clark & Reid Scholarship 

Anthony Abramo 
Class of 2008 Scholarships 
Rachel Herbert, Krystal Rohlojf, Kirsten Chirichetti, Paul Vozzella, 
Kristen Cruz, Leana Suarez, Caitlin Ellis, Austin Pena 
Con Med Endoscopic Technologies Scholarship 
Kristen Slejzer 
Karen Jean Dingle Memorial Scholarship 

Meaghan Harty 
Shayna Donovan Memorial Scholarship 
Laura Blazej 
Empire Recycling Scholarship 
Edward Barrett 
GE Sensing Award 
Chandni Sanariya 
Gladys C. Grattan Memorial Scholarship 

Kimberly Moore 
Lisa E. Jollimore Memorial Scholarship 
Alexandra Lowder 

Lowell Five Cents Savings Bank Scholarship 

Garrett Locke 
Michael A. Picardi IV Memorial Scholarship 
Timothy Morrison 
Millipore Foundation Scholarship 
Lisa Finals 

OConnor True Value Hardware Scholarship 

Jamie Davis 
Keith B. Rist Memorial Scholarship 

Timesha Livingston, Richard Young 
Joseph A. Sarno Memorial Scholarship 
Jamie Flynn 
Dr. Robert J. Calabrese Award 
//// Maclnnis 
Paula DeSimone Scholarship Foundation Award 
Joseph Dangelo 
Robert M. Wallask Award 
Lor a Liharska 
Yankee Doodle Homecoming Award 
Gregory Bejian 
Robert E. Prest Memorial Award 
Meredith Sheehan 
Mary Sheldon Green Memorial Scholarship 
Steven Nieuweboer 
Billerica Scholarship Foundation Awards 
Erin McGinnity, Becaja Caldwell, Christopher McCaughey, Michaela 
3oudreau, Jaclyn Reidy, Monique Girard, Samantha Maguire, Giovanna 
Giosa, Gwendolyn Forter, Eric Caples, Regina Tayag, Sarah Squeglia, 
Ashley Ross, Derith Fernandes, Teena Cherian, Fadhila Abdalla, 

Lorraine Fitzmaurice 
Stoneham Bank Scholarship 
Derek Rogers, Jessica Flynn 
Annette M. Miner Memorial Scholarship 
Brittany Quarantello, Adam Marchany 
Ullerica Access Television M. Thomas Revane Memorial Scholarship 

Joshua Andreasen 
Billerica Access Television Scholarship 

Mikayla Lynch, Kerry Sullivan 
Kent Scholarship Selectmans Awards 
Corey Donahoe, Eric Bradanese, Erica Soly 
Soapstone Networks Scholarship 
Hilary Flanagan, Seth Porter 
Lantheus Medical Imaging Inc. Scholarship 
Leah McElhaney 
National Community Service Awards 
Leana Suarez, Stephanie Capone, Derith Fernandes 

Senior Vrom 

The biggest dance, the one most of the Class of 2008 has been waiting for since freshman year finally I 
arrived on May 30, 2008. Most of the day of the Senior Prom was spent getting ready for the night at the I 
Danversport Yacht Club. The girls showed off their dresses and the guys showed off their tuxedos as they I 
walked up the red-carpeted stairs. First, people made their way to the gazebo to take couple photos as 
well as group photos. Then dinner was served, but the DJ started playing music and the dance floor 
became packed in no time.The DJ handed out glow sticks and called out for a dance off between the boys 

and the girls. The rap battles were definitely a memorable piece of the Senior Prom. The DJ ended the 
night by playing "My Wish" by the Rascal Flats . Senior Prom was a truly memorable night that none of 
the Class of 2008 would ever forget. 

Jess Flynn, Monique Girard, Nisha Wali, Teena Cherian, Kirsten Chirichetti, Lisa Finals, Brittany 
Quaranteilo, Derek Rogers, and Kim Moore take a buddy picture. 

- Class Day 

The Class of 2008 definitely deserved to have some fun, especially after the long and grueling 
Graduation Rehearsal. We made our way up to the Cedardale Recreation Faciility in Groveland, eager 
to have a good time. We were welcomed with great music, a barbeque lunch, and ice cream. The 
tennis courts, mini golf course, and volleyball courts attracted many of us. Playing volleyball especially 
brought out the competitive side in us. Many of us chose to use the pool and the hot tub to relax and 
just lounge around. We left Cedardale that afternoon having thoroughly enjoyed one of our last senior 

Evan DiPalma breaks for some food. These girls look like they are having a great time. 

C^dsurdate (Recreation, Grovektsi 


The much awaited night of Graduation finally arrived on 


"We should all be proud of our high school accomplishments. 
In addition to working hard these past years, we have had 
great experiences and have truly come together as a class. 
We could not have made it to this point without each other." 

Lisa Finals 

" Of course we've had help along the way. From our families that 
keep us honest and help us see things through to the very end. 
From our teachers who taught us more than chemistry, history, or 
music; they taught us the value of hard work and the love of 
learning. From the friends who've been there in the best of times 
and the worst of times and whom we'll never forget." 

Lorraine Fitzmaurice 


As we mature, please enjoy the journey. As you walk out those 
doors tonight and you leave behind the coolest place on earth - 
Billerica High, as you hug one another good-bye, and take 
hundreds of pictures for your albums, know that it is not really 
good-bye, nor the end. It is merely the start of something new. 

Erica Soly 
Class President 

"Stretch yourselves and dream big. Take advantage of all that is 
offered to you and involve yourselves in things that might be 
outside your comfort zone. Strive to do more than you think you 
can. You will never really know all that you can accomplish until 
you try. It takes courage. It's a little scary, but that's okay." 

Judy Whidden Durkin 
Key Note Speaker 


It was 1 1 p.m. on the night of Graduation. After getting their diplomas, the graduates made their way to 
the high school for the final senior event: The Blast. Everyone sipped on their Slurpees and was 
mesmerized by the magician. We got tattoos, had our fortunes told, and even got together with our friendj 
for caricatures. The amount of food never ran low. The Chinese food, donuts, and ice cream kept our 
energy up all night long. The hypnotist was a huge hit, making us laugh by having boys slow dance with 
each other and having the girls believe the teletubbies came to BMHS. We all left the gym that night with 
goodies and four years of unforgettable memories. 


Alicia Belladue 

Alicia, you ha\ e turned out to 
be a beautiful, smart young 
lady. I am so proud of you and 
I know if \ our Dad was here 
he'd feel the same \va\ . I will 
al\\ a\ s support and lo\e \ou. 


We are so proud of 
you. We love you. 

Mom, Mark, Jessie 
& Mark, Jr 

Morgan Elizabeth Lee 

You'll always be the star 
of our show! 
We are so proud! 
Love Mom, Carl, Dad, 
Linda, Kevin, Parker, 
and Leah 

I am very proud of my Boog-Boog. I am 
looking down on you with complete joy. When 
you find life a little stressed just remember the 

number 8 and all it's meaning. I am smiling 
down on you with my pearly whites and will be 
with you always. 

Love Grampy 

Kimberly Moore 

Hey Kimberly, 

We're so proud of you! You have already accomplished so much and we know that you wil 
continue to make a difference in this world. Remember to always keep the three F's in 
your life - FAITH, FAMILY, and FRIENDS and you will do just great. - Dare to live the life 
you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true! 

We Love you! 
Mom, Dad, Colin, and Shannon 

Kevin Clark 


Continue to be 
the kind, 
person you Inave 
always been. We 
wish you great 
health and good 
luck in your future 


Mom, Dad and 


Crystal Marie Alex 

Congratulations Crystal 
I'm so proud of all your 
accomplishments. Words 
can't describe how happy 
I am for you. Remember 
to always listen to your 
heart and follow your 
dreams wherever your 
new journey may bring 
you as I will always be 
behind you. Lots of Love 
xoxoxo Mom 

Kyle Patrick Higgins 



We love you, and we're proud of you. 
You have so much to look forward to. Have Fun! 
Mom. Dad, Jim, 
Tom, & Meg 

Kellie Ann McGowan 

Believe in Tomorrow, Believe in Yourself as much as 
we have believed in you while watching you become 
such a lovely young lady. "Enjoy your achievements as 
well as your plans" and Make your Dreams Come True! 
You have so much to offer so be prepared to be 
amazed as you strive toward your potential, luv u. Mom 
and Dad 

Congratulations from Nicole and Mark, too! 

Manny Moreira 

\ \ Manny, 
^ \ From the day you were 

^ft^^y \ born, you have been a joy to 

WPf' 1^ our lives. We look forward to 

\ your future accomplishments. 


) J^/k YOURS! 

\ Love Mom and Dad 

Peter Sullivan 

Do great things Pete! 
We're proud of you. 

Mom and Dad 

Jaclyn Hoyt 


Teddy Barrett 


Your childhood years have gone by so 
quickly! Next year begins a new chapter 
in your life. Let your instincts, your 
intellect and your heart guide you. 
Dream Big. Be Happy. You will always 
have our love & support. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Sis 

tfou ive/ie <u<n. ^<ftl, <ia<ut 

/44. cfou. frtcfKvic to- ^ out (M 

tfOUft UAC UMX*tt eptui to- 

titioM- &M<^ /zftoud- ove one 
tfO<c. Ti/eiicAitu^ cfotc i^ftoi^ 
^to*K. * ettniatia., <M (unouttd 
utottdeft^ul eAitd to- <t <u*uvtt, 
eo*Kfiei,iaio*t-eite, 6e<iutc^ul 

tAe iK04t tt^Mden^ul ex^tetictu^e 

Owe ifou euul <Z4- cfotc ^lfne<^<i 
(foun c(Ai*t<^ to ^(xf jii^ 

i*t o«fi ie^ifUA^ 

"THotft eutd "JftCeAttel 

^cMtitt. /Itcx. TUe/i.. (h^e^. 
^&t<atitut. 'S'uutdotc, eutd 
^nouMttei-.l^ 'i^o<vi "peutUi 


We Love You and are 
So Proud of You 

Dad & Carol, Mom & 
Dave, KT & Dan, 
Harley, Bandit & 



Cabot Corporation 
Business and Technology Center 

157 Concord Road 
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 

(978) 663-3455 

Samantha Bent 


You were always a fun kid. 
Remember to always stop 
and smell the roses. I love 
you & am very proud of you. 


Brittany Quarantello 


You have worked so hard to 
succeed in paving the way 
to a bright successful future. 
We couldn't be more proud 
of you! 

Love, Mom & Anthony XO 




Billerica, Massachusetts 01821 

671-0948 671-0949 
\^ y 


Erin McGinnity & Sammie Bent 


Fate chooses our relatives, 
we choose our friends. I hope 
you always remain friends. 


Auntie Aileen (Mom) 

Alexa Pi Francesco 


We are so proud of the 
beautiful person you've 
become and of your many 
accomplishments . You will 
be successful in anything 
you choose to do in life. 

Mom, Dad & Tayla 





Community Sponsorship 

Member FDIC 
Member SIF 

Unexpectedly more. 1 -888-402-2265 

Congrats Class of 2C08I 

Trom Tut SiArr at Burlington Studios 


99 Cam]3rid6e St. Burlington, MA 01805. 781.272.4700 

WWW. burlingtonstudios . net 


Billerica Police Union 
N.E.B.P.A Local 5A&B 


& Rental 

446 Boston Road Rd 
Billerica, MA 01821 
(978) 663-3520 

(BiCkrica Lodge of 
"Efis #2071 

Hall Rentals: 

Conarats to Gradsl 

Taylor Florist 


Wishes the 
Class of 2008 
goodluck in 
the future! 

WwK^^ SunSations 

W Tanning & Nails 

446 Boston Rd. 

Billerica, MA 01821 Kiley Correa 

Nursery and Landscaping 



Clicks &af6 

A Different Kind of Chinese 

Colorful New Sun Rooms 
Ever Changing Menu 
Exotic Cocktails, New Wine List 

Rated #1 favorite Chinese by NECN 2001 
Rated 90 pts. by Phantom Gourmet 2001 
by Lowell Sun 1996 - 2005 

Voted best buffet miles around 1996 - 2006 
Voted best Chinese restaurant in 1997 - 2006 
Voted 1st place, taste of Billerica 1996 - 1998 
Free function room available, seats up to 140 
Voted best take-out best Asian 
Voted #1 Chinese restaurant in 10 Adjacent Towns 


Expert Take-Outs ^ Catering 
(978) 262-9922 

Fax: (978) 262-9992 

Mon. - Thurs. 1 1 :30 am - 10:00 pm 
Fri. - Sat. 1 1:30 am - 12:00 midnight 
Sun. 12:00 noon - 10:00 pm 

446 Boston Road (on Rte. 3A) 
Billerica, MA 01821 

Exit 27 (Concord Rd.) Off Rte. 3 
Behind Walgreen at Billerica Commons 
254 Next to O 'Conmm Hardware Store 


How can you just walk away from me 
When all I can do is watch you leave? 
Cause we shared the laughter and the pain 
And even shared the tears 
You're the only one who really knew me at all 

"Starting in different places, we all came together. 
Not knowing what to say like a wandering feather. 
Clinging to certain people, and not giving others a chance. 
Who knew a family would form by coming here to dance. 

Dancing with each other brought us so close. 
Memories we have shared looking back in all the photos. 
Crap swaps, Sleepovers, Pizza's, Dance Videos, and more. 
With Debbi's funny sayings that we love and secretly adore. 

Partner stretching, conventions, competitions, and Monday nights. 
Giving each other a chance to stand in the spotlight. 
The family we have made combining all of these years. 
Will stay with us forever through happiness and through tears." 

Take a Look At Us Now 


Local 1 495 

Congratulate the 
Class of 2008 

World Beat 

Front Page Headlines 

REUTERS/Enk tie Castro/Landov 

^ As the war in Iraq passes the four-year mark, 
tours of duty are lengtfiened and recruitment 
standards are relaxed. 

▼ To ease the mortgage crisis, the U.S. 
Senate passes legislation allowing 
homeowners with delinquent sub-prime 
mortgages to refinance into federally 
insured loans. 

^Ghris Rank/Bioomberg News./Landov 



Several cities in the 
southeastern U.S. 
are mere months away 
from running out of 
water as drought 
conditions persist in 
the region. 

' Six men are trapped when a 
Utah coal mine collapses on 
August 6. Ten days later, the 
mine collapses again, killing 
three rescue workers. After 
four weeks the search ends. 



► The U.S. Postal Sen/ice issues 
a forever stamp featuring an 
image of the Liberty Bell. It will 
always be valid for first class 
postage on envelopes weighing 
one ounce or less. 

A During televised debates, 
Democratic and Republican 
presidential candidates answer 
tough questions submitted by 
voters via YouTube. 

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to former Vice President Al Gore 
and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, represented by 
Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, for their efforts to call attention to global warming. 

Schools across the nation are 
thoroughly disinfected — and 
Sonne are even shut down — 
to quell outbreaks of staph 
infections, including antibiotic- 
resistant strains. 

Dozens of tornadoes tear 
across Tennessee, Arkansas, 
Mississippi, Kentucky and 
Alabama on February 5, 2008, 
killing nearly 60 people. 

In late October, Governor 
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
declares a state of emergency 
due to wildfires that bum more 
than half a million acres in 
southern California. 

American consumers lose 
their confidence in China's 
manufacturers when children's 
toys tainted with lead trigger 
widespread recalls. 

^ The Nintendo "Wii-nomenon" sweeps the nation 
as the game console outplays the competition 
with sales of more than 1 3 million units. 


In Littleton, Colorado, 
construction is completed 
on the $1 .5 million 
Columbine Memorial to 
the 13 victims of the 1999 
shooting at Columbine 
High School. 


^ People around the world cast more than 100 
million online votes to determine the New 
Seven Wonders of the World. The winning 
wonders are announced at a gala in Lisbon. 

▼ More than 150 of the world's leading music 
acts perform in concerts staged around the 
world for Live Earth, a star-studded event to 
draw attention to the global climate crisis. 

© Jose Fuste Raga Corbis 

Tropical cyclone Sidr is 
the deadliest storm to hit 
Bangladesh in a decade. 
It destroys thousands of 
homes, ruins crops and 
forces more than a million 
villagers to evacuate. 


▼ U.S. astronaut Peggy Whitson 
is the first female commander at 
the International Space Station. 

Getty Images 

■4 The digital smiley face 
celebrates its 25th 
birthday. Its inventor, 
Carnegie Mellon 
professor Scott E. 
Fahlman, first used 
the icon on an electronic 
bulletin board in 1982. 

Getty Images/Dorling Kindersley 

Black bears make headlines 
in Utah, Wyoming and New 
Mexico as park rangers and 
wilderness homeowners report 
raids on backpacks, tents, 
trash cans and even kitchens. 

Using mice, biologists 
develop a method to 
reprogram ordinary skin 
cells into all-purpose 
stem cells. This discovery 
is likely to have a 
positive impact on 
treatments for a 
: number of diseases. 

©Yuri Kochetkov/epa/Corbis 

•4 Crops are threatened when honeybee colonies 
in the U.S. and Europe suffer from Colony Collapse 
Disorder, losing up to 70 percent of their bees due 
to unknown causes. 

Getty Images/Science Faction 

► In a medical experiment, 
salmonella germs take 
a ride on the space 
shuttle. When they 
return to Earth, the 
germs are far more 
lethal than their 
earthbound counterparts 

-4 An excavation site in 
Argentina yields the 
fossilized remains of 
a previously unknown 
species of dinosaur, the 
Futalognkosaurus dukei, 
measuring more than 
105 feet. 



^ Social networking websites continue to surge 
in popularity. MySpace and Facebook remain 
dominant as the sites of choice for young 
people and Inspire a host of innovative Imitators. 

Jackson/Getty Images 

▼ Concerns about overweight dogs and cats 
hit the headlines. Veterinarians prescribe a 
regimen of fewer treats, more walks around 
the neighborhood and no people food. 

sThomas'Express Newspapers. Getty Images 


|P0 % 

The healthy growth trend 
for vitamin waters and 
other nutrient-boosted 
consumables continues 
with the Introduction of 
specialized formulas 
for Immunity, focus 
and more. 

rrer/Bloomberg News/Landov 

User-generated content grows 
more popular as network 
television shows, mainstream 
musical acts and wannabe 
media stars join amateur home 
moviemakers on YouTube. One 
of the most-watched videos of 
2007 features a feline pianist. 

Concerns over the environment 
and increasing energy costs 
create a growing consumer 
demand for energy-saving, 
long-lasting compact fluorescent 
light bulbs. 

The Apple IPhone, with its 
revolutionary touch screen, 
packs mobile phone, camera, 
IPod, Web browser, email and 
IM capabilities into a sleek, 
portable package. 

PA Photos/Ljandov 


Higher prices for coffee beans 
do not lessen the nation's 
craving for coffeehouses. 
Independents and chains 
alike continue to be popular 
with younger consumers. 


▼ Cute and comfy baby doll jumper 
tops and dresses with button 
straps start as a summer trend 
and morph into fall fashion layered 
over close-fitting sweaters and 
matching tights. 

M The A-line silhouette 
comes to outerwear, 
as swingy trapeze coats 
become one of the 
year's most surprising 
fashion must-haves. 

Fashion takes a look back 
to the 1980s with the return 
of leg warmers, worn as an 
accessory with short skirts or 
skinny jeans and fashionable 
ballet flats or moccasins. 

A Quilted Vera Bradley 

handbags and totes \ 
sweep college campuses, ' 
sororities and high school 
hallways from coast to coast 

Under Armor athletic 
"V apparel is a popular 
fashion choice for 
athletes both on and 
off the field. 

► The ubiquitous, slouchy suede 
Ugg boot is reinvented with 
cozy knitted uppers that keep 
toes toasty and add a soft, 
tweedy, textured look to fall 
and winter ensembles. 

Stephen Marbury inspires a host of 
celebrities, including Sarah Jessica 
Parker and Venus Williams, to 
battle the high-priced fashion industry 
by creating their own affordable apparel. 

The craze for oversized 
leather bags — in metallic 
shades of copper, silver 
and gold — inspires a 
trend for matching 
footwear in daytime 
and nighttime looks. 


The music video game Guitar Hero 
III: Legends of Rock is released with 
a soundtrack of 71 playable songs. 
Slash and other real-life guitarists 
appear as in-game characters. 

T The music video game Rock Band is 
released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 
Players perform together in virtual bands, 
using peripherals to hit notes as they 
scroll onscreen. 

Even after lonelygirllS 
is revealed as a 
fictitious character, 
her popular storyline 
continues for a full 
season as an Internet 
dramedy series on 
YouTube and MySpace. 


Aoarr, Berry, Bloomberg News-'Landov 

After a two-year format war, 
Toshiba pulls its HD DVD 
product out of contention, 
leaving Sony Blu-ray as the 
sole next-generation successor 
to DVD. 

Large-scale multiplayer 
online gaming gives rise 
to virtual worlds where 
players interact via avatars 
and the computer-generated 
environment is similar 
to the real world. 

T Harry Potter and the Deathly 
Hallows, the seventh and final 
book in the enormously popular 
series, is released. Its first U.S. 
print run Is a record-breaking 
12 million copies. 


▲ Beading makes a comeback 
as a way to relax and creatively 
spend time with friends. 



Favorite TV Shows: 


▼ Shia LaBeouf portrays a teenager who is 
plunged Into a high-tech battle between good 
and evil alien robots In Transformers, a live 
action adaptation of the 1 980s cartoon series. 

A 90-minute episode of The 
Simpsons takes six years to 
make. The Simpsons Movie 
finally makes its big-screen 
debut and is a major hit. 

A Joel and Ethan Coen write and 
direct No Country for Old l^en, 
a film adaptation of Cormac 
McCarthy's bleak, moody modem 
western novel. The film receives 
eight Oscar nominations. 

O Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

▼ In / Am Legend, Will Smith is 
the last man alive in New York, 
after a man-made virus wipes 
out most of the world's population 
and turns the survivors into 
dangerous mutants. 

Starring Zac Efron, Amanda 
Bynes and newcomer Nikki 
Blonsky, Hairspray is a zany 
musical based on the Broadway 
smash hit. 

Best Picture 


Atonement I 

Michael Clayton 
No Country for Old Men 

ere Will Be Blood 

▲ Using a combination of live action and animation, 
Enchanted ieWs the story of Giselle, a fairy-tale 
character seeking a "happily ever after" ending 
in modern-day Manhattan. 

tI r 


T Fergie continues to place 
singles from her triple-platinum 
solo album, The Dutchess, on 
the Billboard charXs. 

Fall Out Boy headlines the Honda Civic tour, 
performs at Live Earth concerts and reaches 
the top of the charts with the release of their 
album Infinity on High. 


AP Photo/Jim Cooper 


British singer Amy 
Winehouse brings 
back the beehive and 
wins five Grammy 
awards for her work 
on Back To Black. 

' Canadian pop singer Feist 
enjoys soaring sales for her third 
solo album. The Reminder, after 
tfie single "1234" is featured In a 
commercial for the iPod nano. 

▼ Newcomer Sean Kingston 
tops the U.S. Billboard Ho{ 
100 and Pop 100 with "Beautiful 
Girls, "his first single from his 
self-titled debut album. 


Rihanna records her third 
album, Good Girl Gone Bad, 
featuring Jay-Z and Ne-Yo. 
She receives six Grammy 


^ JL 

AP Photo/JoMn OeCrow 

Malibu singer-songwriter 
Colbie Caillat rises to stardom 
from MySpace. Her song 
"Bubbly" garners more than 
31 million plays and her CD 
goes platinum. 

REUTERS/Robert Galbraith/Landov 

▼ Carrie Underwood releases her 
double-platinum second album, 
Carnival Ride, and contributes 
the Oscar-nominated song "Ever 
Ever After" to the soundtrack for 
the movie Enchanted. 

T Country star Kenny Chesney 
releases his 13th album, Just 
Who I Am: Poets & Pirates. 
His Flip Flop summer tour is 
the highest-grossing country 
tour of 2007. 

After facing off at the MTV Music 
Awards, rapper rivals Kanye 
West and 50 Cent release 
albums on September 1 1 and 
vie for top sales. Kanye's 
Graduation is the victor. 

Hip-hop artist T-Pain releases 
his second album, Epiphany. 
The album receives four 
2008 Grammy nominations 
and the Vibe 2007 Song of 
the Year Award. 

Souija Boy reaches the top 
of the Billboard Hot 1 00 with 
the single "Crank That (Souija 
Boy)" and his distinctive, 
loose-limbed dance style 
becomes a nationwide craze. 

Radiohead invites listeners and 
fans to pay whatever they want 
for a digital download of their 
highly acclaimed seventh album, 
in Rainbows. A "discbox" edition, 
with standard CD and vinyl LP, 
is released in January 2008. 

Punk-pop princess Avril Lavigne releases 
her third album, The Best Damn Thing, 
featuring "Girlfriend," her first No.1 single 
on the Billboard Top 100. 

The American League Champion 
Boston Red Sox defeat the National 
League Champion Colorado 
Rockies in a decisive four-game 
sweep to capture their second 
World Series title in four years. 

Tiger Woods achieves his record 14th 
World Golf Championships win at the 
WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and 
claims his 60th PGA Tour win at the 
BMW Championship. 

Norwegian golfer 
Suzann Pettersen 
wins five LPGA events 
including her first major 
championship in a 
break out season. 

T Former Senator George Mitchell 
releases a list of Major League 
Baseball players, including 
seven MVPs and 31 All-Stars, 
under investigation for illegal 
use of steroids and other 
performance-enhancing drugs. 


■ California native Jimmie 
Johnson speeds to victory 
as the 2007 NASCAR Nextel 
Cup Champion, defeating his 
Hendrick Motorsports teammate 
Jeff Gordon by 77 points. ^ 

T The Anaheim Ducl<s claim their 
first Stanley Cup, beating the 
Ottawa Senators in five games 
for the 2007 NHL championship. 

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin 

Athletes from around the world 
train for the 2008 Summer 
Olympics in Beijing as the 
city prepares for the arrival 
of hundreds of competitors 
and millions of spectators. 

Mike Blake/Reuters/Corbis 

Super Bowl XLII MVP Eli 
Manning leads the New York 
Giants on a last-minute scoring 
drive to upset the heavily favored 
New England Patriots 17-14, 
shattering the Patriots' bid for 
a perfect 19-0 season. 

Belgian Justine Henin defeats Russian Svetlana 
Kuznetsova 6-1, 6-3 to win her second U.S. Open 
title in New York. 


' Aiessi.i Pierdomeiiico Reute:s Corbis 

After Super Tuesday primaries on February 5, 2008, 
the presidential race heats up among frontrunners Hillary 
Clinton, Mike Huckatsee, John McCain and Barack Obama. 

► Entertainment Weekly names 
J.K. Rowling — author of the 
seven-volume, 4,100-page 
Harry Potter series of best-selling 
children's books — as its 
Entertainer of the Year. 

John McCain 

Barack Obama 

▼ In January 2008, Academy 
Award-nominated actor Heath 
Ledger, 28, is found dead in 
his Lower Manhattan apartment 
from an accidental overdose of 
prescription medication. 

A Heartthrob Zac Efron, who came to fame 
with his performance in the first High School 
Musical, becomes an even bigger teen star 
with the release of High School Musical 2. 

► The Best of Both Worlds tour, starring 
Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, sells 
out in every city, prompting ticket lotteries, 
heartbroken fans and scalping scandals. 

At London's Wembley Stadium, 
Princes William and Harry 
host the Concert for Diana 
to commemorate the tenth 
anniversary of the death of their 
mother, the Princess of Wales. 

A Multi-talented star Queen 
Latifah becomes the latest 
spokeswoman for Jenny 
Craig Her message isn't 
about getting skinny, but 
about losing weight to reduce 
the risk of Type 2 diabetes. 

» ARNb mE.GMANrifReulsrk'Coftn 

A As Izzie Stevens on ABC's 
Grey's Anatomy, Katharine 
Heigl is a small-screen star. 
As Anne Fletcher in the 
comedy 27 Dresses, she 
conquers the big screen 
as well. 

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